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Finish numa frase em (in ingles)

  1. I had to finish it.
  2. He had to finish it.
  3. I wanted to finish it.
  4. I need to finish here.
  5. He had to finish this.

  6. It was time to finish.
  7. I’ve got to finish it.
  8. Then finish up with an.
  9. We have a game to finish.
  10. It will finish your life.
  11. The porter did not finish.
  12. No, they did not finish.
  13. A biography to finish with.
  14. Finish the story arc with.
  15. I'm going to finish this.

  16. I'll finish with this one.
  17. The people finish lining up.
  18. Olaf did not let him finish.
  19. Gotta finish up out there.
  20. I was ready to finish this.
  21. Finish with your knee bent.
  22. Now go finish your washing.
  23. He waited for her to finish.
  24. Let’s finish up this story.
  25. We couldn’t finish it all.

  26. Let’s try and finish this.
  27. No! I need to finish this.
  28. Finish this leech off Prince.
  29. She floors it to the finish.
  30. Count Kochubey did not finish.
  31. We’ll finish the Hag later.
  32. But they never really finish.
  33. If we do not want to finish.
  34. She had to finish the project.
  35. She would finish him off too.
  36. But finish the story, please.
  37. I did finish, she said.
  38. However, they let him finish.
  39. I have to finish the former:.
  40. Finish off with a half-hitch.
  41. To finish what he’d started.
  42. He could not finish from grief.
  43. Count Kochubéy did not finish.
  44. We have business to finish.
  45. You finish the story, Aspyn.
  46. It was time to finish the job.
  47. Finish what, you cannot guess.
  48. Natasha did not let her finish.
  49. I rely on the wax to finish him.
  50. It will be when I finish it.
  51. Shut the light when you finish.
  52. Now go finish your damn nap.
  53. They have to finish it quickly.
  54. No, Aidan, let me finish this.
  55. Now finish it, I’ll check.
  56. He didn't have time to finish.
  57. We have to finish here first.
  58. He gave her no chance to finish.
  59. When you finish, you push that.
  60. Running Horse could finish his.
  61. Natásha did not let her finish.
  62. He did not finish his sentence.
  63. It is crucial that you finish.
  64. Jillian could finish it for him.
  65. You about ready to finish that.
  66. Well will finish this later.
  67. I bet you could finish up this.
  68. Done then, should I finish the.
  69. He refused to finish the thought.
  70. He did not finish Bible College.
  71. We have to finish this ourselves.
  72. Mount up, let’s finish this.
  73. The hours blazed to their finish.
  74. Bill did not finish his sentence.
  75. When you finish recording, the.
  76. I want to finish the therapy.
  77. You could finish it by Christmas.
  78. Finish with your leg off the bed.
  79. Guess he never will finish that.
  80. We’ll be lucky to finish third.
  81. She couldn't finish her sentence.
  82. Before she could finish, he had.
  83. When you finish, stop by the bank.
  84. You finish reading this sentence.
  85. She could always finish it later.
  86. It’s how we finish that counts.
  87. Finish with your arm pulled back.
  88. Help me finish what we started.
  89. Finish off with the melted butter.
  90. Of all the ways we could finish.
  91. Our first goal was to finish the.
  92. We’ll have to finish this later.
  93. She wanted only for him to finish.
  94. First let me finish this trial.
  95. Took me years to finish Moby-Dick.
  96. You didn’t finish your story.
  97. So let's finish what we've started.
  98. He never got to finish his sentence.
  99. They will finish this, all of this.
  100. Call wine, wine; and finish there.
  1. It is the finishing line.
  2. I was just finishing packing.
  3. Upon finishing the lessons in.
  4. As they were finishing off the.
  5. Sara is just finishing up her Jr.
  6. Im just finishing lunch, I said.
  7. You could ha' been finishing off.
  8. In fact just as he was finishing.
  9. Just when he was finishing up his.
  10. He pulled away, finishing the kiss.
  11. Upon finishing she turned and saw us.
  12. Street, finishing off his morning run.
  13. I was just finishing a meeting with.
  14. One young man was finishing a sentence.
  15. There he was, finishing off a hssswwx.
  16. Octavia nodded, finishing her sandwich.
  17. Now those finishing touches that make.
  18. He has a hard time finishing sentences.
  19. A present from me for finishing on time.
  20. Finally finishing her daily routine of.
  21. Hannah was busy finishing breakfast: sop.
  22. Springing up from just finishing their.
  23. After finishing, she grimaced at the date.
  24. You are finishing up career projects now.
  25. As I was finishing dressing, Roy woke up.
  26. I am finishing my thoughts on this topic.
  27. Marshall, Ed said finishing his thought.
  28. Berndt appears as we are finishing breakfast.
  29. Finishing his glass of wine in one sip, the.
  30. Excellent, he said, finishing his drink.
  31. Carrie was finishing up a letter to Aunt Abby.
  32. We were silent for a while, finishing our food.
  33. Nicole spent most of Monday finishing things up.
  34. Many a person aimed and shot finishing him off.
  35. Misérables, finishing most of the book in 1861.
  36. Nature had inspired many arts in finishing Mrs.
  37. She was finishing off her ice-cream on a bench.
  38. He didn’t want to leave without finishing her.
  39. On the eve that Gary was putting the finishing.
  40. There were only a few finishing touches left now.
  41. After finishing eating, I looked around the yurt.
  42. Of course, it is school finishing time … damn!.
  43. Finishing the contents of my can, I shook my head.
  44. John has put the finishing touches on that one.
  45. His doubts increased as he sat finishing his drink.
  46. Right now, I'm finishing an international thriller.
  47. I got up off the table without finishing the dessert.
  48. After finishing the conversation I put the receiver.
  49. Without finishing another sentence, Sorren collapsed.
  50. I was just finishing up the last of the paperwork.
  51. Finishing his packing, he sat down at his empty desk.
  52. Finishing with —Summers is on her way as we speak.
  53. I heard him pause, not finishing his sentence or word.
  54. After finishing his story, in the course of which Mr.
  55. A shrieker bird puts the finishing touches to her nest.
  56. I had collected my medal for finishing I went to find.
  57. When I was close to finishing University in London, I.
  58. This ferocity put the finishing touch to the disaster.
  59. After finishing, he stood up and walked to the entrance.
  60. We worked really fast, finishing in a matter of minutes.
  61. Finishing with Sue, Sue started to caress the running.
  62. After finishing the movie we dozed off for a couple of.
  63. Davis says, retorted Amy, finishing Jo with her Latin.
  64. Wait a bit, he'll be out presently, he's just finishing.
  65. Clearly no expense was spared on finishing details here.
  66. Father Ted was in and finishing up his work for the day.
  67. After finishing that calculation, I had a minute's hope.
  68. Steal anything? Jonas said finishing the cowboys.
  69. After finishing the spaghetti, he opted for going online.
  70. Charles is finishing off a giant sized chocolate éclair.
  71. That was really weird, said Ben, finishing his milk.
  72. After finishing off 'my sardines', I tossed the can onto.
  73. Without finishing his words, he immediately dashed ahead.
  74. Finishing everything indicates that you are still hungry.
  75. People sat at a few tables, finishing dessert and cognac.
  76. LP and Ingrid didn't stay long after finishing their pies.
  77. Bakyt was finishing his last year, and I knew that with.
  78. For instance, finishing a complex project competently and.
  79. Yeah, Lester answered, finishing the can in his hand.
  80. Replacing the wooden planks on a patio and finishing them.
  81. After finishing our meal Corey and I went to the restroom.
  82. After finishing the water, Brian and I went to the living.
  83. He was finishing a letter to mother with Jethro Tull’s.
  84. He sits for a moment, thinking and finishing his cup of tea.
  85. Well, well, well, Meg said after finishing her square.
  86. After a month of finishing school I started hearing rumours.
  87. Haggabatha and Agenti are finishing the training exercises.
  88. In fact, a fuel truck was finishing right now to refuel it.
  89. Dmitri didn't see him again and is finishing the job alone.
  90. Ryan shook his head, finishing the Iron Bru he was drinking.
  91. He was finishing his breakfast when the front doorbell rang.
  92. He put the finishing touches on the paper as the children.
  93. After finishing my meal I walked over to the nearest waste.
  94. She was finishing cooking---Spanish tarts and cheese-cakes.
  95. I think she's working on finishing filing all your taxes.
  96. The two men spent the next hour finishing the Justice report.
  97. After finishing everything I grabbed the bottles that still.
  98. I’ll come with you, said Flower, finishing his whisky.
  99. He always drives in the early morning, finishing around noon.
  100. Finishing my snack, I paid the man who wore armbands on his.
  1. Had I not finished the.
  2. When I had finished the.
  3. I am finished with it.
  4. So he finished the house.
  5. As he finished his last.
  6. Jim had not quite finished.
  7. When he was finished, he.
  8. He finished his last few.
  9. Olin was not yet finished.
  10. Max was finished with her.
  11. But it's finished with now.
  12. When they had finished, Mr.
  13. He was finished in no time.
  14. Your work here is finished.
  15. Once finished, out he went.
  16. When I finished, he sighed.
  17. As father finished the tale.
  18. I knew that I was finished.
  20. So Moses finished the work.
  21. When I finished telling Mrs.
  22. After Tanya was finished, Mr.
  23. When she was finished, she.
  24. When it is a finished goal!.
  25. I’m not finished with you.
  26. I finished with Bye Bye.
  27. He appeared to have finished.
  28. Both were finished with him.
  29. When that was finished, he.
  30. Lot knew then it is finished.
  31. Rosa Trujeo was not finished.
  32. By the time he’d finished.
  33. I was not finished repenting.
  34. I washed up as she finished.
  35. When I was finished, I took.
  36. When you two have finished.
  37. But his dad hadn’t finished.
  38. When he finished, we rode by.
  39. This was it, he was finished.
  40. I always finished it, though.
  41. And they weren't finished yet.
  42. After copies of the finished.
  43. Anne had not finished and said.
  44. He never finished the sentence.
  45. P the finished products store.
  46. Kyle finished the one she hit.
  47. I'm not finished with you yet.
  48. That was the evening finished.
  49. Rose finished the passage and.
  50. He finished her at a red light.
  51. He had nearly finished his meal.
  52. The tailor finished with me.
  53. She finished and headed to bed.
  54. After the eating was finished.
  55. Sophie had only just finished.
  56. When I finished rehearsing, I.
  57. What she started, you finished.
  58. When she finished, she turned.
  59. The harvest is not finished.
  60. Helen laughed as Jamie finished.
  61. The Rooskie's finished the cook.
  62. Oh goody, she finished the line.
  63. When he had finished, she said.
  64. He finished and opened his eyes.
  65. When they finished, they went.
  66. This is almost finished, Mark.
  67. She waited while he finished up.
  68. Will finished it off, and then.
  69. I've finished with that stuff!!.
  70. I waited while he finished his.
  71. In that case, I’d be finished.
  72. When the meal was finished, Mrs.
  73. We are nowhere near finished.
  74. They’ve finished with her now.
  75. When finished he addressed them.
  76. I finished the knife off tonight.
  77. It will be finished in two hours.
  78. The season finished last week.
  79. Side ‘A’ was nearly finished.
  80. Ish finished his story in an hour.
  81. Nine days later, all was finished.
  82. When I finally finished cocking.
  83. By the time Sue finished, I had.
  84. Finished at My death on the cross.
  85. Have you finished the house?
  86. He finished his coffee and got up.
  87. He finished writing, closed the.
  88. You never finished your story.
  89. When finished he sat by the fire.
  90. He has finished with the patient.
  91. I then finished off Sue’s legs.
  92. A second volley finished the job.
  93. Well, his life is finished Phil.
  94. She was far from finished, though.
  95. Our job is finished at that point.
  96. Before this game is finished, we.
  97. That was it, his part was finished.
  98. It was finished! Jacob had done it.
  99. He sat back when he had finished.
  100. Dana Rox was not finished, though.
  1. Dana finishes at the sink.
  2. She finishes a swig of beer.
  3. He finishes his task in silence.
  4. Mike finishes tying his sneaker.
  5. Greg nods as he finishes his drink.
  6. The mason who finishes the cornice.
  7. At these finishes, convolved as sea-.
  8. When he finishes his apprenticeship.
  9. It begins in heresies and finishes in one.
  10. Iotia as soon as he finishes at New Fabrin.
  11. When he finishes, he motions for me to sit.
  12. Ronald Reagan finishes his speech at 2:24 p.
  13. Mancel finishes the rhyming story and sits.
  14. A few minutes later, Wesley finishes his act.
  15. No end point exists; the race never finishes.
  16. He finishes his march by facing Captain Black.
  17. Well I think that about finishes us up here.
  18. I stare hard at my reflection until she finishes.
  19. Maureen interrupts him before he finishes speaking.
  20. So it not only finishes off old cars but also men.
  21. He picks up his drink and quickly finishes it off.
  22. He finishes playing and puts his hands on his legs.
  23. Martha nods and finishes helping Sara into the suit.
  24. When he finishes, he wipes the corners of his mouth.
  25. After a moment, Thinksandthings finishes, It's too.
  26. When the wolf finishes, Sloth’s heart is beating fast.
  27. Jesus finishes by saying that John, the writer of the.
  28. This chapter finishes with Katrina Head sharing a few.
  29. Mary finishes rubbing the bath oil on Diane D’s face.
  30. He finishes each day in the arms of his good-time girl.
  31. Willie finishes his long and terrible HOWL in the night.
  32. Dageus finishes his drink and slides it back for another.
  33. I have… - he finishes his sentence by waving his hand.
  34. The school day finishes with a special, pre-Easter service.
  35. When he finishes speaking, Simon licks his lips and frowns.
  36. He finishes with the towel and gives me a sideways glance.
  37. By the time she finishes her voice has started to scratch.
  38. After a couple of minutes, Freddie finishes his performance.
  39. The driver finishes the turn and passes us on the way back.
  40. The Roadrunner quickly finishes her meal and runs into the.
  41. After he finishes, Unks wipes his mouth with his lap napkin.
  42. When he finishes, she leads him into her candle-lit bedroom.
  43. Pastor Buck finishes and walks to the chair against the wall.
  44. The dog finishes, pointlessly kicking his hind legs afterward.
  45. Uretsky hastily finishes his introduction and cedes the stage.
  46. After Dana finishes fastening her sneakers, she bends back up.
  47. He finishes the bottle; then wonders back into the living room.
  48. I’d better do something simple – the film finishes at about 7.
  49. And it finishes 'was convincing the world that he doesn't exist'.
  50. The probability is 2/6th that your horse finishes first or second.
  51. Back at the house, Christine finishes drying off Dana's chest area.
  52. He finishes his beer and rolls the empty bottle across the table.
  53. There are many finishes, each of which has strengths and weaknesses.
  54. Dale finishes the knot he is tying in the string and then stands up.
  55. The NIV finishes verse 12 with, So he turned and went off in a rage.
  56. She finishes her second glass of wine in one gulp, and pours a third.
  57. Derek finishes with a Master of Science from the University of North.
  58. Our breakfasts have almost arrived by the time Andy finishes his call.
  59. Once Laden finishes with my hair, he wheels me back into my glass room.
  61. First of all, textured paints and faux finishes are very time consuming.
  62. She remains silent for a while, studying me as she finishes her coffee.
  63. After this, Python sees the ends of the program and simply finishes up.
  64. After Claudette finishes taking the stand, Landa goes to take the stand.
  65. Suzy finishes her coffee and waits patiently as she watches the passersby.
  66. When CSU finishes up, I think you can tell the press we got the bad guys.
  67. He promised Tony that he would meet him in Los Angeles when he finishes.
  68. As soon as she finishes with all that, we will start planning the wedding.
  69. We’re to be married in 2 years, after he finishes his latest sea voyage.
  70. I wait as she finishes her pull, briskly lowering the glass on her coaster.
  71. Jonathan finishes his thoughts, I didn’t want to risk spying any longer.
  72. When men understand each other, controversy is the first thing finishes off.
  73. As Tony finishes his speech the bells sound and the Wall Street Stock Market.
  74. He finally finishes with the inverted poses or ásanas, lotus, and savásana.
  75. They begin clapping and whistling as the jeep finishes slowly turning around.
  76. This chapter finishes with a description of these realized volatility indexes.
  77. He finishes writing her ticket, his ego unharmed, thanks to his belief in the.
  78. Once the signal finishes, a stock will generally trade sideways for a few days.
  79. Unlike women, men believe that their sexual act finishes once they've ejaculated.
  80. Now suppose, to your horror, a horse other than the one you bet on finishes first.
  81. When Carl finishes his story, Emerson’s mother compliments Trinity on the quiche.
  82. He finishes wiping his hands and uses the towels to screw the gas cap back in place.
  83. As Dave finishes speaking, one of the moons and many of the stars fade from the sky.
  84. When, at last, Caroline finishes her outpouring the nurse responds, I'm so sorry.
  85. Waxes are generally used as a coating over other finishes, rather than as a primary.
  86. He’s going to try and bring his mother to the clinic tonight when he finishes work.
  87. After he finishes, he hands the bag of clothes to Cass, which he in turn hands to Rico.
  88. When Ralph finishes speaking, his hands are clenched into fists and his skin feels hot.
  89. Cass finishes crossing the gangplank as Miss Avery hugs the chuckling jolly Uncle Jared.
  90. Everyone gives him a half-hearted clap when he finally finishes after seventeen minutes.
  91. And in most cases as soon as one of their contracts finishes, you will have another one.
  92. Hanover finishes with the teachers, she thumbs through a stack of papers in front of her.
  93. Marco finishes launching several thousand tons of rocks into the atmosphere of the planet.
  94. These sudden words pour out the kitchen area as the boy finishes filling the pot with water.
  95. She finishes collecting the samples as Cass takes a deep sucking breath just before standing.
  96. Items sorted, it was time to start making the various components and finishes that he needed.
  97. WHEN EMERSON finishes her story of the waterskiing day, Vince says, Sounds like a great day.
  98. Kathy and Raymond still meet up with one another after Raymond finishes working at the school.
  99. The Little Goddess finishes her meal, leaving only the feet, spine, head, and wings of her prey.
  100. But the instant that person finishes smoking that cigarette: the butt of that cigarette suddenly.

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