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Firmness numa frase em (in ingles)

There was firmness in his reply.
I embraced Sue with equal firmness.
There was firmness and compassion in her.
His moral backbone leaned on that firmness.
Officer Williams, he said with firmness.
Of this dispute; with all thy wits and firmness.
The firmness in his voice made me obey instantly.

And the firmness in her step meant my dorm-mates.
He was saying these things to give himself firmness.
For many years I have adopted "pleasant firmness" as my.
Trent’s arms closed around her with a gentle firmness.
The same kind of firmness it must have taken to save her.
No, sir, she replied with firmness, I shall NOT stay.
A look of firmness and intelligent purpose had developed in her face.
He was still quiet but there was no mistaking the firmness in his voice.
The soft firmness of Hadaen Maruj's kiss landed on the side of her neck.
Firmness of will in this case is concerned primarily with the dischar-.
Not now, she said at last, with a firmness that surprised even her.
Just the reverse! He approached his problems with firmness and determination.
The firmness of Barclay’s grip on it had turned the skin of his hand white.
He remembered the touch of her cool lips and the firmness of her flat breasts.
Then he clasped her with a renewed firmness of hold, and descended the staircase.
He ran his finger down one of the indentations, testing the firmness of the side.
You’ll never know, she told him with a firmness inspired by an old lesson.
Usually, wrinkles appear when the skin has already lost its elasticity and firmness.
He annuuncod with great firmness his intention to marry Liza and as soon as possible.
Chairman, which renders firmness in the councils of the nation peculiarly requisite.
A firmness slowly became apparent above his arm as it stroked her still tense abdomen.
When she had been with Rhett in New Orleans and Charleston she had necessary firmness.
Not at all—by firmness; only by firmness! I have dealt with men of that sort before.
The bishop militant had reacted to the threat to his flank with his customary firmness.
After that Anna Pavlovna led up to the courage and firmness of the King of Prussia, in.
The existence of the Government seems almost to depend upon their firmness and decision.
He lost his habitual firmness, and his sorrow, usually dumb, found vent in bitter lament.
This is usually performed in cases where there is sagging and loss of firmness in the skin.
Lust for the hotness of his breath, the wideness of his chest, the firmness of his buttocks.
His whole person breathed lowliness and firmness and an indescribable courageous despondency.
We are now living in a world where truth is questioned at every step, not because the firmness.
In his walk, in his gestures, in the sound of his voice there was a determination and firmness.

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