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First numa frase em (in ingles)

At first he.
I'll go first.
At first the.
First came an.
at least first.
When he first.
His first was.

The first and.
So check first.
The first ones.
Sure the first.
Roman was first.
Also, the first.
Being the first.
The first stand.
size of the first.
After the first.
At first he was.
First there was.
in the first place.
First and 10, 20.
on the first visit.
But first, how's.
on the first floor.
It was the first.
posted my first ad.
The first on the.
was the first stop.
I always go first.

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Sinónimos para first

first beginning commencement kickoff offset outset showtime start low 1st inaugural initiative initiatory maiden foremost firstly

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