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Fix numa frase em (in ingles)

Want to fix it up.
You need to fix it.
We will fix you up.
Her eyes fix on mine.
I know how to fix it.
I can fix the quotas.
WANT to fix your life.

You have to fix this.
Yes, I can fix that.
We have to fix the boy.
Just fix the damned leg.
I see I was in a fix now.
Not that it will fix it.
She decided to fix the.
I could fix that for you.
He may not fix it either.
Tim said he could fix it.
Somehow he would fix this.
Cas is going to fix this.
But he couldn’t fix it.
He would fix her supper a.
But we can’t fix it, Ben.
He just wanted another fix.
Medicines could not fix it.
Judy will fix bedding there.
My point is, the fix was in.
The devotee should fix his.
Tomorrow, I’ll fix the Hab.
That’s an easy fix, Cross.
What if he can’t fix it?
I will fix you all the same.
I'll send someone to fix it.
And we’re going to fix it.
We will have to fix that.
I didn't have time to fix it.
Just had to fix up something.
I’m going to fix breakfast.
I can fix you up for tonight.
No one has bothered to fix it.
They give it a problem to fix.
The method of fixing the.
Match fixing and all that.
This is called bug fixing.
Just fixing this ring here.
We had spent thousands fixing.
I was fixing to come after you.
With eyes of steel, fixing his.
Fixing his coat, buttoning it up.
Some things about fixing the house.
A yogi reaches his goal by fixing.
Her dad was fixing up a car for her.
In exchange for fixing the machines.
Fixing technology involves more jobs.
Who says you need fixing? I said.
Not much harder than fixing pot roasts.
Not much harder than fixing pot-roasts.
There, said Mother, fixing his tie.
What if you put off fixing that broken.
Awaken the mind without fixing it anywhere.
Fixing His eyes upon him, the Lord said :.
I nodded, all the while fixing in on his eyes.
After fixing the price of the product, it is.
I was thinking of fixing him up with Cynthia.
Casting away the instability, fixing the wrongs.
Monica is in the bathroom fixing her hair, Jack.
Set, said Archie, fixing her with his eye.
Filbert when things need fixing, or an argument.
Never wear a dress without fixing up the rest.
He stared into the darkness, fixing his gaze on.
You are so good at fixing things around the house.
OK, he said, fixing his ice-blue eyes on me.
After fixing the lock he told us that our key was.
Furnbecker thanking Ethan for fixing his car and.
She’s fixing the holes in my socks, I noted.
He suggested fixing the things that could be done.
Teresa is looking in the mirror fixing her clothes.
He surveyed the area with his eyes, fixing on the sky.
When fixing cracks in walls and ceiling size matters.
Pamela remembered all the fun they had fixing up the.
My reflection – just fixing my hair in the window.
It has to be fixed.
Why he fixed on me.
And to keep it fixed.
My eyes fixed on his.
I fixed my eye on her.
Well, I fixed him up.
He fixed his eyes on.
He had no fixed abode.
Big Paul fixed him a.
But that can be fixed.
I fixed myself an old.
But the date was fixed.
He fixed his eyes on me.
Have to have you fixed.
Our eyes stay fixed on.
Her eyes were fixed on.
She fixed me with a look.
It’s not a fixed truth.
Often the fixed size is.
I fixed it, he said.
My eyes fixed on the word.
No fixed order of planets.
All eyes were fixed on him.
Well, that could be fixed.
He fixed his eyes on the.
Every eye was fixed on him.
If you are using a fixed.
Its eyes fixed on the door.
Karma is fixed and definite.
Who fixed the broken pieces.
When the Surati got fixed.
So I fixed how it was hung.
Matt fixed his eyes on Yakov.
So, I should have fixed that.
Peter fixed his eyes on him.
Eyes and ears are fixed on.
I fixed our drinks, sat back.
They fixed the damned thing.
Suzuki fixed his eyes on him.
Fixed costs in a department.
Then he fixes his eyes on me.
He fixes his eyes on the cross.
I don't have any of those fixes.
He fixes the bouquet as best he can.
Noah fixes a glare on the prosecutor.
Instead, they chase instant fixes or.
He fixes his gaze on the window and.
Only douches end up in fixes like his.
He looks in the mirror and fixes his hair.
The loveliest landscape-painting fixes but.
John fixes his plate and then sits next to.
A few more glasses of Passion-Pop fixes that.
The fixes have not affected the existing features.
Gradually, he fixes his mind in God, even while.
Information is what fixes cars today, more than ever.
We get information about the world, and our "I" fixes it.
This fixes in your mind the fact that you CAN be a success.
However, there were no easy fixes and no off-the-peg software.
While Windows ME includes some of the latest fixes and updates.
A spirit fixes the foundation of Good in society and constitution.
You need to be able to come up with some quick cash fixes (without.
Suddenly the lot goes quiet, and the producer fixes me with a stare.
They’d simply spread their usage over a wider selection of fixes.
This God of mercy fixes in His wisdom the 'price, that shall be paid.
I do not think that slow serial fixes is the way to go for timeliness.
ME has the look and feel of Windows 98 with some additional fixes and.
Nothing fixes a thing so intensely in the memory as the wish to forget it.
My recipe may not be the way she fixes it, but it’s close, easy and delicious.
It is, Marcus says as he smiles to his brother, then fixes the pillow on his bed.
As he speaks his last few words, Johan hunkers down and fixes the scribe with his gaze.
He needed to hunt; needed to keep moving; needed his adrenaline fixes in closer proximity.
Zachary lets go of me, fixes his shirt in haste while I wipe traces of the kiss off his cheeks.
Here are several basics: she fixes her clothes; she puts her hands on her hips; she pushes her.
I’ve tried the quick fixes too many times with no real results, but I’m a little frustrated.
Consider carefully the benefits of this planet (the moon) and the Power that fixes it in space!.
Where did I wind up after throwing in the towel of quick fixes? I had made a remarkable decision in m life.
Software Manager Ken Murray would surely dream up a large number of "fixes" for that situation, left alone.
We use service credit (when the mechanic at the garage fixes your car first, then calls on you to pay him).

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