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Flap numa frase em (in ingles)

He closed the flap and.
L on each flap of the bags.
With iridescent wing doth flap.
In fact the flap still had the.
He lifted the flap and looked out.
His chest gaped with a bloody flap.
Slowly it started to flap its wings.

He was already moving towers the flap.
Flap your wings, then jump in the air.
Barclay watched as Max sealed the flap.
She opened the clasp and lifted the flap.
He unbuckled his bag and opened the flap.
He tucked in a flap of his flowered shirt.
They would howl and flap about in the wind.
The wind made the sail flap along the leech.
He tore open the flap and dragged them out.
Captain Atwell was standing near the flap.
In the kitchen, my mom is in a complete flap.
Pushing through the tent flap, the smell of.
The flap of canvas that acted as a door was.
Was there a cat flap? The old cat will need.
A young man came in from a flap door in the.
Is there a flap on? asked Sally, sleepily.
Without answering Heckler slammed the flap shut.
The man seated outside pulled the tent flap wide.
He sighed and rose up with a flap of black wings.
Dakin lifted the flap and stepped into the big tent.
A thunderous flap of the Pegasuss wings slowed his.
I gather there’s a bit of a flap on, he said.
You may notice that the envelope is missing its flap.
It turned and with a quick flap, was rising and lost.
I was early anyway, and I gather there’s a flap on.
Pull the flap up and away from the body and lift it off.
Christina glanced behind her; the tin flap seemed to move.
The door flap fluttered and Calragen stuck his head through.
Actually, I wrote the numbers down on the envelope flap.
Bill slid his finger along the envelope flap to open it and.
Passing the tent flap, Tom caught sight of the mystic within.
They quickly flap their wings in an attempt to leave the area.
A dusky tumult would flap its wings from one house to another.
Only flapping in the wind?
Flapping up there in the wind.
Its wings stopped flapping and.
Then he started flapping his wings.
I soon heard the flapping of their.
The washing’s flapping on the line.
Then I heard more flapping to my left.
It went silently flapping up the river.
It was flapping around as I was falling.
That’s me, the flapping jaw this morning.
More flapping and struggling proved fruitless.
I stopped flapping and lay very stil on the.
Then he couldn’t stop clucking and flapping.
She was flapping, nervous about her finals today.
The penguins waddled across it, flapping their.
He heard the bird, its wings flapping in the air.
Charles, with a peach-faced bird flapping around.
Ethereead soared high, the giant wings flapping away.
The fast moving tail and flapping fins work in sync.
The wind blew gently, oh so gently, flapping his coat.
It slowly grew from a small flapping of wings to the.
Despite flapping as hard as it could, it crashed into.
Thus, this will drive the flapping muscles to vibrate.
A noise similar to a soft flapping of a bird alerted me.
Still flapping like an old hen, he leaves for the office.
He was having some sort of clucking and flapping fit….
Flapping his large wings, Kain lifted off from the ground.
With a flurry of flapping wings and feathers, the pigeons.
Its wings stopped flapping and stretched to their full span.
Her wings stopped flapping, and the length of them touched.
But I don’t… Edwin started flapping his wings again.
She then leapt onto the air as it started flapping her wings.
And in the air there were lots of kites flapping and whirling.
Behind, a group of crows made noises and she heard the flapping.
Southward there, I screaming, with wings slow flapping, with the.
He was frantically flapping his wings, still trying to get loose.
The coldness was replaced by butterflies flapping in her stomach.
The canvas tore even further, the tattered material flapping wildly.
Despite the flapping of canvas and the slightly rickety appearance.
The magician skipped up to the platform, his cape flapping behind him.
He flapped his tie at me.
A bird flapped its wings nearby.
You just flapped around in the.
A bird flapped its wings outside.
I flapped my wings using them as.
Denise flapped her hand in my face.
He flapped his wings until it hurt.
Bao flapped the water in frustration.
Giselle flapped her wings impatiently.
Her pink dress flapped over her head.
His lips flapped as he began to snore.
It flapped wildly, and the passenger.
She flapped her wings faster and was.
Decrying her praise, I flapped my hand.
They flapped about like rubber gloves.
Nothing happened, so he flapped harder.
It landed on Philip’s head, flapped.
Somewhere a wind flapped a canvas awning.
His trappings of scarlet and gold flapped.
The hem of her dress flapped in the breeze.
Achak flapped his wings and shot toward her.
The edge of the scarf flapped in the breeze.
Her gold wyverns flapped above her shoulders.
The two flapped to either side of their brother.
The hem of her ragged dress flapped in the wind.
His jaw flapped about at a loose end for a while.
The tent flapped all night and kept waking me up.
Michael flapped his wings, rising higher in the sky.
The flesh on her bare arms flapped with her effort.
His long cloak flapped behind DRAFTChapter 13 263.
Tails whipped and wings flapped, all in slow motion.
He turned and flapped his wings hard, rising up high.
She dove and then flapped upward, chasing after Thoth.
Hens ran beneath his legs and flapped away screeching.
She flapped it in the air like a patriot waving a flag.
Charlie flapped the reins; the horse stumbled into action.
Blurred wings flapped just over the surface of the water.
Willie shyly flapped the cover of the pad over the drawing.
The man had a cape over his head and it flapped around him.
They flapped and fluttered in the wind outside the window.
I pull up the flaps.
Jim read the moving flaps.
She flaps her hand to dismiss me.
Flaps suddenly disturbed the stillness.
He lifted one of the velcro flaps and.
London pushed open the flaps and came in.
The tent flaps mouthed out a warm lion air.
With greatest pleasure flaps along the dawn.
Werner lifts the flaps of boxes, peering in.
Carefully he pulled back the flaps of the.
He says his ear flaps are almost superhuman.
He went out and dropped the flaps behind him.
Louie untied the pocket flaps and looked inside.
It was another 19 and its gear and flaps were down.
He disagrees and claims my ear flaps are just weak.
The hungry famished gull Flaps o'er the waters dull.
The big, gleaming bird howled as its flaps cut into the.
The flaps were tied back to let in the morning sunshine.
The tent flaps opened and the slim figure of Sarai entered.
I popped up the flaps to reveal a black, leather-bound book.
The Dwarf stood half enfolded by tent flaps, waiting motionless.
The flaps of his gentleman’s cap covered the tops of his ears.
Thomas pulled on the crisscrossed lid flaps until they popped open.
It wasn't taped, but the flaps had been folded so it wouldn't open.
It didn’t take long for the campers to disappear under the flaps.
A sudden wind caught and whipped his coat flaps, disheveled his hair.
A sudden wind caught and whipped his coat flaps, dishevelled his hair.
The flaps were up, and inside four wide mattresses lay on the ground.
Your holder flaps, the downward rush of air seals your wounds in its brush.
The 727 banked majestically over Missoula, tucking in its wing flaps as it.
Instead she threw the tent flaps back and jerked a thumb back into her tent.
She pulled the flaps of the tent across, giving her somewhat flimsy privacy.
That’s not even a very funny joke, I say, smoothing out the ear flaps.
He continued to read over his notes until Adem stepped through the tent flaps.
They tried to leave the tent by the south exit, but discovered that the flaps.
Look at the wing flaps on that thing: that is probably its normal approach speed.
The bird slowly flaps its wings and circles the ship while making loud bird sounds.
If a butterfly flaps its wings in Brazil and sets off a tornado in Texas in both my.
So everything is connected within a single hologram, and maybe if a butterfly flaps.
It was a bit odd, for despite the afternoon sun it wore a woolly hat with flaps that.

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