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Flat numa frase em (in ingles)

A flat tax of 3.
Not an F flat God.
Of the F flat (E).
Of our F flat minds.
But my life is flat.
Of the F flat given.
The F flat male ego.

There is only F flat.
Of the F flat aerials.
Oh, I got you a flat.
It is wide, flat and.
The E (F flat) signal.
It was flat out murder.
To the F flat influence.
And I busted them flat.
F flat is not creative.
Staring at a flat wall.
And F flat has nothing.
I fall flat on my face.
Promoted by the F flat.
Here it was fairly flat.
Of the F flat waveform.
It consists of a flat.
It was flat and logical.
Than F flat E gradients.
Of the F flat influence.
We were both flat broke.
He went back to the flat.
The F flat mind cannot.
Press flat with a spoon.
The terrain is very flat.
Of the F flat busy-body.
F flat has thrown at you.
It would have been flat.
I plopped flat on my bed.
Cam sent her a flat stare.
Of these F flat thoughts.
I knew his parents' flat.
They were all flat lined.
We have the F flat spel.
What’s the flatted fifth?
I was able to isolate the precise frequency: the flatted or diminished fifth.
He flatted with another student, Basil, who was from a wealthy family in the country.
When I called to see her in June, 1842, she was gone a-hunting in the woods, as was her wont (I am not sure whether it was a male or female, and so use the more common pronoun), but her mistress told me that she came into the neighborhood a little more than a year before, in April, and was finally taken into their house; that she was of a dark brownish-gray color, with a white spot on her throat, and white feet, and had a large bushy tail like a fox; that in the winter the fur grew thick and flatted out along her sides, forming stripes ten or twelve inches long by two and a half wide, and under her chin like a muff, the upper side loose, the under matted like felt, and in the spring these appendages dropped off.
The mound above is flatted with the spades--silence,.
And in between on the misty flats.
This is a common scene in the flats.
The chapter on Rocky Flats in Take.
Mostly three floors flats situated there.
Been subdivided into holiday flats for years.
He loved crossing the Bonneville Salt Flats.
Eats not the flats with more impetuous haste.
The main losses included 13,000 workers flats.
It looked like a road in the industrial flats.
Matching a-size-too-big flats were on her feet.
All encircled the block of flats as instructed.
It was a room with a view of two flats opposite.
Access to the flats always required verification.
With a wave, he disappears back towards the flats.
Any more flats or sharps were out of his territory.
Must be three or maybe even four flats in this one.
Everyone ran out on to the stairs from all the flats.
It’s not too dense in here? All these flats?
We went down onto the mud flats to see what we could.
Frodo and Sam sat on one of the flats, resting their.
Why are you wasting those flats on a kayaking trip?
There were many flats in the great city, so polished.
She had removed her flats when she took off her pants.
Elizabeths dowry paid the deposit on a block of flats.
Let’s have a look at that block of flats opposite.
They had, with the help of Fergal, designed their own flats.
On the other bank cattle were feeding on the desolate flats.
There were four other flats in the house in which Owen lived.
Flats would've been just as good, in my estimation, but nooo.
Now they’d moved into Julia’s house in the Berkeley flats.
Somewhere between the plane and the beach I had lost my flats.
I see him walking up the stairs to the flats on the first floor.
After that it was a quick stop at an older complex in the Flats.
Space Force Flight Academy has since moved to the Utah Salt Flats.
All their dinnerware, both flats and sharps, was made from alloys.
His block of flats was relatively modern, an ugly 1960s building.
And it’s so handy having our two flats next door to one another.
Since we last went the flats have been re-let, but the agent will.
But after a little while I seemed to have the whole flats to myself.
The rain has washed away all the snow and ice in the flats and left.

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