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  1. That's why I spent a year on that floater.
  2. It was a job for a floater AKA a spare hand.
  3. I’m a floater going to the trouble spots.
  4. He took off running toward home and that floater.
  5. Inverse floater : A type of fixed income instrument.
  6. Klowa, I worked with Jaymite on the floater pilot case.
  7. The floater was rising and turning toward the mouth of the vale.
  8. That's where Klarrain gave me the floater whistle and told me to follow you.
  9. This was an aerial view of the city from far above any altitude the floater flew.
  10. The floater ride was a whole section of his life, for the flight took a local year.
  11. The Kassikan did not have a floater large enough to lift that crate, he was sure of that.
  12. An 8 L floater weighing 4 kg provides the same buoyancy as a 4 L floater of negligible mass.
  13. I can see that, you’re looking rather dumbstruck, she said, and waved the floater pilot away.
  14. This pyrite specimen is a complete floater and is shown in two views, as it has no true front or back.
  15. She kept the floater with her the whole time, until the Kassikan sent messages about getting it back.
  16. For example, an 80 kg person holding a 4 L floater of negligible mass has a density of 80/76 or about 1.
  17. Beyond the dorms and as high as their roofs was a large floater court at the northern base of the pyramid.
  18. Klarrain returned to fetch a floater and left again offering only the word 'Brancettrabble' in explanation.
  19. There was one floater park in Hazorpean, less than an hour away for as sleek a creature as that Kassikan floater.
  20. To the east he could see that the lacework of canals went for many miles further than they could see from the floater.
  21. Luray knew that even from a floater you couldn't get a good sense of the scale of either the Trenst or the Tovarst ring.
  22. The darks are quite brisk up here with frost or snow even in summer, during which the floater is a limp tent in a field.
  23. This was not his first time here, but it was his first time this high and the first time a floater had been sent for him.
  24. It wasn't a starship, it was a nice big floater with Luray and Klarrain hanging in its net, along with quite a bit of gear.
  25. Going by air would cut the time even more but borrowing a floater and pilot again would cost more than the price of the house.
  26. Their floater beat slowly over the beach and its miles of nude beauty backed up by sixty stories of commercial space and housing.
  27. Once we got out in the open I started blowing that floater whistle and sure enough, within an hour Klarrain had caught up with me.
  28. They flew thru tunnels three times on this journey, under mountains too high for the floater even in the heat of early Afternoonday.
  29. An important Brazilian had died, hundreds were infected and the university had dispatched a floater to fly the corpse up here for analysis.
  30. The reason is that if the floater has non-negligible mass, this mass can simply be subtracted from its volume to obtain an effective volume.
  31. Actually they couldn't fly all the time, about half the time there were unfavorable winds and at higher altitudes the floater was inert during the dark.
  32. For the above reasons, a light bottle partially filled with air makes a convenient floater, since the amount of air in it can be adjusted yet accurately measured.
  33. Except for this floater court, the buildings that made up this quadrangle had steep roofs with ornate dormers all along each side, but they were built, not grown.
  34. To go into what he learned about the science and culture of this planet in just a local year would fill volumes the way the details of the floater ride would have.
  35. Foemong was quite social and picked up many other pretty passengers until they were too high in altitude up the Cutaiaa for the floater to lift more than the two of them.
  36. But where had the flying thing come from? There was a pretty good drawing of it (also by Luray) and it was nothing like any floater that he had ever heard of from any time.
  37. But for the ensuing Muslim objection to the Sangh Parivar’s floater, the Ram Janma Bhoomi issue could have never snowballed into a Hindu national movement that it turned out to be.
  38. Some of the water is poured out into a collecting container, the bottle is sealed, and the subject is asked to perform a submersion, air expelled from the lungs, using that bottle as a floater.
  39. Did you ever see a happy group of tourists dressed up in cheery red floater suits go whale- watching? Each of us had agreed to wear one of these suits at all times when up top, complete with an emergency "epirb" light on one shoulder.
  40. We knew from Alan's description that the starship flies by fans, so when it landed and shut itself off to let the ghost named Alfred carry Alan in, Klarrain drove the floater in low from the bushes and dropped a tarp over one of the fans.
  41. Herndon got back over there for the service and found the family in an uproar because the disease specialist they called had snatched the body off to the Kassikan for study and Ernesto's remains were now somewhere in the air over the Gengee arm, heading for the tunnel in the cargo net of a native floater, a lighter-than-air mobile plant.

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