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Floor numa frase em (in ingles)

I sit on the floor.
Ish sat on the floor.
She was on the floor.
It was on the floor.
He looked at the floor.
They sat on the floor.
The bul pawed the floor.

Well, here is my floor.
I got up off the floor.
Its death on the floor.
It crashed on the floor.
On the floor, Eric moans.
I phoned the floor nurse.
Baker looks at the floor.
I was flying on the floor.
Alice looked at the floor.
Couple on the dance floor.
They crashed to the floor.
Marcia stared at the floor.
I sat on the ground floor.
Harry glanced at the floor.
He slides her to the floor.
Yagi sitting on the floor.
Ruby crumpled to the floor.
Travis stared at the floor.
You land on the sea floor.
My head hit the floor hard.
He threw them on the floor.
A guard was on the floor;.
It had fallen on the floor.
She sat on the floor with.
I will leave the floor.
He was struck to the floor.
What floor are you on?
His eyes fell to the floor.
She paced the floor a few.
Bodies sailed to the floor.
He was on the floor snoring.
Knuckles on the floor Davie.
Stewart, lying on the floor.
Flooring the car to speeds.
Marble flooring is to a Punjabi.
The flooring was what first caught my eye.
The flooring is broken in countless places.
The flooring was what first caught the eye.
LP had placed the plant under the boat's flooring.
The flooring was elevated, four-feet off the ground.
If the house has laminate flooring then mop as well.
Redwood is another choice for rustic terrace flooring.
A rasping noise and a tick under the flooring jolted her.
The two men stood in silence on the polished oak flooring.
Flooring has in the past often been out of reach of those.
Gone were the standard white walls and cheap linoleum flooring.
They could hear his footsteps against the metal flooring outside.
At the same time, the old man shuffles his feet on the flooring.
He found the piece of flooring that danced around his brain and.
A fold in a flooring of this sort means a crack, means crumbling.
To combat this, the Hab and pop-tents have special flooring material.
At the same time, she heard the faint clicking of leather on flooring.
But there was none anymore, even a single hiss from under the flooring.
He supported her spine gently as he laid her on the soft, padded flooring.
The mechanic instinctively stomps on the gas and spins around, flooring it.
Perhaps, I should offer to put in that laminated flooring she always wanted.
What I found was that a panel piece of the Kombi flooring had been cut out.
For the floor, I’ll use the original flooring material from the two pop-tents.
The best grade of flooring the mill had ever turned out and he had practically.
Nothing but bland white concrete and flooring that no one would ever walk on again.
Speedbumps: Flooring it through Hollywood is the biography of the actress, Teri Garr.
Another step stamped on the flooring above and something fell; and there was silence.
After mangling the Hab, I pulled the remaining canvas down to the flooring and resealed it.
From the far end of the room we heard the sound of thick-soled boots on the raised flooring.
The flooring is a very important item in the coop and it should always remain dry and fresh.
The remaining fragments tore away his hands and punctured the rear bulkhead and the flooring.
Several of the older boys squeezed their way up thru the flooring and found the school pantry.
This is a highly attractive flooring possibility; however not near as sturdy as a stone terrace.
He muttered curses for Sadie the squirrel, blaming her twitchy claws for tearing up his flooring.
Then he installs the finish walls and flooring, bathroom cabinets, and the new plumbing fixtures.
It filtered up through the iron grid flooring, smoking around their feet as they stood and stared.
I was going to lay the tiles and the panel flooring so I was sure I could build the kitchen as well.
They are used for flooring in the premises with intensive movement and high requirements to purity.
But she kept it floored.
He floored the gas up the hill.
He floored the accelerator and.
I’ve got it floored now, sir.
A floored pedal, he could reach.
She floored it and began to scream.
He put his car in gear and floored it.
I strapped his seatbelt and floored it.
I floored it and began to head for home.
We got in and I floored it out of there.
I jumped back in the car and floored it.
In moments, they were floored, and hog-tied.
Joey pulled back onto the road and floored it.
Our driver/bodyguard floored the Zil and we.
Damn! he said, floored by my accounting.
Mave was nearly floored by what she had heard.
Caramarin offered his hand to the floored woman.
He floored the accelerator, picking up more speed.
Roger floored it and moved into the middle of the.
I was floored that they let this guy come to the Team.
HE FLOORED IT, as if his boys’ lives depended on it.
Roland floored the accelerator of his sports car and.
I floored it, pushing as fast as my little car would go.
The trucker was so intent on killing us he floored his.
I floored it and reached eighty by the time we escaped.
I floored it and stayed the course directly at the men.
Mick selected reverse and floored it, smashing into the.
She watches as Simon floored his green Pinzgauer Vehicle.
Floored, the leprechaun stammered, "once or twice a month?".
That floored him for a moment, then he said 'Perhaps so, but.
He somehow managed to get hold of my name, and that floored me.
She turned the key in the ignition, and floored the accelerator.
I was floored that they let this guy come to the Team.
Steve hit the corner of 40th and 8th, low life scene in floored.
One Sunday I was floored by reading the story of Naaman in church.
Later on Helen said something that nearly floored me as she asked.
He swung right around the next corner and floored the accelerator.
Then, without so much as a greeting, he floored it around the corner.
I thought you were dead when you floored that Klingon, Ilona said.
I had the Porsche floored the entire ride, which took a couple of hours.
He floors the gas pedal.
She floors it to the finish.
Advice #1 - Update the floors.
Walls sprung up, floors grew.
Several floors below, in the.
No snow on the hardwood floors.
The shelter had several floors.
The floors were buffed concrete.
I mind-swept the floors above us.
All this on board floors, never.
The floors are slick with blood.
We went up three floors and got.
But it’s only two floors up.
The hardwood floors an insulator.
Even the man who swept the floors.
Even the walls and the floors too.
Six floors, but as tall as a ten-.
Keeping debris off floors and out.
If the floors were clean and pol-.
The upper floors were iffy in spots.
Protecting the floors and the walls.
Up three floors, absent of a balcony.
On his way out of the office floors.
The dirt floors and low ceiling made.
Besides, look at the number of floors.
The stone floors were impeccably clean.
It was a massive room with three floors.
The Director sat just a few floors away.
Neat, clean tatami mats line the floors.
Courtyard, on the floors of the various.
The hardwood floors were polished to a.
Most houses were of three or four floors.
Mostly three floors flats situated there.
Amelia had been hidden beneath the floors.
None of the other cabins had wood floors.
Rotating suites, floors, but never hotels.
The ninth and tenth floors were for records.
The walls, the floors and even the ceiling.
The floors, counters, and walls were marble.
Floors 1 and 2 both house military equipment.

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