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Flurry numa frase em (in ingles)

  1. A flurry of cars and.
  2. Then the flurry of debris.
  3. A flurry of knocks came at the door.
  4. There was a great flurry of arrival.
  5. A flurry of negative thoughts, all.

  6. Jupiter arrived in a flurry of wings.
  7. And somewhere in all the flurry….
  8. She burst forth into a flurry of tears.
  9. March 1st came in a flurry of activity.
  10. After a flurry of activity it was settled.
  11. Jasper dived after the bal , a flurry of.
  12. A flurry of emotions ran through his mind.
  13. A flurry of activity a little ways down the.
  14. There was a flurry of binder folding and a.
  15. The next several weeks contained a flurry of.

  16. The flurry of the weekends was accentuated by.
  17. There was a sudden flurry of sparks and smoke.
  18. There was a flurry of ordered chaos down there.
  19. The city was a flurry of excitement with the.
  20. There was a flurry of rapid movement behind me.
  21. Just then a flurry of movement on the sidewalk.
  22. Dominic shook his head no with a flurry of anger.
  23. When Thomas got home he was a flurry of activity.
  24. A flurry of hoofbeats, and the Raiders were gone.
  25. Always, when we had moved before, this flurry of.

  26. A flurry of lilies filled the air, a winter storm.
  27. A flurry of clapping ensued, which stopped quickly.
  28. But now his mom was up, too, a flurry of polyester.
  29. The Sith sprang into action in a flurry of movement.
  30. The days seemed to pass in a flurry as the children.
  31. With a flurry of activity over the next three days.
  32. At last there was a sudden flurry of activity by the.
  33. Halon awoke on the bed to a flurry of activity outside.
  34. He had vanished in a flurry of controversy and rumour.
  35. Now a flurry of activity had erupted in preparation for.
  36. Absolute silence shifted to noise, a flurry of commotion.
  37. The backpack! she blurted feeling a flurry of hope.
  38. When the leopard landed in a flurry and spurted towards.
  39. But as he pulled away he caught a flurry of activity in.
  40. Ostedes’ new limbs went out, a flurry of black tentacles.
  41. Amidst all the flurry, one day Nihar had walked in with a.
  42. The flurry of activity had a calming effect on Samson Duff.
  43. A brief flurry of clouds cleared from his forward screens.
  44. With a flurry of flapping wings and feathers, the pigeons.
  45. Out over the center, a flurry of bubbles ruptured its lie.
  46. With the dawn came a flurry of activity around the encamp-.
  47. Suddenly two of the Padawans pressed forward in a flurry of.
  48. Donovan saw the sudden flurry of movement out of the corner.
  49. We were a flurry of motion and desperate hard fought action.
  50. Alex hesitated, a flurry of thoughts ranging from Shannon to.
  51. Roman continued with a tornadic flurry of punches and kicks.
  52. You see those Fliryns? He pointed to a flurry of them.
  53. A male orderly came running out of the front doors in a flurry.
  54. The sequence of shots within the flurry is not really important.
  55. Michael, with a flurry of wings, appears next to the demon prince.
  56. Thus, shot 1 could have been the third shot in the opening flurry.
  57. Then, in a final flurry of hugs, they said their goodbyes and left.
  58. After this morning flurry of conversation, we all went through the.
  59. There was a flurry of activity as they noticed me on the valley rim.
  60. There seemed to be a sudden flurry of activity among the crew as we.
  61. She twirled her wand and a flurry of sugar melted into the dark slop.
  62. She made a flurry of getting the key out of her XXL a-cup sports bra.
  63. Roman charged the Agent with a flurry of kicks and punches, moving his.
  64. Along with the passports came a flurry of sandwich crusts, rizlas and….
  65. One moment please, the voice said, accompanied by a flurry of more.
  66. His fears were misplaced, save for a flurry of dust on the tip of his boot.
  67. I don’t believe in chance or coincidence, Barron said, a flurry of.
  68. He entered the Oval Office by throwing open the doors in a flurry of drama.
  69. Stacey closed the door and, with a two-step flurry, also cleared the fence.
  70. Two things that happened later that afternoon caused a flurry of excitement.
  71. Just as I was in, a tremendous flurry of gunfire rang throughout the tunnel.
  72. And then a flurry of other words and thoughts chopping, pecking at his blood.
  73. The coupé flashed by us with a flurry of dust and the flash of a waving hand.
  74. The impact was unimaginably jarring and the rest was just a flurry of airbags.
  75. Immediately there was a flurry of activity behind Hal, and he turned to watch.
  76. A mortar shell explodes somewhere in the city, and a flurry of dust sifts down.
  77. Immediately I noticed the extra flurry of activity and new faces in the office.
  78. The Maegar Warriors swung their weapons upward in a flurry of powerful strikes.
  79. The gargoyle nodded, leaped into the sky and was gone in a flurry of wing beats.
  80. He had then carried on a flurry of activity seeking help from even the Ottomans.
  81. In my flurry of nostalgic spite, I have done the Monterey Peninsula a disservice.
  82. Back then, I was excited by the flurry of activity in the online investing arena.
  83. That was probably a good thing since that reduced the flurry of new names by half.
  84. You can use one screen to bid and the other to watch a flurry of last minute bids.
  85. I walked in the flurry of snowflakes, enjoying my solitary stroll through the city.
  86. Normality and silence returned to the hospital after the earlier flurry of activity.
  87. This time, when the voice called the dog disappeared in a flurry of falling leaves.
  88. The rest of his followers endured, impeding the flurry of trepidation flagging them.
  89. Out of the swaying curtains of snow, I catch a glimpse of movement, a flurry of color.
  90. There was a sudden, muted flurry of conversation between the prosecutor and Eric Caine.
  91. A second flurry of dust off to the East had me looking in that direction with concern.
  92. He launched a flurry of slashes at Eugenie but each time her sword deflected his blows.
  93. There was a flurry of activity, as men began to open the metal clasps of each container.
  94. There was another flurry of shots and Janice could see the bullets striking the other men.
  95. Then you’d get the RPGs, a flurry of fire; finally, they’d scatter and try to get away.
  96. The tunnels passed by in a flurry and the irritated bears reluctantly gave up their pursuit.
  97. Cook had a chance to say anything more, Pat was riding across the fields in a flurry of dust.
  98. The audience burst into a flurry of exclamations that had Sandra pounding her gavel for order.
  99. Tip: You don't have to ask a flurry of questions from every customer that walks through your.
  100. I wish he had stood up, complained bitterly about the insanity, and quit his job in a flurry.

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