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Fob numa frase em (in ingles)

  1. A remote fob, on the keychain.
  2. The key fob was a silver coin.
  3. Rich had a duplicate of her fob.
  4. David pops the trunk with a key fob.
  5. He held something similar to a key fob.

  6. He must have a capacious fob pocket for that.
  7. He stood and depressed the key fob button again.
  8. There they go into the fob pocket of his trousers.
  9. I raised the key fob and pointed it towards my car.
  10. I was cut off by a loud explosion in the courtyard of our FOB.
  11. He rummaged in his fob pocket and produced a florin and a leer.
  12. Max grabbed the fob and shut the room’s door quietly behind her.
  13. She hit a button on her fob causing the doors on the Ferrari to swing upward.
  14. One of the technicians suddenly appeared, carrying some kind key fob device.
  15. Max smiled at him, and locked the doors to her trophy with a chirp of the fob.

  16. He turned suddenly from a chip of strawberries, drew a gold watch from his fob.
  17. Open it, Harry said Hipolyta and held out a fob chain and key for the latch.
  18. Then he felt of the officer's fob, discovered a watch there, and took possession of it.
  19. She had her key fob in hand, and when she was within range, she disarmed the car alarm.
  20. A shout came from about 200 yards away and AJ fumbled in his pocket for the keyless fob.
  21. However, one thing I’ve noticed about FOB students is that, while they’re coming from a.
  22. McGarren grabbed his key fob and limped over to the tinted glass doors at the small building’s entrance.
  23. Enjolras never took his eyes off of him: he allowed a minute to pass, then he replaced his watch in his fob.
  24. Once in the storage room he hit a button on his key fob and a section of the wall opened up revealing his office.
  25. When they arrived outside Vicky’s bedroom door the receptionist knocked hard on it with the fob of the pass key.

  26. Hurley was where he was supposed to be, but couldn’t communicate beyond briefly pressing the button on his key fob.
  27. Under the watch, at the bottom of his fob, they felt and seized a paper in an envelope, which Enjolras unfolded, and on.
  28. He depressed a button on the key fob in his pocket to toggle the transmit function and broadcast the man’s answer to Rapp.
  29. Gavroche halted, fumbled in his fob, turned his pocket inside out, found nothing, not even a sou, and began to shout: "Help!".
  30. Thenardier had caused the "honest rustler" to disappear in his fob, and was gazing at Marius with a gentleness that was almost tender.
  31. My fellow traveler was middle-aged, paunchy, seemingly well-to-do, with a florid complexion and a gold watch fob of unmistakable value.
  32. In the meantime, the man in the yellow coat had been fumbling in the fob of his waistcoat, without any one having noticed his movements.
  33. The mayor's head turned for a moment in that direction and unbeknownst to him the watch was instantly placed back into the fob pocket of his vest.
  34. He fiddled nervously with the watch and fob with its attendant key in his vest pocket while he waited on the platform with the few other travelers.
  35. Beside the elevator, I can see the black 4x4 Audi, but it’s the sleek, black sporty number that blips open and lights up when he points the key fob at it.
  36. He was dressed in black from head to foot, in garments that were very threadbare but clean; a bunch of seals depending from his fob suggested the idea of a watch.
  37. I give her the basics; a fob to have 24/7 access to the building, instructions on how to print, how to use the portal to book conference rooms, how to use the coffee machine.
  38. This evening, so far proving to be much as any other, Mr Snickerty drew his fob from his waistcoat pocket and noted, with some satisfaction, that it was precisely just about nearly eight.
  39. He clicked on the ‘Tree’ icon, on the desktop ‘Open Existing File’ he selected Smith fob The screen, flashed its usual message ‘Please enter Password’ Mark carefully typed M A R M A L A D E T R E E Bingo! He was in.
  1. Quick, instead of fobbing me off with the usual terse statement that he could not talk for.
  2. Because the Lord Warden is busily employed at times in fobbing his perquisites; which are his chiefly by virtue of that same fobbing of them.
  3. Swann considered the morale value of fobbing off the young man with a facile assurance, but the possible end of his life loomed too near to burden his conscience with unnecessary lies.
  4. Marx said religion was a hypocritical way of fobbing the poor off with stories of how everything would be alright in heaven: ‘the opium of the people’, he called it, a sort of drug that people took each week to keep them docile and stop them agitating for change.
  1. Betty was not so easily fobbed off.
  2. The police department had fobbed me off with a rookie.
  3. I was the culprit who fobbed him off with a mini-cab firm’s telephone.
  4. You fobbed me off, and at the time I didn't press it cause I only just met you.
  5. There was no way of getting through to speak to even an associate, they just fobbed me off with lame excuses.
  6. Although Josie simply fobbed me off I knew that she knew how grateful I was and how much I loved her as my own mother.
  7. I tried to get answers today from the police on where we stood, but they are simply fobbed us off in the most horrible manner.
  8. He had been stewing on this for a couple of hours now and was in no mood to be fobbed off with Roger’s budget flim-flam excuses.
  9. She’d repeatedly fobbed her friend off with excuses ranging from holiday trickery to revenge stories encompassing sleep-deprived nights under bedroom reading lamps.
  1. There were several keys all with numbers on their fobs.
  2. They divine purses in pockets, they scent out watches in fobs.
  3. He passed on to his fobs, explored the first, returned to the second.
  4. Gillenormand began to pace back and forth, his hands in his pockets, talking aloud, and twitching, with his irritated old fingers, at the two watches which he wore in his two fobs.
  5. The stranger inserted his two hands in both his fobs, drew himself up without straightening his dorsal column, but scrutinizing Marius in his turn, with the green gaze of his spectacles.
  6. Since the dawn of digital technology, many methods have been conceived for computer users to prove their identities: passwords, iris scans, key fobs, face recognition, and several others.
  7. The waiters carried tiny pairs of scissors like fobs on the ends of polished brass chains so they could cut off the required food stamps, a gesture which they carried out with as exaggerated flourish.

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