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Form numa frase em (in ingles)

In a form.
Of a form.
A new form.
Of the form.
In the form.
In its form.
The art form.

In this form.
in this form.
This form of.
form K = E / P.
Into the form.
What form did.
Takes the form.
By forming a.
Of forming the.
Forming the basis.
An idea was forming.
forming in her eyes.
In effect, forming.
forming out the door.
Forming in 2025 is.
are forming the ring.
Forming, and the old.
forming a noose that.
Forming a slight ramp.
The breach is forming.
casing, forming a seal.
saw as forming gravity.
forming a needed state.
forming in Danny's mind.
forming two leather ears.
But a crowd was forming.
After once forming the.
Holly felt tears forming.
forming all of the oceans.
forming a complete circle.
Of God's reality forming.
smile forming on his lips.
forming gravity, then the.
is what is forming gravity.
forming in the first place.
They formed a.
s formed a line.
A crust formed.
A tear formed.
was formed in me.
Mind is formed.
Water is formed.
As it is formed.
She was formed.
see it so formed.
Tears formed in.
He formed a fist.
A bond had formed.
His mouth formed.
formed in his neck.
Of whether formed.
They'd formed an.
formed as a result.
formed a bib of red.
Mounds formed and.
It formed randomly.
and formed a circle.
These are formed by.
A double row formed.
Sides were formed,.
He even formed his.
the plans had formed.
God has so formed us.
c) When it is formed.
As he forms.
In all forms.
Of new forms.
Of all forms.
All the forms.
It forms the.
ioral Forms / A.
To other forms.
It is all forms.
in all its forms.
Within its forms.
In all its forms.
In all his forms.
Build forms anew.
God in many forms.
She forms asso-.
All his Phi forms.
Forms part of the.
Their forms are,.
The Hater of Forms.
with life forms [6].
In always two forms.
Whatever forms the.
the forms on his PADD.
that forms the solar.
forms of gravity left.
(1986) Thought Forms.
Oh, Nick hated forms.
Both forms of media.
some forms on the web.