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Fracture down the difficulty into.
Did I really fracture his jaw?
The fracture is more or less conchoidal.
X rays have found a bone fracture there.
I now have a scaphoid fracture and a limp.
Evidently, we had not yet reached the main fracture.
The metal sealed the fracture and the alarm went away.

Looking at the fracture, I see that it’s pretty tiny.
If in doubt whether a sprain or a break, treat as a fracture.
The X rays had shown a fractured zygoma and a blowout fracture.
She felt his nose and cheekbone fracture under the blunt impact.
When Seven awoke, Brent had set his fracture and splinted his leg.
The fracture of one of the cups is easily remedied by a supernumerary.
You have to reduce the risk of fracture by preventing bumps and falls.
There was an ugly flesh wound, but no signs of a fracture of the skull.
He wound up in the hospital with a minor hip fracture and a shattered thumb.
He took out his soldering tool and pour liquid metal into the small fracture.
A close relationship with a human gone wrong can fracture our mind, turn us mad.
I had thought the fracture in my leg was the worst of the damage, but I was mistaken.
You see, a great piece of rock fell on his leg---here---and it's a compound fracture.
Burke and determined he had a broken leg, which fortunately was not a compound fracture.
Trid had done a fine job with Nefer’s arm, breaking the old fracture and splinting it.
This last is distinguished from the former, not only by the fracture, but by the colour.
There was a hairline fracture in the Bonneville, but the front bumper of Blue was crushed.
It coruscated, changing into amorphous shapes and pearlescent colors behind that fracture.
Then, I could take a few seconds during that plan to scrape resin over the airlock fracture.
He has extensive scarring on his back and buttocks, a healing shoulder fracture and right arm.
That is why I draw your attention to the fact that the fracture is specific, it is badly knit.
Its fracture is compact in one direction; in another it is more or less slaty in its structure.
Sometimes the rock assumes a different character, and the fracture is uneven, and the texture firm.
Murray was suffering from a suspected rib fracture, a probably broken nose, and possible concussion.
Flying on one such mission, Garrett was shot down over the ocean, incurring a compound ankle fracture.
I remember Caleb telling her that it would only take a month to mend, because it was a hairline fracture.
The enemy army started to fracture and droves of them took off across the plains for their Western cities.
If you have to smash the ice there is a risk that it may fracture back into the area where you are standing.
This is an opportunity to set things in motion that will fracture the credibility of the Jedi and the Republic.
The fracture is nearly even and earthy, it is soft, yielding readily to the nail, and has a feebly shining streak.
It was as if a fracture in delicate crystal had begun, and he was afraid of any movement that might mate it fatal.
His injuries are compound fracture of the left leg two and a half days old, probably left ankle broken in addition.
A bad dream that when she shook her head wildly would fracture and she would find herself in her own bed in her own apartment.
Without fracturing what we have found.
A direct hit to the nose can lead to it fracturing and bleeding.
Two tons of coal poured down on top of him, fracturing his skull.
There have been too many problems with hydraulic fracturing or hydrofracking.
He becomes entangled and falls, dropping his doughnuts and fracturing his shin.
As her guardian had rescued her from the corner, she had sensed the fracturing of.
Many had predicted the ISI fracturing even further with such a weak hand at the helm.
Then she thrust her pelvis into his as her grip on his hand began fracturing his right hand.
He could find no coherent pattern to the level of fracturing; no mathematical formula fitted.
Max fell backwards, his skull fracturing on the unyielding floor, with Carla partly under him.
This sort of fracturing can yield fragments so specific that it is ultimately useless to consider them as.
You can’t conclude otherwise when the corporations refuse to reveal what chemicals are used in the process of induced hydraulic fracturing.
There had been sharp dissension among the early settlers over the use of technology that had led to a fracturing of loyalties, which had ultimately led to war.
Watanabe beat POWs every day, fracturing their windpipes, rupturing their eardrums, shattering their teeth, tearing one man’s ear half off, leaving men unconscious.
And for what? Practical applications of chaos theory in patterns manifested in semi-random ceramic fracturing, the asshole Mike Childers had the audacity to tell you.
Sure, he knew there was temporal fracturing: pockets of time existing in a kind of uncertainty state, bits of the future and past breaking through, much like general quantum uncertainty but on a macro scale.
When a stone wall is hit by a projectile the stone will shatter on impact and cause fracturing deeper into the wall structure, which can endanger the integrity of the whole wall from just a single direct hit.
No, this fire is spirit saturated by the illusory blue not falling; only light, its schism fracturing through shadows, intermingling the integration with an audience of brilliant kin billions of years ancient.
There were, in the beginning, only one source or type of life, throughout the ages there have been many splits or fracturing of existence and therefore many have evolved in different ways from those who were originally directly part of their life group.
His slitted eyes were aglow with morbid anticipation as his erstwhile tormentor pushed his hand under his nose and with the admonition, ―Squeeze,‖ pressed against the two fingers fracturing the ampule with a tiny tinkling sound that would have been a thunderclap to Gypsy Jack Pappadoupoulis—had he known.
And the sky is fractured.
Metal walls splintered and fractured.
Life into this fractured temple form.
Fractured wood crunched with each step.
Both might be fractured for all he knew.
We are a fractured culture with no real.
The foggy darkness fractured her shrill cry.
The show-window had suddenly been fractured.
They found she had fractured her right hip.
The limbs were disrupted but not fractured.
WILD, fractured dreams had awoken me repeatedly.
Libby shook her head, then gave a fractured gasp when.
She crashed to the ground, and suffered a fractured wrist.
The bad news had only continued for the fractured country.
He hurt all over, something had to be fractured he thought.
Child abuse is often not manifested in fractured or broken.
That is the reason we witness such divisive evil fractured.
His skull was fractured! We tried our very best to save him.
There had been less resting on that, we were less fractured.
It was as though he could see into Greg’s fractured heart.
Fine? Sitting here in the dark with a fractured foot?
She has sent two Marines to the hospital for fractured bones.
Champagne jets down from the fractured edges and bubbles off.
The X rays had shown a fractured zygoma and a blowout fracture.
From within, however, his heart was fractured and beyond repair.
My head was spinning, a million thoughts fractured inside my mind.
It had cracked itself below the knee, the spiral fractured bone.
Her left mandible – her jaw bone – has been badly fractured.
A slave? A thing? A body, a will, a fractured and manipulated will.
Webster said, as gently as possible, You had a fractured cheekbone.
Minutes later the Cherokee rolled to a stop on the fractured tarmac.
In a neighboring hut lay Raevski’s adjutant with a fractured wrist.
In a neighboring hut lay Raévski’s adjutant with a fractured wrist.
In an already fractured culture, senior management was projecting an.
The massive machine of the Cezanne estate groaned, the gears fractured.
Her body was fractured and bent sideways, molded to the rock like clay.
His fractured body was turned to charcoal in one brief, horrible moment.
Broken ribs, the shoulder is fractured, collarbone and maybe his ulna.
The fractures of the realms.
How about the old rib fractures?
Star fractures cobwebbed across the windshield.
She has multiple fractures, but nothing out of place.
Between four and six old fractures is what my doctor.
Most days we treated cuts, fractures and other similar ailments.
In Extremis, these fractures or splits are one of the reasons for.
In-laws start stress fractures and half of all marriages break down.
An MRI of the brain and spine showed no fractures or internal signs of trauma—.
But fractures were beginning to show, and tempers were fraying more than they had before.
A number of skeletons were discovered to have fractures in the tops of their skulls.
I do miss our old place—all the bumps and ridges and hairline fractures left by the decades.
Their health is often affected by liver and stomach aches, by circulatory problems, by fractures.
Manish was suffering from lower body paralysis and multiple fractures with a minor head injury too.
Effect of Calcium and chole-calciferol treatment for three years on hip fractures in elderly women.
Fractures which neither penetrate the skin nor are exposed to the air are known as closed fractures.
The cattle ran off into the distance as he lay there with multiple fractures and internal bleeding.
The effect of dairy products on the risk of osteoporosis-related fractures is subject to controversy.
Without knowing it, she sought with her hands over her body as if to find out if there were cuts or fractures.
He needed to clearly see where and how extensive the possible fractures were, which was impossible to do without x-rays.
Since then, scanners have revealed two fractures in his skull, one above his right ear and the other across his forehead.
Many of the children found themselves in the emergency room with bruises and minor fractures from their new found forms of play.
From what I can detect, it appears you have sustained at least one, but more probably two fractures, one in your ankle, the other in your foot.
He made Colling first demonstrate the splinting of various fractures, being careful only to refer to the broken bones by their anatomical names.
She turned Bagman’s head from side to side with her gloved hand, gently palpated his scalp, probing for lacerations, fractures, or other injuries.
In the Revolution of July, as in all progress accomplished by fits and starts, there had been secret fractures; these riots rendered them perceptible.
Bleeding into the tissues occurs with all fractures and bruises and a fractured thigh may result in the loss of one or more pints of blood at the fracture site.
Interest in the effect of manganese and bone health began when famed basketball player Bill Walton’s repeated fractures were halted with manganese supplementation.
It was quite some moments ere either moved, for both were positive that any such attempt would reveal so many breaks and fractures as to make further progress impossible.
Surya rapidly made a spin performing a hook kick which was so hard that made the creature fly across the room and hit the wall, leaving fractures around the place of impact.
Although you were not harmed at the scene of an arrest, your body has suffered some interior bruising on the stomach, lungs, and heart that match a few fractures and skin wounds.
Blood everywhere, walls and floor with massive lacerations to skull, scalp and forehead; all laid open to the bone with obvious fractures to the cranium and cheek bones; and a definite broken nose.
So, next on the list was a technique called hydraulic fracturing—or fraccing—where water and sand are injected under high pressure into the reservoir, resulting in many tiny cracks or fractures in the shale rock.
If we ask concerning the separate spirit, we are referred to Lazarus as furnishing an argument embodying all the fractures of the position, and whatsoever questions should be asked would receive an answer in harmony with the parable of the Rich Man and Lazarus, because from Campbell down to Denny the church has been instructed thus and so.

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