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1. His name is Albert Fringe.
2. What about you, mister Fringe?
3. Perched on the city fringe, Perth.
4. HERBIE: You're right, mister Fringe.
5. One of the fringe benefits of being.
6. He’s an important man in the fringe.
7. HERBIE: You're a youngster, mister Fringe.

8. Friends, this is how it is: we are fringe.
9. Indio cried out as his fringe caught fire.
10. Nothing radical or Fringe Division about him.
11. You can see the fringe for yourself, he says.
12. She ran a hand over the beaded fringe and nodded.
13. Bill scratched his monk-like fringe of grey hair.
14. It was calf length and trimmed in leather fringe.
15. Everything was tidy, not a rug fringe out of place.
16. The green river burst through the fringe of trees.
17. HERBIE: I don't want to appear witty, mister Fringe.
18. Edgar Hoover and certain fringe elements of society.
19. What you ran into this morning was a fringe element.
20. Nevertheless, John was a fringe, casual attendee at.
21. There, near the fringe of the forest, tall spires of.
22. Instead, he felt like a freak on the fringe of society.
23. They must have reminded her of this place, of the fringe.
24. Zoe lowered her eyes and played with the fringe of her skirt.
25. John was definitely one of those on the fringe of the church.
26. And then you asked so piteously for fringe for your trousers.
27. The parted fringe of his silver hair clung to his cheeks as the.
28. HERBIE: Fringe! Fringe! Quickly! Get in the car and step on it!.
29. The tiny spring shimmered and dimpled under its fringe of ferns.
30. The tuned circuit at Reception at fringe areas is poor and noisy.
31. She was talking of theories that were considered somewhat fringe.
32. What about that, Simon? he asked over the fringe of his newspaper.
33. HERBIE: Mister Fringe, I haven't heard anything from you for a while.
34. I have said that a thick fringe of green overhung the edge of the cliff.
35. We tried to find out what sort of fringe, but we could not make it out.
36. It was covered with silver satin and silver fringe and silver rosettes.
37. HERBIE: I don't know if you heard the same things as I did, mister Fringe.
38. Her iron-gray hair was eked out by a curled false fringe that was proudly.
39. A fringe of snow-white hair was flattened against the back of her gaunt head.
40. Douglas Stone stooped for yards and began to play with the fringe of the coverlet.
1. Others nestle under trees fringing a river or a lake.
2. In the valleys fringing the nearby hills snow had already come to stay.
3. The aircraft stayed well below the peaks, and flew along a valley floor over thick forests of fir fringing a meandering river.
4. Black uninteresting hummocks of land appeared, dotting the duskiness of water and clouds in the Eastern board: tops of islands fringing the German shore.
5. That was a bitter, bitter thought, that last one, because unlike the batteries fringing the Kyznetzov Narrows, Yu-kwau’s waterfront artillery had been completely overhauled.
6. In still other localities, such as Réunion Island and the island of Mauritius, they build fringing reefs, high, straight walls next to which the ocean's depth is considerable.
7. We did not hurry, but lingered over each beauty, resting on little sunny plateaus high up on the very edge of the cliffs, where, sitting on the hot sweet grass, we saw the colour of the sea shine through the colour of the fringing scabious--a divine meeting of colours often to be seen along the Rügen coast in July; or, in the deep shade at the bottom of a ravine, we rested on the moss by water trickling down over slimy green stones to the sea which looked, from those dark places, like a great wall of light.
1. Goldenrod and asters fringed the mossy walls.
2. Antarctica, which began the Eocene fringed with a warm.
3. In the osiers which fringed the bank he spied a swallow sitting.
4. White sand that’s fringed with dunes stretches to eyes’ reach.
5. Elizabeth led me to a stout couple on the fringed velvet loveseat.
6. Betsey looked pitifully at the old hat fringed with icicles, like.
7. Gradually, they approached a small island fringed with stunted bushes and with.
8. GARY GOODFRIEND WORE a fringed buckskin jacket, distressed jeans, and a plaid shirt.
9. Lying naked at its center was a man, his face covered by a scruffy gray fringed beard.
10. Oleanders fringed the woods and sent back a dense sweet twittering of countless birds.
11. The fringed shades were all drawn, but it was pretty clear to me what he was going for.
12. He was pushing through the thick bushes that fringed the bank when Conan pulled him back.
13. Four hundred years ago, Indian tribes had moved among the black trees that fringed the roadway.
14. There was no perturbation in the wide eyes that scanned the green walls which fringed the trail.
15. Charley, having explored the area, sat at my feet, his fringed ears blowing like laundry on a line.
16. Her flushed face, fringed with soft curling hair under her night cap, was radiant with joy and courage.
17. Either side was fringed with what appeared to be dense jungle which extended to the foot of both ranges.
18. The late afternoon sun rapidly disappeared into a huge, growing, fuzzy fringed, buzzing, swirling, brown mass.
19. The swanky bar that fringed Hoxton Square, it was a meeting place for city workers and local gangsters out for a good time.
20. Terrific convulsions shook the earth; the nights were lurid with spouting volcanoes that fringed the dark horizons with red pillars.
21. She saw them bunch together on the sands, suspicious, weapons ready, while several scattered out through the trees that fringed the beach.
22. The road was fringed on both sides by thick scrub which extended a good distance to the foot of hills which rose perhaps two hundred meters.
23. It is beautiful, with rocky headlands and long sweeping sandy beaches fringed with palm trees, and usually there is a fresh- wind from the sea.
24. Something was moving through the deep bushes that fringed the trail—something that neither walked nor flew, but seemed to glide like a serpent.
25. It was bowl-shaped and at the bottom, some hundreds of yards from where we lay, were pools of green-scummed, stagnant water, fringed with bullrushes.
26. Can you see that darker place there? Well, that’s a tiny canyon with a clear and lovely stream bordered with wild azaleas and fringed with big oaks.
27. A few yards from the end the soil was all ploughed up into a patch of mud, and the branches and ferns which fringed the chasm were torn and bedraggled.
28. Even in the unsteady light from Caris’s candles, there was no doubt about the identity of the dead man: the head was fringed with distinctively ash-blond hair.
29. Meanwhile the business of the meeting was despatched, and fringed off into eager discussion among various groups concerning this affair of Bulstrode—and Lydgate.
30. He was wearing the same fringed buckskin jacket he’d worn when he was a witness for the prosecution, but the swagger was gone now that he’d gone over to the other side.
31. And then by sheer and wondrous accident, while I took my nightly swim in a dousing downpour that smoked the gutters and fringed my cap with a thousand drops, I turned a corner.
32. And then by sheer and wondrous accident in a dousing downpour that smoked the gutters and fringed my hat with a million raindrops per second, while taking my nightly swim, it happened….
33. A great blue heron flapped over the bush fringed shore and stuck his stilt-like legs down as if feeling for the ground, spied the silent man in the pirogue and tried to reverse direction.
34. As he approached, nothing was audible but the rattling of the light silver ornaments that loaded his arms and neck, and the tinkling of the little bells that fringed his deerskin moccasins.
35. His companion told him to steal to the edge of the wood, which, as usual, was fringed with a thicket, and wait his coming, for he wished to examine certain suspicious signs a little on one side.
36. I watched the course of the little stream as it came in from the moor, and my fancy followed it to the top of the glen, where it must issue from an icy fountain fringed with cool ferns and mosses.
37. Green Island appeared after an hour as the tops of coconut palms vi sible above the horizon; as they drew near the little circular island appeared, fringed round completely with a white coral beach.
38. At the time when the racers had to go to the pavilion to receive the prizes, and all attention was directed to that point, Vronsky's elder brother, Alexander, a colonel with heavy fringed epaulets, came up to him.
39. At the time when the racers had to go to the pavilion to receive the prizes, and all attention was directed to that point, Vronsky’s elder brother, Alexander, a colonel with heavy fringed epaulets, came up to him.
40. Each float had on its back either live music or enormous speakers and trailing behind, hundreds danced to hip swaying Latin beats encouraged by young people in colorfully fringed costumes, shaking maracas to the beat.
1. Fringes of panic closed around him.
2. I guess I’ve been on the fringes.
3. The Egyptians were delegated to the fringes.
4. Waving up to the palm fringes of coffee shade.
5. Old silk-shaded floor lamps with beaded fringes.
6. They also began to wear the sacred fringes that.
7. Instead to my surprise, she calmly flicked the fringes of her.
8. The fringes of the flames could be seen spitting up into the morning air.
9. He made his slow way across the outer ward, around the fringes of the crowd.
10. At first they terrorized only the outer fringes of the known Asteroid belt.
11. There were a lot of military items around the fringes of the destroyed area.
12. In Cairo, we settled on the fringes of a second-rate district called Shoubra.
13. They proceeded into the forest, until they reached the fringes of Tamworthia.
14. Beyond the confines of earth-time, way out beyond the fringes of the universe.
15. Even with Affiliation on the fringes of Homeland Security, he must hear things.
16. Reeds line the fringes of the land and, here and there, I see large boat houses.
17. We would like to spend the next year escorting convoys at the fringes of the system.
18. In fact, only those who are on the fringes of the business opportunity market take.
19. In the northern fringes of Mesoamerica we find the large centers of Paquime in northern.
20. Since then, reincarnation has been relegated to the fringes of Western society; a concept.
21. But still, many of the earlier representations lingered on in the fringes of man’s awareness.
22. Despite my own business dealings on the fringes of legality, I considered dealing in drugs unethical.
23. So of course, the story is (kind of) true to life, and has a certain duo of characters on the fringes.
24. By Issue 2, she’d fallen in with a group of kids on the fringes of the new subculture emerging nearby.
25. He was surprised when they instead encountered the outer fringes of the reed marshes that bordered the river.
26. Today he passes his time watching at the fringes of the world, learning of all the oddities and the unexplained.
27. She waved one of her hands absently and looked up startled as one of the fringes at the edge of the hood flickered.
28. On the fringes of the town, there were grass houses and the hide tents, as well as a few of each being put together.
29. Higher knowledge is therefore fringe knowledge because those who pursue it have been alienated to the fringes of society.
30. And from this dough we see the formation of a product that can at best describe the simple fringes of functional reality.
31. Men wearing broken boots and with patches upon the seats and knees, and ragged fringes round the bottoms of the legs of their.
32. Word had exploded from the epicenter, where the yellow Mercedes embraced the rocks, to the fringes of the crowds in microseconds.
33. For example, if you generally have guests in the backyard, it is wise to plant flowers in borders along the fringes of your property.
34. One that traditionally didn’t get along with the sitting-folk on the great forest’s fringes, neither farmers nor townspeople.
35. But I never heard any mention of either name in connection with the farthest fringes of shonggot, it wasn’t an issue they’d mentioned.
36. He was aware of the crowd gathering around the fringes of Creation Plaza by their murmuring, like the sound of surf in the Channel nearby.
37. I was pretty safe, she said, because I had only been on the fringes of this business, and because I’d never met Vaughan or Benbow.
38. She felt her collective playing at the fringes of her jumbled psyche---no words, no coherency, just blind frenzy---urging her, goading her on.
39. What appears as yet more fuel to Comcast current fires could actually be the calm before a bigger storm brewing on the fringes of convergence.
40. From the scrap-built slums of the fringes to the sky-reaching buildings of midtown and the venerable brick buildings and monuments of old town.

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