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Fuck numa frase em (in ingles)

1. I need to fuck you.
1. You want to fuck me.
1. So dood what the fuck.
1. I hope the fuck not.
1. Fuck it, let's do it.
1. Now shut the fuck up.
1. But who gives a fuck.
1. Fuck, I have a scar.
1. He told me to fuck off.
1. I am not a trophy fuck.
1. Holy fuck, he was huge.
1. Now fuck off out of it.
1. Do not fuck with me.
1. Fuck off, you old git.
1. Where the fuck is it?
1. Snap the fuck out of it.
1. Fuck it fuck it fuck it.
1. I need to fuck her now.
1. What the fuck you know.
1. Fuck, I wish I was rich.
1. Finally, I said, Fuck it.
1. Holy fuck, it's a fairy.
1. Where the fuck did you.
1. Come the fuck on Charlie.
1. Fuck me and stop acting.
1. Fuck! I hoped that was it.
1. Oh, fuck you, I snap.
1. Fuck ‘em! They can wait.
1. I should fuck you instead.
1. Shut the fuck up, Scott.
1. True enough, but fuck ‘em.
1. Now you ask me to fuck you.
1. Don't fuck with a witch!!.
1. What the fuck could it be?
1. You owe me another fuck.
1. Your time ran the fuck out.
1. Fuck, this house is amazing.
1. Fuck Liam, not another cat.

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