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Funky numa frase em (in ingles)

  1. So quite a funky bus.
  2. It was quite a funky phone, and bright yellow in color.
  3. She had a funky taste in her mouth and her skin felt sticky.
  4. Orderly and efficient, elegant and artful, funky and utilitarian.
  5. In that funky little school mistress, follow my instructions kind of way.
  6. Yeah that shit's really funky! One's enough for us, you guys go ape shit with it.
  7. Nowadays we are safe; it is overseas in those funky Arab countries that have all the problems.
  8. I tell you one thing; these people of the law have some funky imaginations and a real issue with the truth.
  9. Gulab turned up the stereo and began singing and dancing to a funky 70’s Bollywood song, the others laughed then joined in.
  10. Getting my groove on with five hot totties? How can I refuse! He jumped on to the dance floor and busted his funky moves.
  11. Also, there wasn't a category for 'Bo-ho sex siren, funky chick, I've lost the plot but hey I've remembered where I left the dog, does my face need ironing goddess'.
  12. Next to me stood another American lady wearing a large pair of glasses with unusually thick funky lenses all supported by an unfortunate growth on the side of her nose.
  13. The rest of the school week Donnie and Seth kept calling me, Break dancing Phil and I would remind them, every time, that I was Phil K Swift the Funky Groove King.
  14. In some funky mood, that was deeply characterized by all being wild and an overestimation of his capabilities, and was caused by some joint, he took some curve too fast.
  15. Sam wondered if incandescence was a heritable trait; if the weird way people in this town treated her didn’t predate her delinquency, her funky new haircut, her tattoo.
  16. The single was small, lightweight, and funky, and it was just long enough to hold a single hit song (plus the B side so you could hear what your pin-ups sounded like on a bad day).
  17. He began to rock out a funky fresh top rock, with random up rock moves thrown into the mix but not aimed at any of the breakers in particular – he was just showing off some style.
  18. She still had the same haircut as her author photo, now a spiky cluster of gray, and was wearing a pair of eyeglasses with a beaded chain, the type that older women describe as funky.
  19. Oh, to cross the seven seas, stopping in a hundred wondrous places such as Hong Kong, Kobe, Valparaiso and others all over the world, inhaling exotic air, buying funky things, ogling black-haired beauties.
  20. The MC continued, … It’s going to be a straight up funk fest, the funky festival is onnn! Rappers, housers, disco ducks, do it to it, MC Shadows said in a slow, deep and crystal clear MC voice, as he pointed his finger at each and every person in the crowd.
  21. There’s no funky animation, no neat Flash,.

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funky fetid foetid foul noisome smelly stinking

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