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Furnish numa frase em (in ingles)

1. Indeed, the fine arts furnish.
2. Dine: To furnish with the main meal.
3. Spain and Portugal furnish but a small part of it.
4. Petersburg, and begged them to furnish her the means.
5. Castles and Cities, and-to furnish them with Armour, etc.
6. First Of Those Who Fight was happy to furnish information.
7. Eaton will take some pains to procure and furnish specimens.

8. Two castles in Italy had been stripped to furnish the house.
9. The jewels Thutmekri asked as a pledge would furnish that proof.
10. I always wanted to be a scientist and they furnish me with a lab.
11. And would not a really good education furnish the best safeguard?
12. They also furnish important information regarding its constitution.
13. Hayes some hope that he would be able to furnish them with something.
14. Yes; I have agreed to furnish him with moderate supplies for a year.
15. That is too short a period to furnish any reliable guide to the future.
16. An excellent way to furnish the mind with material for positive thinking.
17. David Furnish handed me a piece of paper with a telephone number on it.
18. He assured me that nothing would be easier than to furnish all I desired.
19. Paris,—let us confess it—willingly allows infamy to furnish it with comedy.
20. When I glanced outside the window; I saw everything was looking fresh and furnish.
21. His companion did not have power enough to furnish the room he’d chosen to reveal.
22. There was not much to furnish, which was lucky, there not being much to furnish with.
23. Desire, which is one of the hardest forces to control, will furnish you with excellent.
24. In many cases the following formula will be found to furnish a short cut to the answer:.
25. In the first place, they were too stale to furnish any interest to this House or country.
26. It will furnish a sure guide in every policy that may be adopted toward the United States.
27. I’ll furnish my own wardrobe out of that money, and you shall give me nothing but—.
28. Adam Clarke: No history can furnish us with a paral el to the calamities and miseries of the.
29. It is largely read by ministers, and its columns almost furnish a liberal education of themselves.
30. The mere biological details I can furnish about the monster I am inhabiting are of priceless value.
31. If Tammany Hall could furnish New York, then Indiana, or Connecticut and New Jersey, would suffice.
32. I will provide a travel authorization by rail to Krakow, then the Party can furnish motor transport.
33. Hermann informed him that the government did not furnish license plates, only the numbers to be used.
34. The Lindebergs spent all they had laid by and borrowed more to buy the trousseau and furnish the house.
35. Over 800 recipes which open a new field of cookery and furnish a solution of the problem of left overs.
36. The child’s own instincts and powers furnish the material and give the starting point for all education.
37. They often furnish us with all that we know of older and better authors, whose works were their authority.
38. Were we to employ a naval force in case of war, it would but furnish our enemy with an addition to her navy.
39. I trust, sir, we shall furnish few such testimonials—I hope never to see another exhibition on this floor.
40. I regret exceedingly, that I cannot furnish you with a more complete description of this interesting mountain.
41. Their kings shall furnish me skulls for goblets, their women and children shall be slaves of my slaves' slaves.
42. No history can furnish us with a parallel to the calamities and miseries of the Jews:-rape, murder, famine, and.
43. The church and the school also fail to furnish loving care, moral guidance, or the will to strive for excellence.
44. Hundreds are now availing themselves of our offer to furnish this great work as a premium for four new subscribers.
45. The best option is to ask the financial planner to furnish you a printout of code of ethics that he needs to comply.
46. We may want men to enable us to obtain the object of our offensive operations in the North; France can furnish them.
47. The two establishments rapidly developed a rivalry as to which could furnish the most outlandish and scurrilous tales.
48. A single tooth of any 'dragon of the prime’ would be considered to furnish a basis for solid and respectable knowledge.
49. The floor of this immense valley is made picturesque by mountains that furnish these underwater depths with scenic views.
50. We record experience out of `time and spacè that furnish us with a lease of grace in order to remember what had taken place.
51. She could afford to rent and furnish an apartment that she would probably never use, using money that her husband had earned.
52. We record experience out of `time and space` that furnish us with a lease of grace in order to remember what had taken place.
53. The upper country on the Hudson and the Lakes would be enriched by the supplies for the troops, which they alone could furnish.
54. I believe history does not furnish an instance of any people long free, after engaging in the mad projects of foreign conquest.
55. Why should they, too, furnish material to enrich the soil for the harmony of the future? I understand solidarity in sin among men.
56. As we travel, we will use the material in the holds to furnish and finish our living quarters and to equip the medical facilities.
57. Instead of having it renovated on the lines of a single style, I decided to furnish each main room to a different style and period.
58. He had paid her six months in advance, and had commissioned the old woman to furnish the chamber and dressing-room, as we have seen.
59. Suggestions; yes! Each side can furnish the other with suggestions in abundance, and suggestions which each can immediately profit by.
60. I demand, then, that the examination shall take place as soon as possible, and I will furnish the house with all necessary information.
61. With the Americans able to furnish building materials and pay the best prices, he was able to hire skilled tradesmen when others could not.
62. The artist has no primary need of archæological knowledge; the archæologist has no need of any fact that the artist can furnish him with.
63. I wish, sir, I could throw a shade of oblivion over these unfortunate scenes, or recollect them only as they furnish the strongest argument.
64. Split into rails, the farmer builds fences with them, and sawed into plank, boards, and scantling, they furnish materials for houses and barns.
65. Chester, said that he needed pictures of the wife and child, ten thousand dollars as a down payment, and that the client had to furnish the gun.
66. My object m naming this celebrated curiosity, is not to give a new description of it, but merely to furnish a correct account of its dimensions.
67. He is generally in contract with some farmers to furnish him, for a certain number of years, with a certain quantity of corn, at a certain price.
68. Nothing less than close adherence to the true sense of the English language can furnish a panacea for this juggling of words such as we are seeing.
69. At first to furnish the house, which she did, tastefully and sparing no expense and then supposedly to take care of her husbands business affairs.
70. So very fond of you as Miss Crawford is, it is most natural that she should tell you enough of her own feelings to furnish a tolerable guess at mine.
71. We can scarcely expect to find any direct analytical process, which will furnish us with a solution of this complicated problem, at a single operation.
72. And if these are unavailing, common reason and common sense furnish objections, sufficiently strong, to the expediency of our undertaking such enterprises.
73. These ideas of human evolution from primates furnish some transparency into peoples’ sometimes despicable and undignified activities towards Self and others.
74. But the annual reports of the company to shareholders are still inadequate in that they fail to furnish figures for sales, operating expenses, or depreciation.
75. Her millions of poor must be supplied with bread, and what has become almost equally important, she must furnish employment for her laborers and manufacturers.
76. Now, since I agreed during our original discussion to furnish you with the history of Hilia, as far as it is known, I have had this fine book prepared for you.
77. But, for myself, I have no sort of faith in these convenient recollections, suited to serve a turn, to furnish an apology for a party, or give color to a project.
78. I will now furnish you with the opinion of an intelligent gentleman from Marblehead, whose means of information are ample, and whose veracity will not be doubted.
79. When you ask them to send their children to school, they show a willingness, but render, as excuse, that they have no clothes, and that they are unable to furnish them.
80. Let’s get those in place, then we’ll sit and chat with you all for a while before we retire, and we’ll leave the rest of the house to explore and furnish tomorrow.
81. As every one knows, these same "hogs' bristles," "fins," "whiskers," "blinds," or whatever you please, furnish to the ladies their busks and other stiffening contrivances.
82. It hinders our own workmen from furnishing their goods for so small a quantity of silver as they otherwise might do, and enables the Dutch to furnish theirs for a smaller.
83. They furnish it both with the materials of its work, and with the fund of its subsistence, with the corn and cattle which it consumes while it is employed about that work.
84. And, if at any time I should be able to furnish you with any information relative to the mineralogy or geology of this part of the country, I hope you will let me know it.
85. Morgan Gibbon, for their pulpit addresses before the Congress, and that they be requested to furnish copies of the same for publication; and also to the Authorities of St.
86. The interpreter translated it, and said that both of them belonged to the same master, and that the one who would first furnish the money would be the first to be released.
87. Words of divine structure, composed out of physical and pensive formats would furnish out a spiritual font that would be supported upon logics and stated over current events.
88. The County Council either pays the teachers for travelling, or, in adding its portion to what the Communes levy, makes it a condition that the Communes furnish transportation.
89. An hour a day passed in such scientific or literary pursuits will furnish as many facts as the memory can retain, and will give him 'a pleasure not to be repented of' (Timaeus).
90. Without a doubt, if read in context, the New and Old Testaments of the Bible furnish one with the acquisition of a rich source of historical, cultural and spiritual information.
91. But suppose, sir, that the argument of the gentleman on the other side of the question be correct, to wit: that the power to borrow implies a right to furnish the ability to lend.
92. The precautionary principle would furnish armies of the Civil War in America with a weapon by which to regulate and destroy lives and property of citizens on a nuclear scale.
93. But before Katerina Ivanovna was called, Alyosha was examined, and he recalled a fact which seemed to furnish positive evidence against one important point made by the prosecution.
94. Seated, as in life, with his form and limbs arranged in grave and decent composure, Uncas appeared, arrayed in the most gorgeous ornaments that the wealth of the tribe could furnish.
95. For the next 350 years mathematicians tried to furnish a proof for what became known as Fermat’s last theorem (or Fermat’s theorem), until Andrew Wiles finally succeeded in 1995).
96. The Municipal Lodging House, which has accommodations for 700 persons, agreed to throw open its doors and furnish lodging and food to any of the survivors as long as they should need it.
97. Rushworth had asked her opinion; and her spirits were in as happy a flutter as vanity and pride could furnish, when they drove up to the spacious stone steps before the principal entrance.
98. I will see what can be done to furnish both of you with adequate clothing and beds that you can rest on as I’m sure that you’re both very tired from your ordeal and long journey here.
99. The history which he related to me of his lost son touched me to the quick; indeed, his griefs, hopes, and fears on that subject might furnish material for a most touching and pathetic poem.
100. Foreign writers prove the absolute necessity of this machine, to bring the particular species of cotton to market, which constitutes nine-tenths of that which the United States could furnish.
1. The chair Mars sat in was the only furnishing.
2. And then the soft furnishing shit hit the fan last week.
3. For furnishing meat soup to the patients in the hospital.
4. In addition to the many wonderful furnishing options for.
5. She would most diligently work at furnishing her empty mind.
6. Banks and their employees should keep the fact of furnishing.
7. Do they assume that, in furnishing them with wealth and children.
8. There is no prohibition to the furnishing supplies to French vessels.
9. But there was no great luxury about the furnishing of these rooms either.
10. This saved her the wages of a coloured girl and the expense of furnishing.
11. Furnishing was necessarily expensive; but then it had to be done only once.
12. Furnishing such arguments to a professional harpooner was a waste of words.
13. Sweettower is still under renovation, and only the additions will need furnishing.
14. When it came to furnishing the rest of the cottage though, she was left to head for town.
15. At best they are a part of the furnishing, at times almost a part of the very architecture.
16. Bertuccio had outdone himself in the taste displayed in furnishing, and in the rapidity with which it was executed.
17. He apologized that he had not yet begun furnishing all the rooms, as he led them along a tour of the house and grounds.
18. Wendy and Rachel speculated that she was tired from all the work she had done redecorating and furnishing the apartment.
19. I will content myself with furnishing some authorities not pressed into service, in support of the positions taken by them.
20. Russell, who so strongly urged upon the French Government the necessity of furnishing some evidence of the repeal of the decrees.
21. And here was Flask now standing, Daggoo with one lifted arm furnishing him with a breastband to lean against and steady himself by.
22. They had built up the skeleton of the building enough so that it could support the several hundred tons of materials and furnishing.
23. I would suggest you immediately arrange for the furnishing of the ice keep and the palace with the liquid funds you have available.
24. The exclusive right contained in the charter ever appeared to me as furnishing the most solid constitutional objection against the bank.
25. Johanna and I and the man who urged the furniture cart up the hill kept on stepping over his legs as we went in and out furnishing the house.
26. He remembered that building the four bungalow cottages, furnishing them, and installing the water/wastewater systems had cost them over $2000.
27. The Timeless Club was an interesting mix of both ultramodern architecture and old decoration and furnishing covering a few millenniums of history.
28. You have enough unallocated furnishings remaining to finish furnishing Sweettower, but not enough to complete the ice keep or the palace in Thon.
29. Here and there, a red and fiery star struggled through the drifting vapor, furnishing a lurid gleam of brightness to the dull aspect of the heavens.
30. This pronouncement of people coming from afar pictures the gentiles who will contribute to the furnishing of the Temple under the Messiah’s reign.
31. Having heard that Count Mamonov was furnishing a regiment, Bezukhov at once informed Rostopchin that he would give a thousand men and their maintenance.
32. Sweettower would otherwise rent for less per suite than those two, and furnishing it with your personal possessions will increase the rent it can command.
33. Having heard that Count Mamónov was furnishing a regiment, Bezúkhov at once informed Rostopchín that he would give a thousand men and their maintenance.
34. Marilyn said she was looking forward to furnishing the house with Mexican-style furnishings that she hoped to purchase during her trips to that part of the world.
35. He led me to an inner chamber where I beheld a battery of twenty radium pumps any one of which was equal to the task of furnishing all Mars with the atmosphere compound.
36. This may involve using ARP to resolve the IP address of the packet’s next stop into a hardware address and then furnishing that address to the data link layer protocol.
37. It hinders our own workmen from furnishing their goods for so small a quantity of silver as they otherwise might do, and enables the Dutch to furnish theirs for a smaller.
38. While the furnishing of that huge hall was rather austere to her taste, the acoustics proved adequate, like the facilities for the performers in the back of the large stage.
39. Were only 4 degrees to the octave, furnishing the instrument with 5 sharps and 4 flats, thus rendered changeable, there is little music which could not be correctly executed upon it.
40. But once get used to these slight blemishes and nothing could be more complete, for good sense and good taste had presided over the furnishing, and the result was highly satisfactory.
41. Sweettower’s renovations will be finished within twenty minutes, as some one hundred fifty-three of us are helping complete them, and furnishing it after that will only require a few minutes.
42. Another, normal-looking door gave access to a restroom, while a small counter, a refrigerator, a television, a radio, a small table and two swiveling chairs completed the furnishing of the room.
43. Cole was an eye-witness, from her stand of espial, to the whole of our transaction, I was now less afraid of my skin, than of his not furnishing me with an opportunity of signalizing my resolution.
44. In furnishing this amount, it will evidently, in one way or another, see to it that the money is not wasted, and, consequently, will also keep an eye on the two-thirds given by the peasant Communes.
45. As you will readily understand, a specialist who aims high is compelled to start in one of a dozen streets in the Cavendish Square quarter, all of which entail enormous rents and furnishing expenses.
46. The civilization was not perfunctory, but universal and all-pervading – furnishing the country not only with political systems, but with social and domestic institutions of the most ramified description.
47. The viceroy looked at him, and seeing him so well-favoured, so graceful, and so submissive, he felt a desire to spare his life, the comeliness of the youth furnishing him at once with a letter of recommendation.
48. The builder cheerfully undertook the commission, and promised to have these secret places completed by the next day, Dantes furnishing the dimensions and plan in accordance with which they were to be constructed.
49. This platter, which is very curious, and which had, possibly, the honor of furnishing Moliere with an idea, was still in existence in September, 1845; it was for sale by a bric-a-brac merchant in the Boulevard Beaumarchais.
50. Sanchica is making bonelace; she earns eight maravedis a day clear, which she puts into a moneybox as a help towards house furnishing; but now that she is a governor's daughter thou wilt give her a portion without her working for it.
51. And so she liquidated her pawn business, the treasure in the jars paid for completing and furnishing the house, and still left over were many of the most valuable old jewels in the city, whose owners did not have funds to redeem them.
52. Radford, supported by Secretary of State John Foster Dulles, had proposed to President Eisenhower that furnishing American aid in the form of fighter-bombers and aerial resupply would save the beleaguer�ed French garrison at Dien Bien Phu.
53. There the most sumptuous decorating and furnishing has been done, and when she entertains, her dinners will be the most splendid and her balls the largest and most luxurious of the season, for whatever the duchess does is done in almost regal style.
54. Two furnishing tradesmen at Brassing, whose bills had been incurred before his marriage, and whom uncalculated current expenses had ever since prevented him from paying, had repeatedly sent him unpleasant letters which had forced themselves on his attention.
55. With the Project for building and technological furnishing available and observing the management recommendations and its own conclusions, the project team sends an in-quiry to several competitive companies for their quotations for contracting the building work for the project.
56. It is a notched stick of a peculiar form, some two feet in length, which is perpendicularly inserted into the starboard gunwale near the bow, for the purpose of furnishing a rest for the wooden extremity of the harpoon, whose other naked, barbed end slopingly projects from the prow.
57. He had enlisted the help of a colony of Thai people and found them to be piratical as hell when properly motivated; to the extent of furnishing him young women to satisfy his exotic sexual preferences while the men stole bulldozers, draglines, lowboys and any other equipment that the Greek had an order for.
58. Passing by many of those things which have amused by their ingenuity, or surprised by their novelty, but which do not deserve a serious answer, I will endeavor to state distinctly the grounds taken by the opponents of this bill, or rather the opponents of furnishing the means of prosecuting the war: Firstly.
59. Considering then that the bill as amended in this House, in furnishing no substitute for the law of non-intercourse, which it repeals, nor the proposition of the other House, intended to take its place, is a total dereliction of all opposition to the edicts of the belligerents, I cannot vote for it in its present form.
60. In most cases this lower jaw—being easily unhinged by a practised artist—is disengaged and hoisted on deck for the purpose of extracting the ivory teeth, and furnishing a supply of that hard white whalebone with which the fishermen fashion all sorts of curious articles, including canes, umbrella-stocks, and handles to riding-whips.
61. If we ask concerning the separate spirit, we are referred to Lazarus as furnishing an argument embodying all the fractures of the position, and whatsoever questions should be asked would receive an answer in harmony with the parable of the Rich Man and Lazarus, because from Campbell down to Denny the church has been instructed thus and so.
62. Anselmo embraced him warmly and affectionately, and thanked him for his offer as if he had bestowed some great favour upon him; and it was agreed between them to set about it the next day, Anselmo affording opportunity and time to Lothario to converse alone with Camilla, and furnishing him with money and jewels to offer and present to her.
63. When he considered it right to limit his needs, wore an old overcoat, took no wine, everybody thought it strange and looked upon it as a kind of showing off; but when he spent large sums on hunting, or on furnishing a peculiar and luxurious study for himself, everybody admired his taste and gave him expensive presents to encourage his hobby.
64. But the circumstance the most striking, and that furnishing the most conclusive evidence of the indisposition of the American Cabinet to peace, and their determination to carry on the war, is that connected with the pretended repeal of the French decrees, in November, 1810, and the consequent revival, in 1811, of our restrictive system against Great Britain.
65. These reports, by the adoption of the measures they recommended, were sanctioned by the Congress of the United States, and may be considered as furnishing strong, if not full and complete evidence, that the Legislative department of the Government considered the impressment of our seamen as the principal cause which impelled them to have recourse to the last resort of injured nations.
66. To concentrate American efforts in science and the arts, by furnishing a Journal to record their proceedings, will, in our view, not only have a direct influence in promoting the honour and prosperity of the nation as connected with its physical interests, but will also tend in no small degree to nourish an enlarged patriotism, by winning the public mind from the odious asperities of party.
67. The rise in the money price of all commodities, which is in this case peculiar to that country, tends to discourage more or less every sort of industry which is carried on within it, and to enable foreign nations, by furnishing almost all sorts of goods for a smaller quantity of silver than its own workmen can afford to do, to undersell them, not only in the foreign, but even in the home market.
68. I was made to be a Turk, watching oriental houris all day long, executing those exquisite Egyptian dances, as sensuous as the dream of a chaste man, or a Beauceron peasant, or a Venetian gentleman surrounded by gentlewoman, or a petty German prince, furnishing the half of a foot-soldier to the Germanic confederation, and occupying his leisure with drying his breeches on his hedge, that is to say, his frontier.
69. This, he had thought, would do for food and lights and things for a long while,--certainly till he had hit on a plan by which he would be able to get hold of the Princess's money and his own without betraying where they were; and here on his table, the second unpleasant surprise that greeted him on entering his new home (the first had been his late master's dreadful smile) was the bill for the furnishing of it.
70. Is a book of fifty closely printed pages, quoting, with the size, capacity and style, the prices of about SIX THOUSAND items of House-furnishing Hardware, China, Glass, Silver Ware, Cutlery, Cooking Utensils, Table Ware, Dinner, Tea and Toilet Sets, Coal Vases, Fire Sets and Stands, and every kind of goods for the furnishing of a house and table, from the plainest for every-day use to the richest and most elaborately decorated, all at prices a great deal below competitors’ figures, as will be seen by examination of Priced List, which, with Illustrated Catalogue, is mailed free on receipt of 3c.
71. Thus, the chief distinctions between the administrative view of the masses and that of the County Council are the following: (1) the County Council pays great attention to the housing and spends large sums upon it, while the masses obviate this difficulty by domestic, economic means, and look upon the primary schools as temporary, passing institutions; (2) the ministerial department demands that instruction be carried on during the whole year, with the exception of July and August, and nowhere introduces evening classes, while the masses demand that instruction be carried on only in the winter and are fond of evening classes; (3) the ministerial department has a definite type of teachers, without which it does not recognize the school, and has a loathing for clerical persons and, in general, for local instructors; the masses recognize no norm and choose their teachers preferably from local inhabitants; (4) the ministerial department distributes the schools by accident, that is, it is guided only by the desire of forming a normal school, and has no care for that greater half of the population which under such a distribution is left outside the school education; the masses not only recognize no definite external form of the school, but in the greatest variety of ways get teachers with all kinds of means, arranging worse and cheaper schools with small means and good and expensive schools with greater means, and turn their attention to furnishing all localities with instruction in return for their money; (5) the ministerial department determines one measure of remuneration, which is sufficiently high, and arbitrarily increases the amount from the County Council; the masses demand the greatest possible economy and distribute the remuneration in such a way that those whose children are taught pay directly.
1. It said To Let, Furnished.
2. East is furnished with them.
3. But it was nicely furnished.
4. It was fully furnished and.
5. The room was furnished with a.
6. I furnished myself with a light.
7. This furnished a sort of respite.
8. It was simply yet richly furnished.
9. The evidence that will be furnished.
10. He furnished in his head an apartment.
11. It was sparely furnished, having but.
12. This man, Lucas, furnished a duplicate.
13. The piazza is furnished in the usual way.
14. The room was decently furnished and clean.
15. Now, this is one nicely furnished room.
16. Our boat was furnished with three of them.
17. You furnished a principal of 100,000 francs.
18. They wanted a furnished cottage for two weeks.
19. The house was completely furnished, and when.
20. Penn glanced about the sparsely furnished room.
21. And religions have always furnished that guide.
22. Thestory has furnished a theme for many painters.
23. The two interior jars are furnished with feet F, f.
24. The sparsely furnished one-room cabin was a shambles.
25. She had moved out of her small, one-bedroom furnished.
26. Evette sat on the bed in the finely furnished bedroom.
27. The whole room was sparsely furnished but comfortable.
28. Svidrigailov occupied two fairly large furnished rooms.
29. Early mornings were spent in her new now furnished gym.
30. The houses had already been furnished with everything.
31. These forests furnished hiding places to robber-hordes.
32. I wandered out through the living room, furnished with.
33. This flank-membrane is furnished with an extensor muscle.
34. Before supper was called that evening, Harry furnished Mr.
35. It was a little room furnished with the bare necessities.
36. The basement was sparsely furnished, with a black leather.
37. Guadixthat surely furnished most of the local coloring for.
38. Now the bishop knew who furnished the seed for his harvest.
39. This "pastoral visit" naturally furnished an occasion for a.
40. He furnished this chamber with a multitude of elegant trifles.
41. Tom’s clean but sparsely furnished room was located in the.
42. A slim corridor furnished only by walls of sterile white and.
43. They walked into a square room, sparsely furnished but it did.
44. The rest of the large bar-room was furnished with worn wooden.
45. Next was a large library furnished with shelves full of books.
46. You have furnished me with seven, but, of course, I must test.
47. He will himself show you a large upper room furnished and ready.
48. Grantaire lived in furnished lodgings very near the Cafe Musain.
49. They lived in a large old colonial that was very well furnished.
50. James nodded and looked around in the lavishly furnished five-.
51. The room was sparsely furnished with two tables, one slightly.
52. They are furnished books on spiritual topics, also old journals.
53. In addition to the hair, the horse was furnished with four wheels.
54. All the places round about furnished their contingent of insects.
55. It was a nice trailer, furnished and clean and only $550 a month.
56. The room was furnished in styles of a hundred years ago, at least.
57. It will perhaps be another anomaly furnished by American politics.
58. Her family’s small apartment was furnished with used furniture.
59. The house was small but neat and very well furnished and decorated.
60. The room had been tailored to his needs and was sparsely furnished.
61. We rented an apartment, furnished, at $15 per month and buckled in.
62. She was not a mass of material gorgeously furnished and upholstered.
63. Ruth had furnished her with information that gave her a close look.
64. He opened his eyes to see the room completely furnished and decorated.
65. The dozen young ladies with whom the house was furnished were houses.
66. The apartment was very comfortable, simply furnished, clean and tidy.
67. He was ushered into a room furnished only with a table and two chairs.
68. It was lavishly furnished with decorative wall hangings and statuary.
69. And it was Roy who furnished those answers when he told me what Tom.
70. He furnished that house in a heavy, even oppressive style, with heavy.
71. The room is furnished with masterpieces of 18th century cabinetmakers.
72. Tregannon himself has had to move into a sparsely furnished guest room.
73. Aaron has a normal bedroom with a double bed furnished with the duplex.
74. The main room was sparsely furnished with a color TV and a large couch.
75. And afterwards she furnished me with the sequel of Heathcliff's history.
76. Another, smaller room was furnished very attractively as a sitting-room.
77. A pad of ruled paper on which he was to write the answers was furnished.
78. As Roopa stepped into the modestly furnished penthouse, she felt at home.
79. Collingston High, furnished with paintings and a gold-plated ceiling fan.
80. Michael furnished him with the necessary information then went about the.
81. But it was all in vain; no authentic evidence of the repeal was furnished.
82. The flat was surprisingly spacious and beautifully decorated and furnished.
83. And afterwards she furnished me with the sequel of Heathcliff’s history.
84. The interior of the villa was expensively furnished in walnut and mahogany.
85. They took a ready furnished lodging together, for she was above disguise;.
86. Then he opened a door and showed us into a large room furnished as a museum.
87. Colleen lives in a furnished two-bedroom house on a quiet residential street.
88. The tiny waiting room was furnished with a few scattered chairs, a battered.
89. The nettles seemed to twist long arms furnished with claws in search of prey.
90. They are all most sumptuously furnished, whilst the gardens surrounding them.
91. Holmes! I took an impression of his key; this man Lucas furnished a duplicate.
92. Libuse turned and led the way to a small, finely furnished room off the foyer.
93. Conan shut it and dropped in place the great bars with which it was furnished.
94. At von Rumpel’s request, Dupont is furnished with forged food-ration tickets.
95. Every cure furnished the pretext for a good meal: the Bishop did not interfere.
96. He bought a luxurious apartment on the Nile, decorated it and furnished it and.
97. They all laughed and Warren led Roger into his large, modestly furnished office.
98. There was even a large, comfortably furnished lounge reserved for the employees.
99. However, the flats were atrociously furnished, dirty and ridiculously expensive.
100. The third floor of the castle had been converted into a fully furnished apartment.
1. The nutrition of the plains furnishes the nourishment of men.
2. It is well known that it furnishes a great number of interesting caves.
3. Unfortunately, however, this latter furnishes the chief materials of the imitative arts.
4. Thus, the vicious cycle of religions furnishes races in either forward or backward directions.
5. Science, if these views are accepted, furnishes an underpinning for the most virulent nihilism.
6. A well-defined lawful want, therefore, furnishes the reason for the more complex operations of nature.
7. The New Testament furnishes examples of Churches filled with the Spirit and Churches without the Spirit.
8. It is the circulating capital which furnishes the materials and wages of labour, and puts industry into motion.
9. However plausible the answer to the argument of acquiescence, it furnishes no apology for a positive confirmation.
10. This furnishes perhaps the least defensible of the items in the charge of neglect brought against his contemporaries.
11. The high price of all American produce in France furnishes a temptation which mercantile avarice will be unable to resist.
12. The surplus produce of America imported into Europe, furnishes the inhabitants of this great continent with a variety of.
13. This now prepares us with a better understanding of the situation, and furnishes my reason for entering this field against Mr.
14. Should it, however, be necessary at any time, I take leave to suggest that the index alone furnishes a very safe and simple mode.
15. The action of the Treasury Department furnishes a hint to the country that a large supply of currency may soon become a necessity.
16. Thus we have three arts: one of use, another of invention, a third of imitation; and the user furnishes the rule to the two others.
17. They are visited each year by the Agent; and such goods and supplies as the Department furnishes are distributed to them as presents.
18. It furnishes information which every one should possess, and which thoughtful people, will be glad to gain from so agreeable a teacher.
19. We speak of a death-grip, but here is a death and life grip—death to the victim whose palpitating body furnishes life to its destroyer.
20. Her repulsion is displayed with startling realism, and it furnishes the cue to the lover, who darts out and stabs the old man in the back.
21. Money, sir, has nothing more to do with trade, than that it furnishes a medium or representative of the value of the articles employed in trade.
22. If the President had not power to settle it, this furnishes strong evidence that the vote of approbation of his conduct was a proper proposition.
23. Peter himself furnishes us, as has already been shown, both in his history and in his written doctrine, with an effectual antidote to this delusion.
24. A conflagration can create an aurora, no doubt, but why not await the dawn? A volcano illuminates, but daybreak furnishes a still better illumination.
25. It is said to be so, inasmuch as it creates a paper currency, which furnishes a convenient and common circulating medium of trade between the several States.
26. On the question of the original character of the pedimental group, the Heraion at Olympia, probably the oldest Greek columnar structure known, furnishes important light.
27. In the numerous examples which history furnishes, let an instance be pointed out, in any war, where the public interest has been promoted by divisions, or injured by concord.
28. The capital which supplies the colonies with this great quantity of linen, is annually distributed among, and furnishes a revenue to, the inhabitants of those other countries.
29. He assimilates the information and performs giant calculations while you see the global connection of all the little fragments that he furnishes, and how you can best use them.
30. A significant illustration of the fact, again and again repeated in this book, that the skeleton of the whale furnishes but little clue to the shape of his fully invested body.
31. The state not only takes down segregating fences, but also erects unilateral protections; it not only unlocks doors, but also furnishes the house with heating, food, and mentors.
32. The doctrine that the very object of the Incarnation is to immortalize mankind, furnishes the vertebral column, so to speak, on which the fabric of a coherent theology can be built.
33. He goes to the spectacles which God furnishes gratis; he gazes at the sky, space, the stars, flowers, children, the humanity among which he is suffering, the creation amid which he beams.
34. For nowadays, the whale-fishery furnishes an asylum for many romantic, melancholy, and absent-minded young men, disgusted with the carking cares of earth, and seeking sentiment in tar and blubber.
35. The cultivation and improvement of the country, therefore, which affords subsistence, must, necessarily, be prior to the increase of the town, which furnishes only the means of conveniency and luxury.
36. Campbell goes into the heart of the discussion, examining the words soul and spirit in the original languages, and furnishes herein a satisfactory refutation of this false theory of men and his future destiny.
37. On the other hand, it is impossible to bring all souls to one common level or standard; neither the grade of education, nor any other thing, furnishes a standard according to which punishment can be meted out.
38. This furnishes the following leading fact: that before, and at the time of the adoption of this constitution, the creation of new political sovereignties within the limits of the old United States was contemplated.
39. What, have we a Minister abroad, and is he afraid or unwilling to make a proposition to the Government where he is resident? Surely, sir, that state of things furnishes as definite an answer as any that could be given.
40. The amendment was in these words, proposed to be added to the motion:—And furnishes an additional proof of the spirit of accommodation on the part of the Government of the United States, which has at no time been intermitted.
41. Military history probably furnishes few instances in which a commander has extricated himself from so difficult a position as that in which Ney found himself when, as we have already said, he was abandoned by Davout on the road from Smolensk to Krasnoye.
42. In short, sir, late in the spring, in the summer, and in the fall, every thicket, every swamp—nay, every brush-heap surrounded with weeds furnishes a hiding place; and it is in vain to search after Indians at such a time, if they are not disposed to be seen.
43. Moreover, and this furnishes the necessary corrective for the too absolute sense which certain words might present, there can be nothing really infallible in a human creature, and the peculiarity of instinct is that it can become confused, thrown off the track, and defeated.
44. By this subtle device, for which the relation between the figures III¹ and IV¹ furnishes an evident motive, the sculptor has contrived to indicate distinctly the limits of these scenes, while the symmetry existing between them is heightened and emphasized by the avoidance of rigid uniformity.
45. When in any country the demand for those who live by wages, labourers, journeymen, servants of every kind, is continually increasing; when every year furnishes employment for a greater number than had been employed the year before, the workmen have no occasion to combine in order to raise their wages.
46. And to those who can be delighted with the view of an interminable forest, penetrated by the windings of a bold river, interspersed with hundreds of verdant prairies, and broken by many ridges and mountains, furnishes in the month of May, a landscape, which yields to few others in extent, variety or beauty.
47. The same superabundance of food, of which they have the disposal, enables them to give a greater quantity of it for all those singular and rare productions which nature furnishes but in very small quantities; such as the precious metals and the precious stones, the great objects of the competition of the rich.
48. Nor does it at all diminish the curiousness of this matter, that to many thousands of our rural boys and young men born along its line, the probationary life of the Grand Canal furnishes the sole transition between quietly reaping in a Christian corn-field, and recklessly ploughing the waters of the most barbaric seas.
49. Sooner or later, however, in the progress of improvement, it must at any rate have risen to the utmost height to which it is capable of rising ; or to the price which pays the labour and expense of cultivating the land which furnishes them with food, as well as these are paid upon the greater part of other cultivated land.
50. The operation, in some measure, resembles that of the undertaker of some great work, who, in consequence of some improvement in mechanics, takes down his old machinery, and adds the difference between its price and that of the new to his circulating capital, to the fund from which he furnishes materials and wages to his workmen.
51. In adjusting the terms of the lease, the landlord endeavours to leave him no greater share of the produce than what is sufficient to keep up the stock from which he furnishes the seed, pays the labour, and purchases and maintains the cattle and other instruments of husbandry, together with the ordinary profits of farming stock in the neighbourhood.
52. The story has, I believe, been told more than once in the newspapers, but, like all such narratives, its effect is much less striking when set forth en bloc in a single half-column of print than when the facts slowly evolve before your own eyes, and the mystery clears gradually away as each new discovery furnishes a step which leads on to the complete truth.
53. She usually begins by taking a house; she furnishes it with original but discreet good taste; she wears startlingly pretty gowns—quite the best, as a rule, that Paris can supply; she gives the most taking sorts of entertainments, and the ordinary result is that in one season she is not only launched and talked about, but securely placed and greatly admired.
54. Like the Virginia justice, you tell the man, whose turkey had been stolen, that your book of precedents furnishes no form for his case, but then you will grant him a precept to search for a cow, and when looking for that he may possibly find his turkey! You say to this corporation, we cannot authorize you to discount—to emit paper—to regulate commerce, &c.
55. If, however, after a fair experiment, the powers vested in the Government shall be found incompetent to the attainment of the objects for which it was instituted, the constitution happily furnishes the means for remedying the evil by amendment, and I have no doubt that in such event on an appeal to the patriotism and good sense of the community it will be wisely applied.
56. For, sir, although this letter is not mentioned in the resolution, yet it furnishes the original offensive insinuations, and is referred to and reiterated in the letter of the 23d October, which is noticed in the resolution, and therefore the offensive expressions of the letter of the 11th are entitled to, and shall receive, the most accurate and critical attention and analysis.
57. If any one is desirous of carrying out in detail the Platonic education of after-life, some such counsels as the following may be offered to him:-- That he shall choose the branch of knowledge to which his own mind most distinctly inclines, and in which he takes the greatest delight, either one which seems to connect with his own daily employment, or, perhaps, furnishes the greatest contrast to it.
58. He had seized all he could of his own that was not invested, and Priscilla had drawn her loose cash from the Kunitz bank; but what he took hidden in his gaiters after paying for Priscilla's outfit and bribing Annalise was not more than three hundred pounds; and what is three hundred pounds to a person who buys and furnishes cottages and scatters five-pound notes among the poor? The cottages were paid for.
59. If I were competent, which I confess I am not, to the task, I should think it a very unprofitable one, to follow the gentleman through all the mazes of the banking system—a system, sir, about the various and important operations and effects of which on civil society, aside from a few obvious truths which it furnishes, I have found that those gentlemen who have professed to understand them best, have differed most.
60. What, then, I would ask, sir, has since occurred to alter the face of affairs, to induce this new attempt to fasten on the restrictive system against our intercourse with Great Britain? Is there any thing in the last communication from the President, calculated to produce such an effect? On the contrary, it furnishes the most conclusive evidence of the treachery of Bonaparte, and ought to serve as a beacon to warn us against trusting him further.

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