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Gain numa frase em (in ingles)

The FX gain of 0.
And what can you gain.
I will gain my point.
The only way to gain.
If you could gain the.
Never I gain the goal;.
He had nothing to gain.

But where is the gain?
They will not gain life.
That's a gain of $16.
What would you gain by.
In time, you will gain.
Can`t we just have gain.
Only those who gain more.
M: Your loss is your gain.
This was a gain of.
That was a gain of.
Our loss is but her gain.
I hoped to gain more time.
You shall gain the victory.
That's a gain of $70.
Give up all and you gain.
Learn it and gain from it.
And out of loss comes gain.
That was a gain of $18.
Ramm sets out to gain his.
She needed to gain maximum.
There is gain in both cases.
They begin to gain momentum.
The way that I used to gain.
She struggled to gain some.
You lose some and gain some.
He is eager to gain custody.
That was a gain of $22.
This will be a material gain.
The gain on the trade was +5.
Did she gain a pound?
Education gives him some gain.
Last comes the lover of gain?
Gaining his feet he ran.
By gaining the bliss of.
Harvard after gaining his Ph.
HO T5 lights are gaining in.
It was steadily gaining on them.
EMC also rose in 2000, gaining 21.
Only briefly gaining the power of.
Will not this be worth gaining?
I started gaining speed as I went.
Instead, it was slowly gaining in.
She seemed to be gaining his trust.
Justice was gaining the upper hand.
And, in gaining unlimited influence.
I could see that the doubt was gaining.
I guess it had to do with gaining.
The storm seemed to be gaining strength.
Gaining an audience with the Earl—.
I was gaining confidence with each moment.
All the same, the pirates were gaining on us.
The Triodines were close behind and gaining.
Century is about twenty feet away and gaining.
The summer season was rapidly gaining on them.
Slowly but surely, Shiva was gaining control.
He was an expert at gaining their trust and.
Colling ran after him, quickly gaining ground.
You are now gaining the understanding and the.
Over coming that and gaining courage is another.
But gaining independence wasn’t the whole story.
This type of therapy is gaining a place even on.
Here I was gaining experience I would later teach.
Here are 41 of my best tips and tricks for gaining.
It has had trouble gaining acceptance and support.
The Knights were gaining and now others had joined.
Prospect 1: A 100 percent chance of gaining $3,000.
When he was first gaining momentum he was secretive.
She ran as fast as she could, but heard him gaining.
After gaining their eye contact and attention, she.
It's gaining Consciousness of mine, that something.
The plane was groaning, relentlessly gaining height.
I have lost over 50 pounds of fat while gaining lean.
Where had he gained such.
He has gained their trust.
I gained a squire, though.
Her magic had gained her.
With the equity gained on.
Nothing can be gained now.
That was one degree gained.
The ship slowly gained speed.
That was how he had gained.
What is there to be gained?
He has gained the trust of.
When he gained the Physics.
He gained no pride from that.
He gained some very willing.
Gained one in the two combined.
Few have gained such a victory.
As soon as he gained a success.
D’ata gained some weight back.
More importantly he had gained.
They gained in accuracy that way.
While these products have gained.
At last they gained the cartshed.
The beast gained steadily on him.
Or you might have gained weight.
I haven't gained a lot doing this.
I finally gained my strength back.
Yet she also both gained and lost.
Trust can be gained in several ways.
I still hadn’t gained possession.
He has gained a little weight back.
Having finally gained the heights.
But really, what’s to be gained?
We had gained the steps of the house.
Internell News gained record profits.
Through hate, nothing will be gained.
And gained everything that matters.
I gained a flexibility and outgoing.
The sense of self is gained through.
Still, it gained on them relentlessly.
I gained from the key phrase and the.
Gains in years of life.
I found that my gains.
Who gains his total freedom.
All the previous gains that.
UFC gains a lot more popularity.
Some have gains; others don’t.
Furthermore, all gains made by.
And Cosette gains by the change.
It gains shape in consciousness.
Each family gains two precious.
He gains the confidence of others.
The greatest gains in the market.
To further guard its gains, Japan.
Both gains and losses are magnified.
Through it all, he gains experience.
The Internet gains its maturity faster.
But one that fails to venture never gains.
In this way the crowd gains one more member.
When some one gains there are the others who.
Ever! If the market goes UP, your gains go UP.
Its emphasis was, of course, on capital gains.
The Blackbird flies faster and gains altitude.
Don’t report these monetary gains to the IRS.
But, if successful the gains would be enormous.
In the end effect such a man gains LESS respect.
What does it profit a man if he gains the whole.
Which are the best shares for long-term gains?
Other income (including real estate gains of $78.
The gains are drops of water and time is passing.
Your put would have eaten up all your stock gains.
The tornado gains velocity, sucking objects into.
But, ultimately, regardless of the sect that gains.
Once that understanding gains momentum – it’s.
Capital gains tax rates are frozen for 2 more years.
The knowledge one gains throughout life seasons the.
But in the case of a horse it is the way it gains its.
The man who listens to and learns the Geeta gains an.
Love gains for you the highest State of God-experience.
Yet in case it goes about head such phenomena gains a.

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