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Inacio limped into a gallop.
I spurred Jasper to a gallop.
And he turned to gallop away.
The bones of the horse gallop.
Monygham heard him gallop away.
The horses start to gallop in.
A rider approached at a full gallop.

Ryato was already leaving in gallop.
Frank's unit was traveling at a gallop.
A thundering gallop came up to pass them.
Whenever he saw a mound, off he'd gallop.
She grinned and broke Patra into a gallop.
The four rescuers came in at a full gallop.
The long line of cavalry broke into a gallop.
Off I went at a gallop down the ramp and under.
Advance means to move, but not at a gallop.
They got on their horses and set off at a gallop.
Emory chuckled and clicked the horse into a gallop.
Six Arabs came up, full gallop, to cut off my head.
Emily pulled Patra out of the gallop and stopped her.
Two of them rode side by side in front, at full gallop.
The cavalry closed on the Dun; now in full gallop they.
Bonaparte, having come up at a gallop, stopped his horse.
Grimly and hoarsely he whispered: Gallop! Gallop!.
Bess gradually slowed from the all-out gallop to a canter.
He charged at a full gallop through the breast-high grain.
Emily kicked Patra into a gallop and headed for the stables.
The Appaloosas reared slightly and took off at full gallop.
I suppose she was tired after our gallop up the High Street.
A horse appeared on the horizon, heading his way at a gallop.
They trotted around the field first then went into a gallop.
Clarence and Rachel followed on their horses at full gallop.
When the marauders had first begun to gallop up the street, Mr.
He prompted the horse to gallop towards her, through the tall.
As soon as he felt the ground, Emma's horse set off at a gallop.
Should I spur Dublin to a gallop and catch up with them?
Lafayette, set off down-hill, and entered the station at a gallop.
The Loooooonee RRRRanger! The gallop of the horses, the crackle.
Jaume let Camellia ease out of her gallop, then turned her around.
Caesar heard two horses gallop past and a volley of cruel laughter.
But her heart was galloping.
Argyl's horse was galloping away.
Then they came galloping behind her.
There was the sound of galloping horses.
You see the moon galloping through the sky.
In an instant the tramp of horses galloping.
Carrie pulled her thoughts back from galloping.
But Tom was galloping down the street to the town.
Galloping laterally around blindly in their cars.
I decided to stop galloping and face my tormentors.
Nearly all the French dragoons were galloping back.
He ran away from her and she came galloping after him.
Cossacks were galloping along the road in front of him.
This is the tale of Crafty Coyote and Galloping Gopher.
Just then, Ailia heard Soren galloping off on his horse.
Kami turned to look back, still galloping at full speed.
Galloping footsteps, interspersed with the occasional.
The beautiful creature came galloping softly on the sand.
Vanil immediately came galloping when she spotted Enilia.
The wild galloping slowed gradually to a determined trot.
As Carlotta was galloping towards the zoo exit something.
I sped up to a galloping pace and shifted my location to.
He was angry with him for galloping past and exciting his.
Sometimes Fazlullah appeared galloping in on a black horse.
As I was galloping to the telephone I heard the voice of a.
He was angry with him for galloping past and exciting his mare.
They are flogging the horses, and galloping as hard as they can.
She turned her head when she heard the sound of galloping hooves.
And now the horsemen in livery came galloping up with shouts and.
The Horse Guards were galloping, but still holding in their horses.
At that precise moment, there was the muffled sound of a galloping.
At length even Gimli could hear the distant beat of galloping hoofs.
Then there was the sound of horses galloping away and then silence.
The creatures made his flesh crawl, but galloping through them was.
I could grow cobwebs waiting for my Galahad to come galloping along.
It was full of reporters, I told her, my heart still galloping.
Time was galloping by and now she was further from her goal than ever.
And I kept on riding, the rest of our troop galloping free behind me.
Two mounted Frenchmen, probably adjutants, were galloping up the hill.
There was the sound of a horse galloping toward them, and Jamie turned.
He galloped to the bridge.
It made my heart galloped.
Denisov galloped up to him.
Denísov galloped up to him.
I galloped to the cash register.
On the ride horsemen galloped to.
A third officer galloped up to them.
He turned his horse and galloped off.
The man spun around and galloped away.
She galloped around the side of stable.
And she galloped off with her cavalier.
He galloped up the hill after the wizard.
Through all this, the horse galloped on.
He galloped away toward the archery range.
Hundreds of Uhlans galloped in after him.
Rostov turned his horse and galloped back.
She galloped for it and saw Zarah calling.
He mounted it in a hurry and galloped away.
Rostóv turned his horse and galloped back.
He didn’t say a word, but galloped off there.
His adjutants galloped into the yard before him.
Prince Andrew galloped off to execute the order.
He guessed who it was and galloped to meet him.
They unyoked the horses and galloped after them.
As they galloped toward the mine, several riders.
An Aristrian cavalryman galloped in from the side.
Karen re-mounted and galloped off across the moor.
And with these words he galloped off light-footedly.
He galloped up the slope until he was on the brink.
How have you got here? he said, and galloped on.
I waited for a minute and then galloped to the kitchen.
So he turned around and galloped away, with the storm.
I galloped to the window panel and then leaped onto it.
They galloped together to a small stream in the forest.
The horse turned and galloped away as fast as it could.
The hussars galloped hastily back with their prisoners.
Without hesitation, I mounted up and galloped down the.
We galloped through the corridor until reaching its end.
When Petya galloped up the Frenchman had already fallen.
I zoomed in on the Morgan Building then galloped to the.
And gallops to her house away.
And wisely gallops to the hill.
Sleek and stiff and new the horse gallops.
He walks, runs, zigzags, gallops, lugs laid back.
Only that it is a remarkable cow which walks, canters, and gallops.
Grassy, it stretched away, smooth as the mown gallops on Watership Down.
In the way of Morning Warriors, he gallops upon invisible ground as he flies an erratic line through the midst of them.
After him freshfound the hue and cry zigzag gallops in hot pursuit of follow my leader: 65 C, 66 C, night watch, John Henry Menton, Wisdom Hely, V.
But at midnight when no one speaks or gallops, and the thorn tree is perfectly still, it would be foolish to vex the moor with questions--what? and why?
Witch! Here! He ran leaving patterns, ran feeling crazy fine, wild as a hare who has chewed some secret, delicious, sweetly poisonous root that now gallops him berserk.
Because yer too vain of yer Beauty already! Whereupon he spurs the Steed we share and gallops on thro’ the heavily pounding Rain (which I can feel upon my Cheaks, but not, alas, see).
For instance, on the twenty-eighth it is suggested to him to cross to the Kaluga road, but just then an adjutant gallops up from Miloradovich asking whether he is to engage the French or retire.
For instance, on the twenty-eighth it is suggested to him to cross to the Kalúga road, but just then an adjutant gallops up from Milorádovich asking whether he is to engage the French or retire.
She gallops through the first ten pages, the story coming back: worldwide curiosity about what must be a mythical sea monster, famed marine biologist Professor Pierre Aronnax setting off to discover the truth.
Ten years went by with ups and downs not unduly disturbing, just small wiggles on a graph because we gave space to each other; she attended receptions unaccompanied by me and I eased my tensions at the club alone with sports and horse gallops in the afternoons.
Dreams, as we all know, are very queer things: some parts are presented with appalling vividness, with details worked up with the elaborate finish of jewellery, while others one gallops through, as it were, without noticing them at all, as, for instance, through space and time.
I’ course, he tells Dame Catherine how her fathur’s goold runs into his pocket, and her fathur’s son gallops down t’ broad road, while he flees afore to oppen t’ pikes! Now, Miss Linton, Joseph is an old rascal, but no liar; and, if his account of Heathcliff’s conduct be true, you would never think of desiring such a husband, would you?’.
The frightful 18th of June lives again; the false monumental hillock disappears, the lion vanishes in air, the battle-field resumes its reality, lines of infantry undulate over the plain, furious gallops traverse the horizon; the frightened dreamer beholds the flash of sabres, the gleam of bayonets, the flare of bombs, the tremendous interchange of thunders; he hears, as it were, the death rattle in the depths of a tomb, the vague clamor of the battle phantom; those shadows are grenadiers, those lights are cuirassiers; that skeleton Napoleon, that other skeleton is Wellington; all this no longer exists, and yet it clashes together and combats still; and the ravines are empurpled, and the trees quiver, and there is fury even in the clouds and in the shadows; all those terrible heights, Hougomont, Mont-SaintJean, Frischemont, Papelotte, Plancenoit, appear confusedly crowned with whirlwinds of spectres engaged in exterminating each other.

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