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Gaslight numa frase em (in ingles)

1. Whitewashed brick, black lacquer shutters, gaslight, and ivy.
2. Below him, an empty, earthen street glowed yellow by gaslight.
3. I saw in the gaslight that Holmes wore an amused smile at this.
4. Someday they could replace gaslight for those who can’t get magical lights.
5. A faux gaslight on the foyer wall showed off the panic in her very pretty blue eyes.
6. In front of him he saw, in the gaslight, a tallish man, walking with a slight stagger, and carrying a white goose slung over his shoulder.
7. The hallway was four floors in height, lit by gaslight chandeliers or skylights instead of glow-panels, lined by finely-carved marble railings on the upper floors.

8. The gaslight which I had left lit for Jonathan, but turned down, came only like a tiny red spark through the fog, which had evidently grown thicker and poured into the room.
9. Then I accused her of being some sort of plant because a real psychiatrist would have picked up on the fact that Victor had obviously done this entire thing on purpose to make me think that I was Gaslight crazy.
10. The clinking and rattling of the glasses and pewter pots as they were being washed, and the gurgling noise made by the beer as it poured into the drinking vessels from the taps of the beer engine, whose handles were almost incessantly manipulated by the barman, the Old Dear and the glittering landlady, whose silken blouse, bejewelled hair, ears, neck and fingers scintillated gloriously in the blaze of the gaslight.

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