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Gasp numa frase em (in ingles)

  1. I let out a gasp.
  2. Then I saw them gasp.
  3. I gave a little gasp.
  4. She gave a little gasp.
  5. With a gasp, she awoke.

  6. She felt his gasp and.
  7. A gasp escaped his mouth.
  8. Willie gave a short gasp.
  9. She could hear Jenna gasp.
  10. Manda sat up with a gasp.
  11. She let out a gasp when.
  12. Lyil let out a slight gasp.
  13. There was a collected gasp.
  14. A gasp went round the room.
  15. I couldn’t stop the gasp.

  16. I gasp at the realization.
  17. There was a collective gasp.
  18. She had to gasp, so great.
  19. There was a gasp from the.
  20. I let out a gasp of relief.
  21. Alan pulls back with a gasp.
  22. The thought made Emma gasp.
  23. Her next words made him gasp.
  24. A gasp went through the room.
  25. AVA let out a gasp and the.

  26. I gasp and withdraw my hand.
  27. Massie heard her faint gasp.
  28. The priest awoke with a gasp.
  29. His breath was a raspy gasp.
  30. I gasp, and the levees burst.
  31. With a gasp, he held up again.
  32. You jerked it in with a gasp.
  33. A small gasp escaped her lips.
  34. A gasp went through the crowd.
  35. Loki can only gasp for breath.
  36. A collective gasp of horror.
  37. My breath came in a wild gasp.
  38. A tiny gasp escaped her throat.
  39. There was a gasp from the crowd.
  40. She breathed in a gasp for air.
  41. As he did so he let out a gasp.
  42. I stifled a gasp behind my hand.
  43. She heard herself gasp out loud.
  44. She felt the princess gasp and.
  45. A gasp went around the villagers.
  46. I quickly open my eyes and gasp.
  47. Her return was a lover’s gasp.
  48. Ailia did her best to kill a gasp.
  49. I gasp and my hand hits my mouth.
  50. With a gasp, Simon broke the link.
  51. There was a gasp at the other end.
  52. His words caused the ghost to gasp.
  53. A collective gasp crossed the room.
  54. A quick gasp ensued, followed by.
  55. Another gasp ran through the crowd.
  56. I gasp softly, turning to eye him.
  57. He heard her gasp as he filled her.
  58. Stifling a gasp, she glanced down.
  59. A gasp went up through the throng.
  60. White stifled a gasp with her hand.
  61. The monks let out a collective gasp.
  62. The audience starts to gasp again!.
  63. Mal-what? I asked with a gasp.
  64. A whimpering gasp escaped her lips.
  65. She broke off his kiss with a gasp.
  66. A sharp gasp slipped from my mouth.
  67. What's wrong? he asks as I gasp.
  68. It caused Charles to gasp and raise.
  69. Gasp! What is this? I can see a vision.
  70. Each thrust drew a gasp from her lips.
  71. With a gasp, Jonah runs to sit by Loki.
  72. I gasp, pressing both palms to my chest.
  73. This voice made the boys gasp and quake.
  74. With a gasp, he looked back to his body.
  75. Inside me, was all she could gasp.
  76. Sierra bolted upright with a loud gasp.
  77. He heard his wife gasp at the other end.
  78. What the??? was all he could gasp.
  79. I heard a gasp from the back of the room.
  80. Randy jumped back with a surprised gasp.
  81. Not the faintest! He is at the last gasp.
  82. But it was the view that made Simon gasp.
  83. He made a loud gasp as he fell backwards.
  84. The smiling insult drew a gasp from Libby.
  85. The other girls let out a col ective gasp.
  86. Marguerite gave a gasp, then ran to the.
  87. He heard Anna gasp slightly and he sat up.
  88. He continued to moan and gasp for breath.
  89. Here Miss Minchin stopped him with a gasp.
  90. Christina’s gasp of alarm gave her away.
  91. For once I didn't gasp or squeal in alarm.
  92. The shock and humiliation made her gasp.
  93. A heavy, sobbing gasp went up from the mob.
  94. And then I have to gasp in order to breathe.
  95. I heard Ellanara gasp slightly and I smiled.
  96. Incredible, I said with a slight gasp.
  97. He stopped short with a gasp and stared at.
  98. It caused her to gasp and shake in surprise.
  99. Heads turned, followed by a collective gasp.
  100. With a gasp Frodo cast himself on the ground.
  1. He was gasping for breath.
  2. He was gasping for a breath.
  3. Foster was gasping for breath.
  4. I woke up, gasping for breath.
  5. She lay there gasping for air.
  6. Gasping, Simon opened his eyes.
  7. Holly's was gasping for breath.
  8. Gasping, he clutched his head.
  9. He doubled over, gasping with.
  10. Nereus was heaving and gasping.
  11. Our comrade was gasping for air.
  12. Hallie was gasping by that point.
  13. Still gasping, he could only nod.
  14. He was almost gasping for breath.
  15. Gasping heavily he toppled over.
  16. I stood there, bent over, gasping.
  17. Both of them were gasping for air.
  18. His mouth was open as if gasping.
  19. She cries out, gasping for breath.
  20. They all recoiled, gasping slightly.
  21. I was sweating and gasping for air.
  22. Quickly she pulled it away gasping.
  23. Okay, he said, gasping for air.
  24. Jason doubled over gasping for breath.
  25. He was shouting in a gasping voice:.
  26. Then he sat up gasping to catch his.
  27. With a gasping breath, Claire sat back.
  28. Edwin bent still further over, gasping.
  29. I jiggled the receiver wildly, gasping.
  30. But suddenly he was gasping for breath.
  31. The man I loved was gasping for breath.
  32. Jed crashed to the floor, gasping for.
  33. Gasping together, the inevitable defeat.
  34. No— She took in a gasping breath.
  35. I jumped off the bench, gasping for air.
  36. She was coughing and gasping for breathe.
  37. Someone must have heard his gasping voice.
  38. He sat blinking for half a minute, gasping.
  39. DS Burrows lay on the floor gasping for air.
  40. Prohartchin ran and ran, gasping for breath.
  41. Easing up, gasping, the pants were painful.
  42. What about you? You’re gasping for breath.
  43. Thank you, she said, gasping her words.
  44. Gasping, Hanor had no idea what had happened.
  45. Gasping, she toppled backward into the boat.
  46. I lay there on my side, gasping and retching.
  47. We stumbled in, gasping, and slammed the door.
  48. Abruptly, she pulled away gasping for breath.
  49. Tifa’s head shot up, gasping as she saw him.
  50. Exhausted, he lay to her side gasping for air.
  51. Gasping, he said: Have you seen Gwenda?
  52. Jeff dropped to his knees, gasping for breath.
  53. He was indeed one of us! Gabe said gasping.
  54. It’s a chicken foot, she said, gasping.
  55. Pyotr Stepanovitch lay gasping and unconscious.
  56. Gasping for breath, Rafe struggled to his feet.
  57. He nodded, gasping, I saw them in the distance.
  58. Meaning? Holly panted, gasping for breath.
  59. I’m sorry, he laughed, gasping for air.
  60. She was gasping for breath as she came to a stop.
  61. Beside him, he heard Ekaterina gasping for breath.
  62. The man lay in a heap on the bulls neck, gasping.
  63. Heim slumped back on his pillows, gasping for air.
  64. Falling to the ground and gasping for breath, he.
  65. I was gasping for breath, in a total fit of tears.
  66. Jim helped him cling, gasping, among the branches.
  67. I want to do that again as soon as I stop gasping.
  68. Then I sat there, gasping for breath, chest aching.
  69. He struggled, gasping air like a fish out of water.
  70. Startled again, they looked at each other, gasping.
  71. They let him lie gasping in horrid fishlike motions.
  72. Lorrent stood gasping heavily to regain her breath.
  73. He jolted upright, gasping, looking around in fright.
  74. For a moment he stood, gasping, clutching his breast.
  75. Emily! Emily, where are you? he asked, gasping.
  76. Katie was surprised that she wasn’t gasping for air.
  77. Glen? Then she was shaking and gasping for air.
  78. Their gasping and yelling was now audible in the air.
  79. The screaming stopped and was replaced by gasping sobs.
  80. Holmes kept gasping for breath and clutching his hands.
  81. And then Katherine made this horrendous gasping sound.
  82. Gasping, he broke out from a cleft to confront the bay.
  83. Poseidon, gasping for air: Brother, stop this madness!.
  84. I claw my way back to consciousness, gasping for breath.
  85. Gasping, not knowing what was wrong, she began to fall.
  86. To the left, down the hall came the gasping reply.
  87. Roger took a gasping breath and gathered his shaken wits.
  88. She felt like an idiot, gasping like a fish out of water.
  89. That was close, he whispered, between gasping breaths.
  90. She had felt compassion for him as he lay gasping for air.
  91. She was screeching, gasping, shuddering, gripping my head.
  92. They stood there leaning on each other, gasping, relieved.
  93. She pulled me in close, her gasping breath hot on my face.
  94. The Overlord collapses sideways, still gasping for breath.
  95. He tried to swim but started coughing and gasping for air.
  96. Gasping, he struggled up and pushed Blackavar with his foot.
  97. Henry could hear the desperate gasping of the grieving man.
  98. Annie tensed, gasping when Claire’s power found her center.
  99. Syd lay a short distance inside the cave, gasping for breath.
  100. His voice broke ; he went on, as it were, gasping for breath.
  1. I gasped in a breath.
  2. He gasped at the air.
  3. I read it and gasped.
  4. She gasped in the air.
  5. She gasped at the pain.
  6. She gasped at the 94.
  7. The elders gasped as one.
  8. He gasped at what he saw.
  9. She gasped as it opened.
  10. Kyrin gasped at the offer.
  11. John Smith gasped for air.
  12. I gasped; it was the Fae.
  13. Nico gasped at the noise.
  14. Sage and the others gasped.
  15. The kid gasped and sat up.
  16. He gasped and stumbled over.
  17. I looked outside and gasped.
  18. Some of the campers gasped.
  19. She gasped in ice-cold fear.
  20. Dan gasped as he clutched.
  21. No more, she gasped out.
  22. Alex gasped and reeled back.
  23. She looked down and gasped.
  24. The crowd gasped in unison.
  25. Two turned slowly and gasped.
  26. I gasped as I saw the array.
  27. Opening her eyes, she gasped.
  28. The Devatas gasped in unison.
  29. She gasped and leaned back.
  30. The ship groaned and gasped.
  31. She gasped and stepped back.
  32. She gasped, her body jerking.
  33. The rest of the class gasped.
  34. Oh my God, Cindy gasped.
  35. He gasped for air in the void.
  36. Koke blinked and then gasped.
  37. She broke his gaze and gasped.
  38. The monster gasped and cried.
  39. What was that? I gasped.
  40. She gasped when she saw them.
  41. What the hell! he gasped.
  42. Then he gasped and broke away.
  43. Leave me behind,‖ he gasped.
  44. The audience gasped and stared.
  45. Grady turned, gasped and waved.
  46. I gasped at the raw sensation.
  47. The crowd gasped in shock as.
  48. The crowd gasped with pleasure.
  49. I gasped, afraid for a moment.
  50. I gasped at the sight of them.
  51. She gasped when she opened it.
  52. I gasped and looked at Taylor.
  53. She squeezed gently and gasped.
  54. Glancing at my watch, I gasped.
  55. Out of the world I gasped.
  56. Fionn gasped and Shela groaned.
  57. Antonio gasped when he saw Rosa.
  58. She sat up abruptly and gasped.
  59. Zoleka and Misters Toms gasped.
  60. Sarah gasped and whirled around.
  61. How mad is that?’ She gasped.
  62. They gasped when Heather cast.
  63. I gasped as the line went dead.
  64. The Commander gasped and nodded.
  65. The nurse and the Bangles gasped.
  66. Smith opened the file and gasped.
  67. She gasped and looked up at once.
  68. I gasped as we entered the hall.
  69. At last I gasped, "Who's this?".
  70. The architects and masons gasped.
  71. He gasped at the wonders within.
  72. What is that? Holly gasped.
  73. Gwenda gasped air and went under.
  74. Isha gasped, grabbing her belly.
  75. She gasped for air flailing her.
  76. Kathy paled, and gasped in horror.
  77. I gasped but nothing would come.
  78. He sucked harder, and she gasped.
  79. I gasped, and my jaw dropped open.
  80. Nerissa gasped with shock, then.
  81. Do we have to? Fiona gasped.
  82. The officer spun round and gasped.
  83. I gasped and so did the Red Woman.
  84. It’s the barn, he gasped.
  85. Leila gasped This is a fortune.
  86. The whole group gasped in surprise.
  87. Oh no - John, Melissa gasped.
  88. A raven card, gasped Saffyre.
  89. Garcia gasped and refocused on her.
  90. Thalia gasped as the water hit her.
  91. She gasped and jolted off the bed.
  92. She gasped, realizing her mistake.
  93. Rocked to the core, Jillian gasped.
  94. Several people in the room gasped.
  95. The group gasped at the revelation.
  96. Persis lowered the PADD and gasped.
  97. Kyrin gasped and looked at Qualsax.
  98. I gasped and tears came to my eyes.
  99. You don’t know? she gasped.
  100. Guinevere gasped at the sight of.
  1. Gasps then echoed from al.
  2. Behind her, she heard gasps.
  3. What the hell? gasps Lyre.
  4. He heard grunts and gasps, the.
  5. There were gasps in the courtroom.
  6. Ashley's eyes widen and she gasps.
  7. Her breath came in shorter gasps.
  8. The air is close, and Jonah gasps.
  9. Sam's breath began to come in gasps.
  10. Gasps spread throughout the streets.
  11. The crowd gasps as I hit the floor.
  12. Oohs and gasps ran through the crowd.
  13. Gasps were heard all around the table.
  14. She breathed in harsh gasps, Dont.
  15. The screams died down to panting gasps.
  16. Chevalier heard gasps from the crowd.
  17. Several horrified gasps filled the air.
  18. Gasps were heard from around the circle.
  19. What the hell was that? gasps Maya.
  20. My breath was coming in short, harsh gasps.
  21. And those gasps were followed by shouting.
  22. My breathing came in short, shallow gasps.
  23. Gasps rippled through the surrounding trees.
  24. Between gasps she said, This starts my day.
  25. His spasms of vomiting came in little gasps.
  26. She gasps as she turns to fearfully face him.
  27. There were gasps from the soldiers around me.
  28. Michael gasps for air and continues his story.
  29. The prisoner gasps as my face hits the floor.
  30. There were several gasps, and concern passed.
  31. The audience gasps again and hold their chest!.
  32. A big, nasty monster of a horse- The girl gasps.
  33. She could hear gasps from the other staff members.
  34. In Hartstongue’s arms, the boy jumps and gasps.
  35. The poor man's breathing came in uncertain gasps.
  36. I stared into the night, my breath coming in gasps.
  37. More gasps as they all leaned in for a closer look.
  38. I clutched at my chest, as my breath came in gasps.
  39. There were gasps that came from the audience.
  40. Under the victory arch—down there, he gasps.
  41. He gasps as she fingers the waistline of his pants.
  42. His breath came in gasps and his hands were shaking.
  43. The audience gasps again and hold their chest again!.
  44. Something in Ralph’s head cracks open and he gasps.
  45. It was a woman!! she said between gasps for air.
  46. His breath came in whistling gasps between his teeth.
  47. Help, he whispered again between gasps of breath.
  48. Next to me, Four gasps and presses a hand to his chest.
  49. As she remembers the things they discovered, she gasps.
  50. He hears only her breath now, her sighs and small gasps.
  51. He gasps and tries to pull back without making a scene.
  52. He could see Sarah’s chest pulsating with deep gasps.
  53. From the rustle and gasps in the gallery, everyone did.
  54. He gasps, thinks about running, but knows it is useless.
  55. Scarier than when my doctor looks into my ear and gasps.
  56. There were gasps around the table, and Alec turned to me.
  57. Joey laughed in short gasps at the experience he just had.
  58. She could hear his breath coming in ruggered short gasps.
  59. The hall was full of gasps, whispers and excited murmuring.
  60. Immediately the courtroom exploded with murmurs and gasps.
  61. As usual there were gasps of horror at some shots of gore.
  62. His breath was coming in gasps, and his heart was pounding.
  63. She gasps, and holds her chest as tears well up in her eyes.
  64. He gasps, realising that his career could be over very soon.
  65. Gasps filled the air as the man they had thought phony could.
  66. As he stepped out onto the dais there rose a chorus of gasps.
  67. He tried to ignore the gasps and shouts and cries behind him.
  68. There were quite a few gasps and a number of arguments ensued.
  69. His breath was coming in gasps and his heart was pounding so.
  70. She drank with little panting gasps, and he did not check her.
  71. Max gasps, his hand clapping over his chest, and stumbles back.
  72. As Michael gasps for more air, Joseph nods his head to affirm.
  73. The crowd gasps as the Gooch hits the street bricks, mouth first.
  74. There were gasps from others in the lobby who were watching the.
  75. The solid earth forces its harshness into his skin and he gasps.
  76. Taking a hand to the mask, she removed it to gasps and whispers.
  77. Did you have any plans? Loki gasps out as they trudge along.
  78. Both panted heavily, their shallow gasps growing fuller with time.
  79. Her face contorted with desperate tears, breathing in short gasps.
  80. A burst of giddy applause, gasps and a tangible air of expectation.
  81. The revelation drew brief mumbles and gasps from among the recruits.
  82. Behind him, she gasps then says stiffly, That is your price?
  83. The hushed whispers and gasps told Raven that Alexia was still alive.
  84. What happened? he takes my hands away from the wound and gasps.
  85. Salem, it's going to be too cold! I cried between gasps of air.
  86. A few gasps were heard around the room as the crowd digested the news.
  87. Then suddenly his eyes open and he starts to cough and gasps for air.
  88. His breath came in ragged, raspy gasps, and finally he stopped moving.
  89. The blur of their fighting was intermingled with gasps and the crack.
  90. There were more gasps and soft muffled voices as the news shocked the.
  91. I've always said, Eke spouted in between gasps of pain, If I.
  92. He heard Natala's quick panting gasps as she stared with dilated eyes.
  93. We trembled together, our gasps and groans echoing throughout the room.
  94. Then he moves, squeezing his eyes closed and biting his lip as she gasps.
  95. She was breathing in short gasps, and he was afraid he might be too late.
  96. His head slowly lowered as his breath came in huge sucking, sobbing gasps.
  97. Small flames in need of more wood gave their last gasps in the fireplace.
  98. As they passed into the city, there were shouts and gasps from the houses.
  99. Marcos Farris stopped running and bent over, breathing in huge gasps of air.
  100. She gasps as he hurls it into the swimming pool and storms off towards his.

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