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Girlfriend numa frase em (in ingles)

  1. I am not his girlfriend.
  2. I don't have a girlfriend.
  3. Does he have a girlfriend?
  4. I am your girlfriend and I.
  5. I’ll be with my girlfriend.

  6. I’m here with my girlfriend.
  7. Tiffany is not my girlfriend.
  8. Thank God I had a girlfriend.
  9. My girlfriend would say yes.
  10. He says he has no girlfriend.
  11. Stare at your girlfriend later.
  12. That's my girlfriend, you ass.
  13. His girlfriend is acting weird.
  14. When I left I had a girlfriend.
  15. This is Aaliyah, my girlfriend.

  16. Your girlfriend will be fine.
  17. I was relieved for my girlfriend.
  18. Sounds good to me, girlfriend.
  19. Plus Wisdom had a girlfriend now.
  20. Told me my girlfriend was here.
  21. You've never had a girlfriend.
  22. Tell me about your girlfriend.
  23. Could she be an old girlfriend?
  24. She was my girlfriend for a week.
  25. Yeah, you know? Your girlfriend.

  26. My girlfriend got work out here.
  27. The girlfriend was at work; this.
  28. So now that I'm your girlfriend.
  29. His girlfriend was your teller.
  30. Back home I also have a girlfriend.
  31. Colleen’s girlfriend lets him in.
  32. No, no girlfriend, he laughed.
  33. That was Aidan’s ex girlfriend?
  34. My father has a girlfriend!.
  35. Hope his girlfriend is cool with it.
  36. There was no sign of the girlfriend.
  37. His homage to his secret girlfriend.
  38. This is Sam and his girlfriend, Liz.
  39. He has a girlfriend who works there.
  40. When I broke up with my girlfriend F.
  41. Here he thought his girlfriend left.
  42. I’m his girlfriend, Yuki said.
  43. I’m his girlfriend, she said.
  44. I was his girlfriend a long time ago.
  45. We scared his girlfriend away as she.
  46. Don had a girlfriend in London so of.
  47. I had a girlfriend who was into it.
  48. Use it girlfriend! I was so very glad.
  49. I had an off-and-on steady girlfriend.
  50. Talking to a girlfriend it sounds like.
  51. A girlfriend waited for him in Clayton.
  52. It's not fair on him or his girlfriend.
  53. I didn’t know you had a girlfriend.
  54. Comes home to his girlfriend and takes.
  55. Will you be my girlfriend, Sunaina?
  56. She’s not my girlfriend, he said.
  57. He says you were never his girlfriend.
  58. Do you have a girlfriend? I blurted.
  59. Mitchell and this is my girlfriend Cindy.
  60. Its inappropriate! You have a girlfriend.
  61. I didn’t know he even had a girlfriend.
  62. Ken is here with his girlfriend, Lisa.
  63. And his girlfriend is very temperamental.
  64. He had already found himself a girlfriend.
  65. This is my girlfriend, Kirsti, Fin said.
  67. Half of me misses my family and girlfriend.
  68. I thought you didn’t have a girlfriend.
  69. My last girlfriend couldn’t cope with it.
  70. Do you have a girlfriend? I blurt out.
  71. Today while talking to my girlfriend, the.
  72. And then he moved on to the next girlfriend.
  73. She informed me that she has a girlfriend.
  74. In fact, an immature girlfriend would be a.
  75. His girlfriend, Wendy, was a schoolteacher.
  76. He had a longtime girlfriend who had a son.
  77. I once had a girlfriend who always used to.
  78. He left his pregnant girlfriend in the dust.
  79. A girlfriend of mine told me last night that.
  80. Your girlfriend was pretty keen to see that.
  81. Maybe Alicia’s girlfriend was right about.
  82. My girlfriend says Samantha is the queen of.
  83. The same Brad and his girlfriend who got.
  84. And he’s just split up with his girlfriend.
  85. Well, I apologize for the girlfriend remark.
  86. Who would that be? A former girlfriend?
  87. There was still no response from my girlfriend.
  88. Give your girlfriend the pleasure she wants.
  89. We were all prepared to hate his girlfriend.
  90. There was one girlfriend, her father said.
  91. The message would concern a girlfriend, Tweety.
  92. She told us she was moving in with a girlfriend.
  93. Apparently, he’s there with his girlfriend.
  94. I have a BEAUTIFUL (inside and out) girlfriend.
  95. Maybe I could start acting like a real girlfriend.
  96. Going to church with a girlfriend and her family.
  97. Osbourne’s live-in girlfriend, knocked on the.
  98. He has a girlfriend here at project headquarters.
  99. Going to save your girlfriend, Sebastian?
  100. His girlfriend left him for smoking too much pot.

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