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Git numa frase em (in ingles)

Git the hell out of.
Fuck off, you old git.
She oughta git the Aid.
Git up an’ git washed.
Git it acrost yer chest.
After what that git had.
John, git up! You, Al.

Le’s git that lumber in.
We have to git goin’.
But he can't git near us.
What they git in jail for?
Git back, Satan,’ I says.
Anybody can git the skitters.
Git back in That night at Mrs.
I’ll git her to bring it in.
And now I'll git on with downstairs.
You git along, she said fiercely.
Git out an’ wash, she commanded.
Rest of you, go on and git McDonald’s.
You git up an’ git your face washed.
He’s disappeared, the git said Stu.
Try to spot ’em ’fore they git started.
Ah got ter git ter Tara whar dey woan fine.
Git so stiff up there can’t hardly move.
She raised her hand "Git out, Tab!" said Lucy.
Now you git! Pa went grumbling out the door.
Some a the boys’ll see they git on their way.
Git, he said, pushing the cat off the keyboard.
But s’pose you all git out there an’ git to work.
If the rain can git in the way of a crop, it’ll rain.
Come on up aht of it, else you'll git us all a bad name.
Tight Arsed Git, the other youth called after them.
But how in the nation'd they ever GIT that grindstone IN.
Pigtails said to Winfield, You can git in the nex’ game.
I don' know where I'm gonna git the money ta have it fixed.
So he crawled into the cabin, and I helped Jonadab git up sail.
We on’y stopped here ’cause we couldn’ git no further.
Now git in there, snarled Charlie as they both shoved me.
But while cursing her for a devious git, another scenario played out.
Says them girls skinnied out ’cause they didn’ git ’nough food.

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bum crumb git lowlife puke rat rotter skunk stinker

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