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Glaring numa frase em (in ingles)

  1. He was glaring at me.
  2. He started up, glaring at her.
  3. He was glaring back out at me.
  4. The commander was glaring on Mr.
  5. He just sat there glaring at me.

  6. Darek looked back, glaring at him.
  7. Kirk was glaring at the Primagnon.
  8. The glaring sun was straight ahead.
  9. Now, the sun was glaring in my eyes.
  10. Kyle was glaring icily at the Elder.
  11. Wiggam who'd taken to glaring at me.
  12. He turned on pharaoh, glaring at him.
  13. The contrast between them was glaring.
  14. There he halted, glaring bewilderedly.
  15. Jazz was perched on a stool, glaring.

  16. Cheet came up and stood glaring at us.
  17. One of them switched on a glaring light.
  18. Apparently to Pfizer it’s glaring too.
  19. Lydia's parents were still glaring at him.
  20. Glaring at her, he pulls it to his chest.
  21. He felt the glaring eyes of Neil upon him.
  22. Glaring at her he says, It’s not true.
  23. Jade was glaring at me, hatred in her eyes.
  24. Paul staggered past Angela, glaring at her.
  25. Poor old Winnie was glaring at me now, boy.

  26. Men! I mutter, glaring out the window.
  27. Jes hovers, undecided, glaring down at Emma.
  28. Thompson was glaring at him, please?
  29. I saw their glaring stares back there in the.
  30. Glaring in the direction of Sif, Odin snarls.
  31. Chevalier and Sam, both glaring at each other.
  32. The sun was glaring at me, straight into my eye.
  33. And all the while Resa kept glaring at Tristan.
  34. The boys looked at each other, glaring at each.
  35. Hurd felt the penetration of Juez' glaring eyes.
  36. She folded her arms and sat glaring at them both.
  37. Sam was glaring at him and he knew Liz had caved.
  38. I slumped against the wall, glaring back at him.
  39. He clenched his teeth, glaring powerfully at her.
  40. Look how she sits glaring! She is angry, ha-ha!.
  41. Roth stopped on the stair, glaring at his servant.
  42. I stay tuned, glaring at the TV: Hurry up, Ellen.
  43. I’m this close, Anna said glaring at her.
  44. He sighed, glaring in my direction for a long time.
  45. Oberon was glaring at Lorkyn, and bitterly weeping.
  46. Unni placed her fists on her hips, glaring at Ailia.
  47. She stood there, looking at him with glaring eyes.
  48. Just please try to avoid the big and glaring ones.
  49. The most glaring example I can think of today is a.
  50. Glaring red flashes were angrily ribboning the sky.
  51. This came to me in glaring full color in early 2000.
  52. I saw two glaring mistakes in grammar in his letter.
  53. One of them frowned angrily, his black eyes glaring.
  54. Looking at their watchful eyes, she stilled, glaring.
  55. This is why I was pouting, glaring at him as he drove.
  56. Pointing his baton and glaring at Wallace the officer.
  57. When he opens them again, he’s angry, glaring at me.
  58. Do you understand that? She was glaring at him now.
  59. These consequences wouldn’t be a parent glaring at.
  60. Felicity glaring at me, but then she broke into a smile.
  61. She slapped his hands away impatiently, glaring at him.
  62. After glaring at them al for a while, he was politely.
  63. What he asked surprised when he caught me glaring.
  64. But Third was a glaring exception to that general rule.
  65. Glaring his supervisor to silence, the manager pushed on.
  66. Charles Lamb is a glaring exception to this general rule.
  67. His mother stopped glaring at Zoleka, and smiled at him.
  68. I woke with a burning head and the sun glaring in my face.
  69. She did, ducking out of the glaring light of the hallway.
  70. Chinedu was standing at the kitchen door, glaring at him.
  71. He laughs and laughs as she stands there, glaring at him.
  72. I glanced around at all of the other hard glaring faces.
  73. He finally gave up, glaring at her as she lowered her arm.
  74. Therein was an old hen, glaring at me with her wicked eyes.
  75. He glances over at her to see her cold eyes glaring at him.
  76. With the familiar Symbol front and center, glaring at him.
  77. In addition to glaring anomalies, there is the Christian.
  78. We are not here to judge you, Leonid said, glaring at.
  79. The rats exposed their incisors; glaring at me with their.
  80. Shading her eyes from the glaring hot sun, she peered about.
  81. What is the meaning of that, he asked, glaring at her.
  82. But the evil eyes glaring at us with prejudice weren't his.
  83. She stared at them and at me with a terrible glaring fixity.
  84. The sun wasn’t as glaring as it was when I first entered.
  85. She didn't have to turn to know that Zac was glaring at her.
  86. Coombs rubbed his unshaven chin, glaring vicious darts at us.
  87. Another glaring example of the deterioration of our culture.
  88. A pair of red eyes glaring at him, directly in front of him.
  89. He believed that he saw the POWs glaring murderously at him.
  90. Teller fell silent and sat glaring at the Chinese before him.
  91. And what are you doing here? she snaps, glaring at him.
  92. All glaring signs pointing to what he'd been up to all night.
  93. Glaring at the invisible ones, it was odd to see nothing but.
  94. Summers was on him like a hawk, standing over him and glaring.
  95. Jimmie Cosner put his bat down and stood glaring at the umpire.
  96. So the neighbors have apparently gone from glaring in silence.
  97. He stood frozen behind the counter, glaring at me suspiciously.
  98. Presently he was glaring through a doorway upon a weird scene.
  99. The man stepped forward still glaring at Caramarin and took it.
  100. Across from him sat Worf, who was glaring at him with an open.
  1. He glared at me so.
  2. I glared back at him.
  3. The eyes glared at me.
  4. He glared down at her.
  5. She glared back at me.
  6. He glared at the man.
  7. Alec glared at the boy.
  8. Taj just glared at him.
  9. The chief glared at me.
  10. The man glared at them.
  11. I double glared at Ish.
  12. Oak glared back at him.
  13. She glared back at him.
  14. Donna had glared at him.
  15. His wife glared at him.
  16. Nord glared hard at Lov.
  17. I glared at the bastard.
  18. My husband glared at me.
  19. The woman glared at him.
  20. I glared back this time.
  21. He glared into the tree.
  22. He glared at the aliens.
  23. Torbin glared at the man.
  24. Abram glared at his wife.
  25. The archer glared at him.
  26. He smiled, and I glared.
  27. The others glared at him.
  28. Patch glared at the babe.
  29. She glared at Dolly Jean.
  30. Nancy then glared at him.
  31. He glared furiously at us.
  32. He glared at her, waiting.
  33. They glared at each other.
  34. Josh glared at the doctor.
  35. Zac glared at his brother.
  36. He glared at Merthin and.
  37. I glared at Michael again.
  38. Saffyre just glared at him.
  39. The sun glared through a.
  40. Ty glared from his perch.
  41. Lady Triplet glared at her.
  42. Honey glared at her mother.
  43. I glared down at her and.
  44. Lisa glared at his father.
  45. Shapiro glared at his wife.
  46. Donna glared at Gary again.
  47. Alex glared at his brother.
  48. Only he glared at the fire.
  49. How he glared! At first I.
  50. Chalmers just glared at him.
  51. Rosemary glared at her aunt.
  52. He glared at Cloud with a.
  53. I shook him off and glared.
  54. The Galaef glared at Frosty.
  55. The guard glared after them.
  56. The mole glared back at him.
  57. He glared at the fat demon.
  58. He glared at the Chieftains.
  59. I glared at him for a moment.
  60. The woman glared at her mate.
  61. Chevalier glared at the door.
  62. OUCH! I glared at her.
  63. She glared angrily at Suzie.
  64. I glared at him in confusion.
  65. Hadaen glared at his brother.
  66. Helen glared as she sat down.
  67. Robert glared at her angrily.
  68. He glared at her in response.
  69. Instantly, I glared at Corey.
  70. Rivan glared at Trini, angry.
  71. He glared in all directions.
  72. Shockingly, he glared at me.
  73. She then glared at him hotly.
  74. The Illustrated Man glared up.
  75. She glared at him, Get out.
  76. He glared at his mother who.
  77. Maggie glared at the far surf.
  78. He looked at Kyle and glared.
  79. Melodía glared at her sister.
  80. Rykus glared at the other man.
  81. He glared at her in contempt.
  82. He leaped up and glared at her.
  83. His wife glared at him saying.
  84. Stop! Josh glared at her.
  85. Godwyn glared furiously at him.
  86. Teller glared in his direction.
  87. Runt glared at him maliciously.
  88. Martha turned and glared at me.
  89. He glared through the windows.
  90. He glared at the Chairperson.
  91. Iratus glared at the Nemoidian.
  92. He glared at me as,.
  1. He glares down at me.
  2. She glares at my mother.
  3. The man glares down at him.
  4. Glares at the house a beat.
  5. He glares at her, turns away.
  6. He glares at the house a beat.
  7. Carol glares at the glove box.
  8. Will just glares at the table.
  9. Jayson glares toward the house.
  10. Jayson glares at the closed door.
  11. She glares at me and goes inside.
  12. Christian glares at me, speechless.
  13. Glares the imperious mystery of the way.
  14. At the bar Jayson glares at their table.
  15. Our words overlap, and she glares at me.
  16. When he opens his eyes, he glares at me.
  17. The silver-haired scientist glares at me.
  18. The horse glares at him as he approaches.
  19. She glares at me and walks out of the Park.
  20. He glares at me like I’m some dumb child.
  21. He glares at me sullenly but doesn’t protest.
  22. He splutters for a few moments and glares at me.
  23. The freaks made a commotion of blinks and glares.
  24. My hands drop to his arms and he glares down at me.
  25. He felt intimidated by the glares and angry stares.
  26. While he glares at me, I hear clanking to my left.
  27. Did anyone think of that? Everyone glares at Todd.
  28. Josie swallows a mouthful of coffee and glares at him.
  29. A few of the hard glares softened as she poked fun at.
  30. He glares at me as if I have offended him on some level.
  31. She wears a pencil skirt and glares at a white foam cup.
  32. His eyes turn blood-red as he glares at me more venomously.
  33. He started circling around us NSR’s with taunting glares.
  34. There were only flashes, a shred of foliage, and bright glares.
  35. Nick glares at me: I was the one who insisted we invite his dad.
  36. Christian glares down at me, and then his lips twitch up in a smile.
  37. Jayson glares, shakes his head in disgust then looks out his windows.
  38. Mother stands still, her pale face screwing up as she glares at John.
  39. Then Glacia rounds the corner, glares at me, and sprints after them.
  40. He and Abigail were at the rear, away from disapproving adult glares.
  41. I know it sounds fanciful, but he just sits and glares at me hatefully.
  42. I flush, and Christian glares at her in a butt-out-of-this-Kavanagh kind of way.
  43. There were dozens of glares piercing my skin, but I didn’t feel them, either.
  44. Now there were a number of suspicious glares, coupled with a few worried gasps.
  45. This earned him reproachful glares from Mother and Estrella, and I gave him a.
  46. He glared at the distant river as a man in hell glares through the opened grille.
  47. What? I can only ask one question? Are you serious? She looks at me and glares.
  48. Jeanine glares at him, and his laughter effortlessly transforms into a coughing fit.
  49. Instead, there's nothing as Hookhand drags him inside and glares around the little room.
  50. She glares at the rest of the shocked crew, whose shock seemed only momentary as they.
  51. Yigal worried, Has someone been seen? The angry glares of the rapidly closing soldiers.
  52. They both slowly backed up, without backing down, without removing the glares from their.
  53. They smiled in return with gruff untrusting glares that made their mustaches twitch a bit.
  54. Some noticed his glares and averted their eyes to whisper to one another over their tables.
  55. Greenfield would call me based on the information you just gave me? She glares at me again.
  56. Intermittent spasms of coughs and wheezes brought silent glares from their fellow passengers.
  57. We work for the same organization that founded your city, Zoe says as she glares at Amar.
  58. Dylan and Alicia were then practically kicked out of Massie's room by the girls' intense glares.
  59. Yigal worried, Has someone been seen? The angry glares of the rapidly closing soldiers said yes.
  60. The intervening Garden Councilors shot him an assortment of disapproving glares and catfish mouths.
  61. Kyrin ignored the angry glares from the Knights, and looked around at the green lawns and lush trees.
  62. The two soldiers avoided glares the corporal sent them, no doubt wondering how they had let her pass.
  63. Had earthquakes shaken the windows atilt so they mirrored intruders with distorted gleams and glares?
  64. He glares at me, and Phera stands behind him, asking me with her eyes if she should knock him senseless.
  65. She was aware of the furtive glances and some openly hostile glares she was getting from the villagers.
  66. He snorts in what's almost a sneeze, shakes his head wildly, and glares at Eugene with even more venom.
  67. The laughter died out, and they all began standing a little nervously beneath Laino and his men’s glares.
  68. With forty years of glances and glares, it's a wonder the ice has not flaked from that mirror's backside.
  69. Fighting not to widen my eyes, I turn, staring at Zachary, who glares at his young brother with a flushed face.
  70. With ferocious glares and hoarse grunts, he appeared to be demanding an explanation or accounting of some kind.
  71. Slightly shamed by the ruckus, Greg slunk back to the partial shelter of the cab, insulating himself from their glares.
  72. Turning to her so their faces are so close they almost touch, he glares intently into her brown eyes and sends out a thought.
  73. Instead, she glares at her brother and says caustically, The father whose steps you seem determined to follow, I might add.
  74. They received a few angry, scowling glares from the men who were now at it with soaps and washboards, but it did not touch them.
  75. One thinks one beholds a frightful, living, and bristling thicket which quivers, rustles, wavers, returns to shadow, threatens and glares.
  76. That actually was close to Loki’s plan, but he says nothing, just glares at her one more time before standing to look out of the chariot.
  77. She purses her lips and glares at them, muttering about how ‘this is a political expedition and they need to take their jobs more seriously.
  78. The moment Arjun stepped out of his car, with his Gucci glares on, every girl in the college just turned towards him and started drooling over him.
  79. That was the last time he dropped his rifle, and by lunchtime the loving glances that the weapons received earlier, turned to hatred filled glares.
  80. Marlene, however, glares at Lynn, leans over, and kisses Uriah firmly on the mouth, her fingers sliding around his neck, under the collar of his shirt.
  81. For a full heartbeat he has no idea who she is, but then she turns and glares at him, as if he is the perpetrator of her sudden entrance to the emeralds’ circle.
  82. The flames of spite and repugnance were clearly apparent on the distorted faces of both men and became translated into vicious, taunting words and malevolent glares.
  83. When he came to them, Fanny's immediate neighbours showed a tendency to look round at her again, but were intimidated by Manby's glares, who was now well on the watch.
  84. A few men glanced at her as she passed and their female partners cast her glares that were meant as a warning, which she disregarded without so much as a glance in their direction.
  85. Maggie flips up the counter top, hits the optic at the bottom of one of the bottles of Scotch three times and glares at a man who has the temerity to ask for three pints of bitter.
  86. She peeled her dress off and donned a pair of jeans and a sweater and paced her room throwing angry glares at the dress that now lay across her bed as if it had been the one that had insulted her.
  87. If looks could kill, then the old television set resting on a small table would have been vaporized under the hateful glares of the five bearded and turbaned men present in the lounge of the large house.
  88. Had the house sunk two feet into the earth? Or had the earth sunk all about, leaving it stranded forlorn in the high chill air? Had earthquakes shaken the windows atilt so they mirrored intruders with distorted gleams and glares?
  89. As Dana is running off, she notices that an Indian woman sees her! She sees the woman frighteningly staring at her! Dana stops and glares at the woman! The woman frighteningly turns away and run! Dana does not want any witnesses around! She does not want to leave any witnesses around, so she puts on chase and charges after the woman! She charges after the woman with the large hammer swinging fiercely from her hand! She chases after the woman through a very dark field under some very dark trees! The woman is running in fear! She turns her head backwards and sees a fierce looking Dana charging after her with the large hammer swinging fiercely from her hand! The woman turns her head back forwards and screams out, "HELP ME! HELP ME!" She is running and screaming for her life! She is running as fast as she can! Dana is running after the woman as fast as she can! The woman continues to run and scream through the very dark field under the very dark trees! She turns her head backwards again and sees a fierce looking Dana gaining up on her, getting closer and closer! The woman turns her head back forwards and screams out again, "HELP ME! HELP ME! SOMEBODY PLEASE HELP ME!" She continues to run as fast as she can, but Dana is still gaining up on her! Dana is almost close to the woman! She chases the woman right towards a fence, which is along the highway! Dana soon reaches the woman! Then she raises the hammer high in the air and takes a baseball bat swing right towards the woman's head, when all of a sudden, the woman bends her upper body down, causing Dana to miss her head! The woman then crashes her entire body right through a hole in the fence! Dana suddenly bends down and crashes her left hand and arm right through the hole, trying to grab at the woman! The woman rolls down the field, towards the highway! She rolls directly onto the highway! She gets up and gets hit by an oncoming car! The car flies the woman forward several feet into the air! The motorist slams on the breaks causing the car to slide! The woman lands on the highway in front of the car and gets run over by the car! The motorist is finally able to stop the car! The motorist, a white male hurries out of his vehicle! He runs to the woman that he had just hit! Other motorists stop! They also hurry out of their cars! They run to the woman! They are all hysterical! They ask the first motorist, "How did this happen?".

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1. In the glare of the.
2. Raven gave her a glare.
3. Alicia shot her a glare.
4. Gage shot Vince a glare.
5. He could see the glare.
6. He wilted under her glare.
7. He could see the glare of.
8. A silent glare answered her.
9. Falk shot him a quick glare.
10. In the sudden glare and the.
11. Hans turned to glare at Rogan.
12. He chuckles as I glare at him.
13. I gave Jacob a pointed glare.
14. They both glare at each other.
15. Nick! I shot him a glare.
16. His glare of defiance toward.
17. A frightful scene met his glare.
18. The sheriff turned with a glare.
19. She gave Shen a menacing glare.
20. Adams turned to glare up at her.
21. The riot of the world and glare.
22. She maintained her steely glare.
23. Tim was untroubled by the glare.
24. The glare became almost stellar.
25. Damn glare is about to blind me.
26. She fixed him with a steely glare.
27. Sven gave Celina an intense glare.
28. His glare should have shut her up.
29. The offender need only to glare.
30. The man returned a defiant glare.
31. The sun's glare half blinded him.
32. They glare at each other over her.
33. The glare was still there… and.
34. Kinar gave them a skeptical glare.
35. Jacques met the Knight’s glare.
36. He met my glare with one of his own.
37. The crash of music, candles' glare.
38. Emily's eyes turned to an icy glare.
39. Sean gives Zachary a sideways glare.
40. She fixed me with a withering glare.
41. She tried to freeze him with a glare.
42. Noah fixes a glare on the prosecutor.
43. Did you guys see that glare?
44. The woman shot the paramedic a glare.
45. Now she let him have the angry glare.
46. The glare was blinding in the mirrors.
47. To this she offered a skeptical glare.
48. I glare at her and hit her in the arm.
49. The sky was an intolerable grey glare.
50. Her glare made me feel like an insect.
51. The reflected sun glare off the pool.
52. More rocket’s red glare in the night.
53. The glare of the moon no longer is seen.
54. Shela’s glare could have melted stone.
55. Casey said nothing and shot him a glare.
56. The intense glare, as I stare out the.
57. Thomas shot his new friend a fake glare.
58. She shot him an icy glare then ran off.
59. He cut her off with a gesture and glare.
60. Angela caught his glare and raised her.
61. Jayson rips his sunglasses off to glare.
62. Nikki crosses her arms with a mock glare.
63. Manon’s glare probed the High-lady’s.
64. Think, thou whom folly's dazzling glare.
65. He pulled back after a glare from Dominic.
66. I shot Jack a glare and cleared my throat.
67. Moe’s icy glare seemed to thaw somewhat.
68. Lil’ B focused an accusing glare at Ben.
69. Demick gave the attorney a reproving glare.
70. I summon ye, and mid the glare that fills.
71. Emily continued to glare at the two Elders.
72. All she does is glare at all of us work-.
73. He was answered with a serious death glare.
74. The elf’s glare intensified for a moment.
75. In the red glare Sam, cowering behind the.
76. Mark gave him a glare of grim determination.
77. Kerim shot him a glare, his nostrils flaring.
78. With a face most aware of the longing glare.
79. Clyntahn’s glare swiveled to the Treasurer.
80. This would reduce the glare and reflections.
81. I closed my eyes as the glare was unbearable.
82. I would glare at him in the rear-view mirror.
83. He had to squint in the glare to see clearly.
84. Not amused, Cami pinned her with a hard glare.
85. Ma and Pa looked stonily down into the glare.
86. One by one, they had to stand up to his glare.
87. Brad Chambers, who always sent a glare in his.
88. The swineherd wheeled around to glare at them.
89. Carrie turned to glare at Louisa just as they.
90. He searched her up and down with a razor glare.
91. The hi-man's lenses adjusted to the blue glare.
92. Then she lifted her head to glare at Ed Vance.
93. It was getting hotter and noisier in the glare.
94. Is she safe? he asked, meeting her glare.
95. Fritz shot me through the heart with one glare.
96. He looks at me with a glare and called my name.
97. The man stared back at him with a knowing glare.
98. Therians, Greta said, returning his glare.
99. Bewilderment was in the glare he cast about him.
100. In the glare of the sun, I saw myself as strong.