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Glob numa frase em (in ingles)

  1. It was now a giant unstable glob, covered by a.
  2. His head was a pummeled glob of senseless flesh.
  3. She closed her eyes as I held a glob of clay up to her eyes.
  4. The glob slid down her cheek, tracing the faint path where her scar.
  5. Donald was rushing at them from the sidewalk, another glob in his hand.

  6. He spat suddenly and a large glob of saliva trickled down Travis's face.
  7. It stretched, extended, and a glob of thick yellow liquid formed on the end.
  8. Each time, Jazzy ate the glob with the hidden medication once and never again.
  9. She brushed a glob onto Nerissa’s wound, just as she’d treat an injured sheep.
  10. Paralyzed, Hal watched as the glob hung there for a moment, then wobbled and dropped.
  11. They were nothing more than a glob of mud, and they were more of a nuisance than a threat.
  12. The boys name rose to the tip of his tongue but stuck there like a glob of glue and would not ring out.
  13. Suddenly a big glob of saliva from the creature’s mouth covered Jane’s entire body as it stood over her.
  14. He pauses with his knife against a piece of bread, a glob of butter waiting to be spread, and stares at the table.
  15. And the stars that go there just sort of accumulate into a giant glob of gray and aren’t really even stars anymore.

  16. A glob drips down the side of her mouth and she hastily wipes it away, embarrassed, and resorts to giving a quick thumbs up.
  17. He’d actually drop a glob of tuna sandwich on the floor and roll his eyes like it wasn’t worth dealing with, when he was the guy who’d be dealing with it in a few days.
  18. He smeared it up with a fingertip, swiped the fingertip across the trickle on his forehead and, without thinking, put the finger in his mouth, like it was a stray glob of jelly.
  19. Their little discussion was interrupted by the boy who spat out a glob of some sort of local chewing tobacco variety and said something in what must have been a local Igbo dialect.
  20. It was a good thing everything was frozen in time, because the size of the saliva would hurt someone! Sam went over and stuck his hands through the glob of saliva, and played in it.
  21. Where did I put that Parkay? Aahhh, I find it next to my stack of Hustler and Swank magazines and apply a heaping glob, proceeding to stroke vigorously while flipping through the pages.
  22. Both pancakes soared high above the stovetop, and smashed into each other in midair, before falling onto a plate of bacon (which had been residing on the counter beside the stove) in a semi-gooey glob.
  23. The man then punched her onto the bed, causing Graisse to thrash his nine pound body with such ferocity that he blurred into a white glob of menace as he miraculously managed to keep hold of the man’s leg in his teeth.

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