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Gloomy numa frase em (in ingles)

He looked gloomy to me.
You are very gloomy, Mr.
But his brow was gloomy.
I feel solemn and gloomy.
The sky was gloomy, and.
It was not of a gloomy cast.
Dull, gloomy: hate this hour.

The future was looking gloomy.
Perhaps he thinks it gloomy.
The night was cold and gloomy.
Raoul arrived silent and gloomy.
Oh, yes, very gloomy, my friend.
He was gloomy and absent-minded.
The cold reply with gloomy mien.
He felt a gloomy cloud over him.
As gloomy as these times were, I.
Mute, gloomy, implacable, he was.
He looked at her in gloomy misery.
He re-entered, pale and very gloomy.
Marwa stormed out of the room gloomy.
Another was a Jew, hairy and gloomy.
And faces on that Day will be gloomy.
Altogether his spirits became gloomy.
Yet he was gloomy and terribly tired.
There was a minute of gloomy silence.
She's had rather a gloomy time lately.
A gloomy chill traversed Marius' heart.
Well, it seems a very gloomy business.
And he stared back at his gloomy image.
She has seen their weary, gloomy faces.
Souls have roots in wars and gloomy life.
Raoul dined alone, in a very gloomy mood.
Their gloomy presence conveyed the same.
But nobody should be gloomy at breakfast.
The day dawned at last, gloomy and sullen.
The very thought moved him to gloomy rage.
All dropped their heads with a gloomy air.
It was too nice a day for gloomy thoughts.
Pierre’s gloomy, unhappy look struck her.
There was a moment or two of gloomy silence.

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