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Glum numa frase em (in ingles)

My right-hand man looked glum.
And then, his face turned glum.
He'd rarely seen her look this glum.
But you know boys! My, you look glum.
They looked rather glum, on the whole.
As Danny was stared at by all the glum.
The married couples are silent and glum.

She looked glum which made his heart sink.
Why so glum, comrade? Here is that very.
Fenton returned to his seat, looking glum.
That was another of my mom’s words: glum.
She could only remain glum for a short while.
I noticed he looked rather glum as he greeted me.
It was Otto Skorzeni who answered him in a glum voice.
They sat in glum silence for a while, and then Mel asked.
Fred raised his eyebrows at a glum Ish in the locker room.
Coffee arrived, and Sasha looked glum faced as she stirred her cup.
He tried to inveigle me also into it, but I remained glum and silent.
BLOOM: (Murmurs with hangdog meekness glum) That bit about the laughing.
He supposed he looked kind of glum and morose, perhaps even outright sad.
Anne sat alone in her bedroom by the window, looking outside with a glum.
Minutes later, he stepped out of the glum hospital into the bright sunshine.
The three men on the seat were glum as they drove toward home over the dusty road.
She helped Zach throughout his glum years, when he couldn’t get over his lost love.
On the last visit he'd appeared glum, though that could have been the hang-dog jowls.
Mornings were never his best time but he had been starting the day even more glum lately.
Notwithstanding her pained, glum spirit, she smiled, gently coaxing his cheeks also to lift.
Contrary to Samuel and Lilya, they appeared glum and sad, which alarmed Nancy and the others.
Theodorite was glum and silent; the student occasionally exchanged a few words with the widow.
He was really glum, and she hadn't been able to wheedle out a solid explanation all week long.
Enough of this moroseness, father would not approve at all, he said looking at our glum faces.
It was so striking that he almost didn’t notice the glum blankness on Will’s face when he returned.
The server must have seen me looking glum or overheard something I had said, because he corrected me.
Most of the Lancashire lads were looking a bit glum, but it cheered them up, and they all began to sing.
But before we had arisen from the table a waiter brought a telegram, and Tony’s face fell into glum lines.
Henry just stared at the planks of the platform and a glum and sad frown pulled down on his cheeks and lips.
I hugged the mug to my chest, feeling glum and nostalgic for the times before the Fae had come into our lives.
Detroit was in a stupor from the alcohol and his glum gullible expression was amusing to both of them as they clearly read his thoughts.
The whole thing was too absurd, and both Leon and Sasha were obviously enjoying the attention, playing up to the results with glum or happy faces.
Her mood soured and I was glum and, at home, I opened a bottle of wine which helped us and, after a while in bed, we made love as passionately as usual.

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