Frases de exemplo

Escolhe o idioma, depois escreve a palavra abaixo, para obteres frases de exemplo para essa palavra.

Go numa frase em (in ingles)

  1. He got up to go.
  2. It was time to go.
  3. I will go to the.
  4. I want to go south.
  5. Ted will have to go.

  6. Not a lot to go on.
  7. That time he let go.
  8. He would go up the.
  9. I wanted to go home.
  10. Listen I have to go.
  11. Dad we have to go.
  12. We have to go Freda.
  13. Then the guns go off.
  14. I let go the string.
  15. I can't go in there.

  16. Now I can't go back.
  17. He wants to go home.
  18. Go and play with him.
  19. He had to go back in.
  20. They do not go there.
  21. Go to sleep and rest.
  22. You go have a smoke.
  23. I could go to church.
  24. I go along with that.
  25. She had to let it go.

  26. I might go out later.
  27. We need to go, now.
  28. It was my time to go.
  29. Roman let go and the.
  30. It is I that must go.
  31. I had to go someplace.
  32. Take the horse and go.
  33. Then she could go to.
  34. So I didn’t go over.
  35. He lets go of her hair.
  36. Davie, got to go, pal.
  37. The others go with us.
  38. They can't go on land.
  39. She wanted to go home.
  40. You can now go home.
  41. It’s all ready to go.
  42. But I don't want to go.
  43. Should have let him go.
  44. But you, you let me go.
  45. Let's go start a fight.
  46. He wanted to go to her.
  47. This sucker may go out.
  48. It was time to go home.
  49. He then started to go.
  50. The first step is to go.
  51. We have to go in there.
  52. Go to him, go ahead go.
  53. Go where they tell you.
  54. Now let me go in peace.
  55. Well, go on, damn it.
  56. I go there some to hunt.
  57. Yet the show must go on.
  58. Buoyed by this, I go on.
  59. I didn’t go to the net.
  60. I couldn’t let her go.
  61. To see where I will go.
  62. They go behind the door.
  63. Waves as she turns to go.
  64. I wanted him to go away.
  65. I could go there now.
  66. Go ahead and try it out.
  67. Go back to your station.
  68. This is as far as you go.
  69. Frank was not letting go.
  70. I told them to go to sea.
  71. There you go, in and out.
  72. She finally decided to go.
  73. I know You have to go.
  74. Did he go for it?
  75. Are you ready to go?
  76. The whole lot, in one go.
  77. As he relaxed, she let go.
  79. We might go to Northstock.
  80. Gretchen go along with her.
  81. Where the Small Things Go.
  82. Let us all now go to rest.
  83. Where the heck did it go?
  84. You don’t have to go.
  85. Where did the morning go?
  86. I think you must go now.
  87. Yeah, well there you go.
  88. Should I go ultra casual.
  89. He just wanted them to go.
  90. He let her go, and waited.
  91. Let’s go into the house.
  92. We have three hours to go.
  93. Can I go back with you?
  94. They just go whizzing past.
  95. I go in to speak with him.
  96. She knew it was time to go.
  97. He offers to go and ask her.
  98. I cannot go there with you.
  99. Let me go, he must not die.
  100. He could just go with the.
  1. I was going to die.
  2. It was all going bad.
  3. I was going to faint.
  4. Going Out of my Head.
  5. Maybe I was going mad.
  6. All of us were going.
  7. This was going to be.
  8. I was going with the.
  9. There was no going back.
  10. I'm not going to yell.
  11. The sun was going down.
  12. I’m not going to ask.
  13. What is going on here?
  14. There is no going back.
  15. Are going to keep that.
  16. I wasn’t going to pay.
  17. This is going to be bad.
  18. I’m going to New York.
  19. You are going off track.
  20. We shall be going now.
  21. She was going to the pub.
  22. Tell me it is going to.
  23. What was I going to do?
  24. He was going to make it.
  25. This was going all wrong.
  26. One purpose of going to.
  27. I’m going to head home.
  28. Ethereead he was going to.
  29. It's not going to be easy.
  30. What was he going to do?
  31. He’s not going to miss.
  32. They were going to need it.
  33. Things were going to plan.
  34. This is going to be weird.
  35. We are going to stop them.
  36. He knew what was going on.
  37. I'm going to be with you.
  38. Look, it's going to happen.
  39. That’s going to live is.
  40. And I’m not going to.
  41. You are going to have to.
  42. The country was going wild.
  43. Sort out what’s going on.
  44. She was going to stay dead.
  45. It was going to be a long.
  46. Im going to pick up a P.
  47. He's never going to change.
  48. I’m going to watch TV.
  49. I wasn’t going to make it.
  50. They were going to kill us.
  51. You are going to begin to.
  52. Going to give it a whirl?
  53. This is where we’re going.
  54. That's all I'm going to say.
  55. What are you going to wear?
  56. Now, there is no going back.
  57. I thought I was going to die.
  58. But the reporter is going on.
  59. He's going home to Shempala.
  60. I'm going to think positive.
  61. She is going to have a baby.
  62. I was going to die here on.
  63. You going to eat today?
  64. Well, I should get going.
  65. It’s not going to kill you.
  66. This shit is going to stop.
  67. Let’s get the Pizzas going.
  68. He’s going back home today.
  69. Is this going to hurt?
  70. It is powerful going forward.
  71. The situation you are going.
  72. I was glad I was going home.
  73. That's not going to help you.
  74. If you think I’m going.
  75. I know what he's going thru.
  76. Someone was going to miss it.
  77. It was going to be too late.
  78. They were going by road to St.
  79. No one’s going to hurt you.
  80. Yes, I’m going to interview.
  81. Were going to have a baby.
  82. I’m going to interview the.
  83. This was going to be a problem.
  84. He says that we’re going in.
  85. It was going around, actually.
  86. We are going to disable it: 1.
  87. He wondered what was going on.
  88. A depression going back years.
  89. I’m going to go to the bank.
  90. She was going to have a child.
  91. We were going to invest it.
  92. I’m going to need your help.
  93. But I’m going down there.
  94. It’s going to be a nasty one.
  95. She was going to listen to him.
  96. It is going to be a long night.
  97. Everything was going as planned.
  98. It had been strange going back.
  99. This was going on until Jesus.
  100. It was going to be a hard call.
  1. I knew I was gone.
  2. And then it is gone.
  3. And then I was gone.
  4. And then he was gone.
  5. And then it was gone.
  6. And now she is gone.
  7. When the wax is gone.
  8. Half of her was gone.
  9. And then she was gone.
  10. Gone With the Wind, n.
  11. Then DC was gone too.
  12. I had gone to bed.
  13. It had not gone well.
  14. But now she was gone.
  15. With that he was gone.
  16. My face had gone red.
  17. And then, it was gone.
  18. With that, he was gone.
  19. The old lady was gone.
  20. Kalon had gone to work.
  21. You must have gone on.
  22. Had two hours gone by.
  23. He smiled and was gone.
  24. It was gone? She shook.
  25. He was already gone a.
  26. But the flag was gone.
  27. The pain had gone away.
  28. Then she had gone home.
  29. All gone now, my sweet.
  30. And then they were gone.
  31. The large man was gone.
  32. Then it was gone; the 6.
  33. Only, she had gone, too.
  34. In a moment it was gone.
  35. Most of myself was gone.
  36. The flash drive is gone.
  37. The bread was long gone.
  38. But she was already gone.
  39. The right hand was gone.
  40. But the vision was gone.
  41. All I know is he's gone.
  42. When she had gone just.
  43. That chance had gone by.
  44. With that they were gone.
  45. All was gone in minutes.
  46. Today, her house is gone.
  47. Ish had gone to one of.
  48. She has never gone more.
  49. Even our desks were gone.
  50. But Bes’s soul was gone.
  51. They had gone on August.
  52. The wolf hordes are gone.
  53. Those days are long gone.
  54. I just wanted to be gone.
  55. She was only gone for a.
  56. You have gone to Earth.
  57. The tension was gone in.
  58. They must have gone back.
  59. The Birds have gone south.
  60. And with that she was gone.
  61. In an instant, it was gone.
  62. And with that, he was gone.
  63. Grand Pappy is not gone.
  64. Adieu! and he was gone.
  65. The bolt had almost gone.
  66. The house is all but gone.
  67. The years gone passed once.
  68. And the past is dead, gone.
  69. Then he turned and was gone.
  70. One was open and half gone.
  71. Chris's face had gone white.
  72. It was gone almost at once.
  73. Where have you gone, Tony.
  74. She couldn't have gone far.
  75. The fight in them was gone.
  76. It had not gone as planned.
  77. And then it was gone again.
  78. Almost two years were gone.
  79. My life companion was gone.
  80. He is gone, and I miss him.
  81. The little dragon was gone.
  82. The monsters had gone away.
  83. Should have gone by himself.
  84. Gary had gone straight home.
  85. Said you’d gone off on a.
  86. Okay, and she was gone.
  88. In an instant, she was gone.
  89. And he was gone with a grin.
  90. The Sogn government is gone.
  91. He was gone when I woke up.
  92. He can’t have gone far.
  93. I knew Jasper would be gone.
  94. It has gone too far Chris.
  95. At least the ants were gone.
  96. The fog is gone, clear road.
  97. We gone leave in the morning.
  98. The time had gone by so fast.
  99. He would be gone for a month.
  100. All of the boys have gone,.
  1. And so it goes on.
  2. It goes on and on.
  3. On and on this goes.
  4. No one goes in there.
  5. It goes a long way.
  6. Helen goes to see her.
  7. You know how it goes.
  8. As time goes by and.
  9. It goes to say that.
  10. And life (?) goes on.
  11. It goes to show you.
  12. Then goes up to the.
  13. I go where he goes.
  14. A tone goes off and L.
  15. But the sun goes away.
  16. When she goes to the.
  17. It just goes to show.
  18. And the list goes on.
  19. He goes where he will.
  20. It goes back to Mrs.
  21. It just goes on and on.
  22. The gun goes off again.
  23. And on and on it goes.
  24. Andy, goes to the head.
  25. The cash goes with us.
  26. Anyone who goes to a.
  27. There goes the back up.
  28. The same goes for tea.
  29. Lord how the time goes.
  30. That goes for you, too.
  31. He never goes in there.
  32. The same goes for the.
  34. Goes down on-to his ski.
  35. The list goes on and on.
  36. You know how that goes.
  37. But when it goes with.
  38. The story goes this way.
  39. That's not how it goes.
  40. I know where it goes.
  41. This goes the same way.
  42. That’s the way it goes.
  43. And that goes for your.
  44. The road goes on forever.
  45. What Comes and Goes has.
  46. Who knows what goes on.
  47. My mind goes to the Ring.
  48. The man's face goes pink.
  49. It goes on all the time.
  50. On and on and on it goes.
  51. But it goes even further.
  52. There goes her only ally.
  53. But my life still goes on.
  54. This list goes on and on.
  55. Q: Yes, it goes both ways.
  56. Marcus goes over to help.
  57. He goes over and opens it.
  58. And here he goes again!.
  59. An old fart goes up next.
  60. I hope he goes home soon.
  61. He goes in for sex games.
  62. He usually goes by Cliff.
  63. The long list goes along.
  64. Goes back to what I was.
  65. It goes with your dress.
  66. She just goes after the.
  67. That goes for all of you.
  68. Life comes and life goes.
  69. Then he goes inside the.
  70. What goes in must go out.
  71. What goes out must go in.
  72. Service that goes up there.
  73. Here is how this part goes.
  74. Maggie goes with the flow.
  75. As time goes on, and you.
  76. He goes out in search of.
  77. If the ball goes out and.
  78. There it goes! ¡Ahí va!.
  79. The same goes for coupons.
  80. The idea goes yet further.
  81. He then goes over to the.
  82. My heart goes out to them.
  83. Here is a story that goes:.
  84. So… Okay, here it goes.
  85. And on and on the list goes.
  86. Nobody goes there at night.
  87. Jesus goes on to say that.
  88. So the list goes on and on.
  89. As the head goes, so goes.
  90. She Goes With The Guardian.
  91. There goes a brave woman.
  92. That goes for Jake as well.
  93. No, he goes out the back.
  94. The West goes to the heart.
  95. The same goes for true love.
  96. That goes above and beyond.
  97. Part of you goes with them.
  98. Reason goes out the window.
  99. If she goes, she has babes.
  100. He goes to LSE, same as us.
  1. On and on it went.
  2. On and on she went.
  3. And so it went on.
  4. We went up to my.
  5. I went to see Mrs.
  6. He rose and went on.
  7. I went to the door.
  8. He went on and said.
  9. He and the wife went.
  10. I went back to her.
  11. Took a bag and went.
  12. He went to find Kit.
  13. We just went over Mt.
  14. The fact is, I went.
  15. Last week I went to.
  16. When we went to the.
  17. And with that he went.
  18. They went to the pub.
  19. She went over to Kate.
  20. He went into the room.
  21. You said it went well.
  22. This went on for days.
  23. He went to his room.
  24. When he went on the.
  25. Alex went out the room.
  26. Ava went right to him.
  27. She went to the store.
  28. Then she too went out.
  29. He just went with me.
  30. Hands went to her hips.
  31. We went upto the barn.
  32. The gate we went thru.
  33. He went to his bedroom.
  34. His face went all red.
  35. His hands went to work.
  36. She went to her knees.
  37. I waited, then went on.
  38. I went to the bathroom.
  39. Jack went for a coffee.
  40. I went to that address.
  41. He went into his cabin.
  42. I went to the manager.
  43. He went thru the ritual.
  44. My heart went to jelly.
  45. Both went hand in hand.
  46. He noticed, and went on.
  47. This went on for months.
  48. I went to the pictures.
  49. He went to the houses.
  50. Jorma went to the window.
  51. It went in with a click.
  52. And so, they went inside.
  53. He went down into death.
  54. It seems all went well.
  55. The Mock Turtle went on.
  56. She went in and showered.
  57. The room went dead quiet.
  58. We went back to the shop.
  59. My heart went out to Him.
  60. He went back to reading.
  61. She went to work on that.
  62. She went into the closet.
  63. Round and round we went.
  64. Viktor went rigid at this.
  65. And it all went off again.
  66. I went in the restaurant.
  67. Her arms went around him.
  68. He would learn as he went.
  69. He went to the main door.
  70. I got out and we went in.
  71. We went to the Holy Land.
  72. As the game went on and.
  73. Then the lights went out.
  74. These went to the stream.
  75. They went on up the khume.
  76. She went into the kitchen.
  77. We went into one of the.
  78. ERICK: We went out to eat.
  79. Joe went to Fred’s home.
  80. He went out through the.
  81. She went on for another.
  82. I went south on El Camino.
  83. He went to the sill, and.
  84. The New Year came and went.
  85. They piled in, off he went.
  86. It went well, I said.
  87. They went out on the court.
  88. That kind of thing went on.
  89. Beth’s hand went up next.
  90. I went on a date with her.
  91. I took a detour and went.
  92. Friday, I went to a cinema.
  93. I never went back to count.
  94. Faster and faster it went.
  95. I went to the Burro again.
  96. I went by tramway on the.
  97. He went on with the reading.
  98. He was now ready—He went.
  99. The intercom light went out.
  100. His old man went to a dance.

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