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Grade numa frase em (in ingles)

1. It was her real grade.
1. We met in grade school.
1. A high quality eighth grade.
1. This was above his pay grade.
1. In fifth grade it was Barbara.
1. It can be classified in 4 grade.
1. Probably of light grade aluminum.
1. I just hope I can make the grade.
1. He was in his 2nd grade this year.
1. At the end of fifth grade, I was.
1. The silver ones were Sterling grade.
1. Then the first grade had its scandal.
1. The principle of our grade school, St.
1. The equipment wasn’t military grade.
1. So 10th grade wasn’t so great for me.
1. As with the incident in fourth grade.
1. She's in the fourth grade, over at--.
1. The lowest grade Dylan noticed was a B.
1. He used to grade papers for a living.
1. I did a paper on this in grade eight.
1. Darksilver, the teacher for second grade.
1. That one is definitely above my pay grade.
1. Mom, I learned about sex in fifth grade.
1. No, of course not, we have to grade you.
1. In the 4th grade, there has been a small.
1. Each grade must be obtained consecutively.
1. I dropped out of school in the third grade.
1. They select the chosen few in grade school.
1. The student goes in to see about his grade.
1. The handwriting for the letter was Grade A.
1. The eighth grade field day was held in the.
1. You are studying in the fifth grade in school.
1. Underwood was my mom’s fifth grade teacher.
1. It's been that way since 7th grade hasn't it?
1. But the grade school was always nice and cozy.
1. Todd had the biggest crush on her in grade five.
1. One of the tenth grade teachers carried out an.
1. He will leave in the middle of his grade, his.
1. That happens only in some C grade horror movies.
1. The move to the seventh grade was no improvement.

1. Therefore this type of grading or.
2. I believe there is a mistake in the grading process.
3. He hadn’t taken a grading yet and probably wouldn’t.
4. School Grading Systems use a type of hierarchic classification.
5. I believe that all questions of the grading of the child and his.
6. In a bidirectional grading nomenclature (categories), the grading is.
7. His eyes scanned down the page, checking his own grading one more time.
8. Yes, I was grading papers in my office when I decided to tune around.
9. It will be your colleagues, grading your personal style, interpersonal.
10. The motion she’d felt hadn’t all been from the road’s poor grading.
11. In fact, the dogs and us were graded long before the official grading test.
12. To assist you to understand how the marking of a grading occurs, the following.
13. Here's the way Saint Paul's School operated for the grading system that they had.
14. Broken Orange Pekoe Tea is a leaf grading and has nothing whatsoever to do with the.
15. Buttworst could never get over the speed of Roman’s grading, twice as fast as his.
16. The variety of educational grading systems implies a greater frequency of dishonesty.
17. Grading examination rules the same as Senior examinations will apply and include the.
18. To qualify to attend a grading, a junior must have held the grade prior for a minimum of 3 months.
19. I sat in the cab of the yellow truck watching Frank go back and forth on a tractor, grading the road.
20. In the middle of Carol Guilford’s screaming at me about my grading system, my mind began to wander.
21. The standards Swedish slaughterhouses have for grading meat are based on European general regulations.
22. Yahoo has a special service that helps sellers link to an authenticator (expert) or a grading service.
23. For some reason the University of Arizona used a really weird grading system where 1 was an A and 4 was a D.
24. The progress that they can see is arbitrary, the grading method is not concrete, all is left to interpretation.
25. He smiled, but his face looked weary and pale, the way it did when he’d been up all night grading Latin papers.
26. Installing a pool will start at about $40,000 with the gas and electrical, the digging, grading, landscaping, and the fence.
27. If it were true, that punishment cannot satisfy for sin, there would be no possibility of grading the crimes to a certain degree of punishment.
28. Tired from grading papers all day and trying to arrange a successful trip to the local raptor exhibit, he couldn’t help but begin to doze off.
29. He worked for Morgan County grading roads, and he cleared the roads across a large mountain for the school bus to pick up children through the area.
30. I did this by recording my trading activity and grading myself on how well I executed each setup, instead of on how much money I was making or losing.
31. Internal hemorrhoids are classified according to Banov�s grading system that use their degree of prolapse in the anal canal as a measure of severity:.
32. Peter Gibson explained a grading machine was clearing the final area when the blade had ripped into a stone structure, possibly the top of a stone tunnel.
33. A lot of the remaining crew were pretending to follow it, with Delos Alverez trying especially hard to look like he was not only following, but grading it.
34. Most grading systems today are a lie including the No Child Left Behind Program, which I think would be better suited to the label, No Child’s Behind Left.
35. Roger had faced difficult situations before, but none was as de grading, devastating and confounding as this one, for it defiled deeply rooted beliefs and could wreck many lives.
36. While many educators feel that there are serious problems with this system of grading it is not likely to change so long as level 4 awareness remains as prevalent as it is today.
37. He couldn’t see how she took all the verbal abuse from the kids, but he envied her shorter hours and longer vacations, even if she did have to spend some of that time planning lessons or grading papers.
38. The sheer length of the line—not to mention the amount of grading, excavation, and bridge-building which would have been required—made it impossible at the moment, even with Sahndrah Lywys’ Lywysite.
39. Jean nodded, but she had been so busy with lesson plans and grading papers and doing all the bureaucratic busy work that she not made any close friends at this new school and didn’t even have phone numbers.
40. The techniques included group facilitation, entry into a computer of jobs work diagrams, use of an LCD projector to project same, conflict resolution methods and simultaneous grading of the jobs by the HR department in another room at the off-site hotel that was used.
1. Google was graded B+.
2. It was a good way of getting graded.
3. I have graded your Benchmark tests.
4. They were masters of graded refraction.
5. I walked past him but he graded my hand.
6. Hendersen is passing out the now graded algebra tests.
7. The runway was roughly graded and marked by landing lights.
8. Flat washes are easy another type of wash is the graded wash.
9. He opened it, took out the graded exams, and stood behind the desk.
10. It’s time to begin, but fear not since you won’t be graded on it.
11. The beliefs which a man must accept are graded according to his ability.
12. And the point is that we don’t get graded for nailing this to the penny.
13. In fact, the dogs and us were graded long before the official grading test.
14. There you have it! A graded wash is often used to display changes in color tone.
15. They were running for safety here and there under the state of high graded fear.
16. The road had recently been graded and the van was able to keep up a steady pace.
17. The tunnel evened out into an evenly graded downhill slope that was easy to manage.
18. Tom and I graded the apples like Susan instructed us, but, when Joan returned, she.
19. I don’t care what dealer tries to tell you that you should be in rare coins or graded coins.
20. It wasn’t leveled, graded, or graveled, just the sign of a lots of tracks going over crushed.
21. Safes are actually graded according to the time it takes a ‘top’ safe-cracker to open them.
22. Unfortunately, the number of those that are graded highly skilled and experienced has dropped by another 20%.
23. This means you have to do some homework before the election – but don’t worry, you won’t be graded on it.
24. Had I graded my trades by profits, this one would be easy to overlook, but catching 32% of channel earned me an A.
25. At the end of three days, the team was exhausted, but 25 jobs had been described, job descriptions written and graded.
26. Each man graded his copy of the checklist, and together they totaled and averaged their scores to sum up a collective No.
27. If after final exams, teachers are pressed for time, can they take their papers to be graded at the Attica Correctional Institute?
28. An intensive study of the inheritance of color and other coat characters in guinea pigs with special reference to graded variation.
29. Near the bottom at the rear of the town houses the path levelled out and joined up with a graded road which when completed would be two lanes wide.
30. Once agreement had been reached on the job description, it was handed over to two compensation specialists from Corporate Human Resources who graded each job.
31. It had the same long regularly graded retreating slope from above the brows, which were likewise very projecting, like two long promontories thickly wooded on top.
32. Martin looked down at a curling stream that darted in and out of vision with the twisted and graded portions of hills that made this part of the country so uninhabitable.
33. A synchronized state of `here and now` could only be graded and assessed precisely by us, for as long as we could note out exactly what is happening over `thereànd `then`.
34. A synchronized state of `here and now` could only be graded and assessed precisely by us, for as long as we could note out exactly what is happening over `there` and `then`.
35. Hott would be very much impressed, he was demoralized receiving the graded essay and seeing in thick red ink marginalia advising Mac not to use words that are not understood.
36. And so could any computer that graded this paper, but can the intern? Not likely, and she shouldn’t have to struggle or do her own research to end up on the same page as you.
37. Inside, interleaved layers of black velvet separated the many hundreds of stones! This packet contained diamonds, each layer graded to a different size, some cut and some uncut.
38. Anyway, Hamp was hired and he knew what he was doing for he graded the pad off perfect then took his backhoe and dug out the footings for each of the several supports for the trusses.
39. Rather than use actual situations or objects that elicit fear, the patient and the therapist prepare a graded list of hierarchy of anxiety provoking scenes associated with the patients’ fears.
40. And also that if you don’t properly store your baby in the freezer your baby will get weevils and then you have to throw your baby in the garbage instead of later making it into a cake that you’ll be graded on.
1. Club in the lower grades.
2. Got good grades in school.
3. They are of different grades.
4. His grades were proof of that.
5. I have passed with full grades.
6. Her grades would be sent to Texas.
7. Your grades are your top priority.
8. I wouldn't want my grades to suffer.
9. It was a wonder he kept his grades up.
10. Above those grades are only given in.
11. Grades are given by the numbers as well.
12. She got good grades and kept to herself.
13. We've only two second grades, you know.
14. My grades are fine, Brian speaks up.
15. While my grades soared, the team didn’t.
16. Letter grades are, within the context 55.
17. I had to give her good grades for courage.
18. I did get good grades in the last semester.
19. That put him about a million grades above me.
20. My grades are in the top five of the school.
21. The focus is on learning, not student grades.
22. I can't just be all about brains and grades.
23. The grip demonstrated alters trough the grades.
24. I have no intention of letting my grades drop.
25. I taught physical education from Grades 1 to 9.
26. You've got the best grades in the whole school.
27. He knew what kind of grades you would make 34.
28. I hope she will have good grades for this test.
29. Check whether there is a drop in education grades.
30. The grip demonstrated alters throughout the grades.
31. Emerson’s grades improved with every test he took.
32. When she saw the grades, she knew what Tim was up to.
33. Again, because Pappi was known to be cool with grades.
34. They push her hard to be studious, to get good grades.
35. Any drops in grades could affect your child’s future.
36. You go to school, then you work hard to get good grades.
37. Dave had scored reasonable grades in seven GCSEs - not.
38. Tim was trying to get his grades up for that report card.
39. Their skills in sports suffer and good grades are elusive.
40. I passed all my classes with the highest grades, as usual.

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