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Gravely numa frase em (in ingles)

The old man said gravely.
He looked at her gravely.
Dan shook his head gravely.
Ngo nodded to him gravely.
She bowed her head gravely.
She nodded her head gravely.
You made me suffer gravely.

Barron shook his head gravely.
Thomas shook his head gravely.
Her face was gravely serious.
He looked at her very gravely.
Nancy nodded her head gravely.
The boy nodded his head gravely.
Mike then stared at her gravely.
The fish looked gravely troubled.
Stavrogin looked at him gravely.
The old man looked at him gravely.
The prince looked at him gravely.
But Holmes shook his head gravely.
No, said his mother gravely.
I might have been gravely injured.
She nodded and looked gravely at me.
Sarah stared gravely into his eyes.
The latter scrutinised him gravely.
He then looked gravely at the Rabbi.
She then looked gravely at Marshall.
What’s that? Del said gravely.
Madame Hohlakov looked gravely alarmed.
Elizabeth then looked gravely at Moten.
Farah looked at the technician gravely.
The world should be gravely concerned.
Father looked at him gravely, I did.
Hickathrift looked down at her gravely.
Sarah looked at her gravely for a second.
He gazes down at me, and he nods gravely.
One of those women looked at her gravely.
Then Van Helsing turned and said gravely.
In that instant, the vast crowd gravely.
I have few questions? I said gravely.
Hold up there, son, he said gravely.

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