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Grim numa frase em (in ingles)

He looked grim.
A grim necessity.
too grim to reveal.
His smile was grim.
His voice was grim.
Zoe's face was grim.
Her face was grim.

Zig's face was grim.
In a grim voice he.
Bullock looked grim.
His voice turned grim.
It made grim reading.
him with a grim stare.
Quinn's face was grim.
It was decidedly grim.
The house looked grim.
Enter the grim reaper.
They all appeared grim.
His face remained grim.
In the grim aura that.
News from home was grim.
Things are looking grim.
His expression went grim.
His expression was grim.
She had a grim look on.
He nodded, his face grim.
mouth set in a grim frown.
but the grim resignation.
His face was grim and set.
knot of grim faced mothers.

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