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Grind numa frase em (in ingles)

  1. With every grind and jolt.
  2. He wanted to grind his teeth.
  3. The owner of The Daily Grind.
  4. Finely chop or grind the pecans.
  5. She continued to grind and Kent.
  6. Everyone has to be in this grind.
  7. With the grind of the motor, the.
  8. Cami fought to not grind her teeth.
  9. If required grind, sand blast the.
  10. She let that grind for the weekend.
  11. The cogs begin to grind and pound;.
  12. They dry out the berries and grind.
  13. You seem to have an axe to grind.
  14. Coal cars grind past in the wet dark.
  15. Your industries will grind to a 167.
  16. It is better to grind them into flour.
  17. Good, Lise seemed to grind her teeth.
  18. The elevator began to grind as the doors.
  19. But the Daily Grind thing was pretty sweet.
  20. The grind of a gear change, first to second.
  21. Tomorrow would be another sixteen-hour grind.
  22. Grind into a powder or use as an infusion15.
  23. Watermills and windmills turn around and grind.
  24. There’s no-one that can grind bones like him.
  25. After all, Nick now had a massive axe to grind.
  26. Grind this mixture in water into a thick paste.
  27. Grimly he settled to the long grind of the hills.
  28. Grind all ingredients and thoroughly heat in oven.
  29. And you have to be without a usual grind to think.
  30. Combine all ingredients and grind twice through the.
  31. He built a small mill where he would grind his flour.
  32. Millstones are used to grind the wheat into flour so.
  33. Earlier you had to cut 240 mm dia & pads then grind them.
  34. Grind for a few more seconds till the mustard seeds are.
  35. What petition? Madeline’s teeth began to grind.
  36. The gurgle of the falling water made Dunk grind his teeth.
  37. Pimple's idea was to grind more and faster, or so he said.
  38. Grind the coconut with the red chillies and a little water.
  39. In a bowl combine eggs, water, salt, and a grind of pepper.
  40. Peter heard the pens grind against the papers as the words.
  41. Do not throw the pearls to pigs lest they grind it to bits.
  42. Synthetic star shine bursts from the PA and the grind resumes.
  43. He had even paid a miller to grind the dried roots into powder.
  44. It seemed like a practical joke, for there was nothing to grind.
  45. At times the work may be a grind but even so continue till finished.
  46. In other words, it was a constant grind as far as making any amount.
  47. If more particular, grind fresh coconut with roasted red chilli and.
  48. Grind to a paste with the coconut, garlic and water as required to.
  49. She wanted to yank off the ring and grind it in the garbage disposal.
  50. But today's stop at Grind Me with Gina in tow? I never saw that coming.
  51. How does it feel? Have a bit of a bite and grind … that’s the way.
  52. Cam leaned across the counter at The Daily Grind and dropped his voice.
  53. Carefully dry the shelled almonds, then grind to a powder in an electric.
  54. It had taken the group all afternoon to grind the bone into a fine powder.
  55. Millstones are used to grind the wheat into flour so that bread can be made.
  56. I’d ahh… knocked a few back at a dive around the corner from the Grind.
  57. He declined their invitations to sit, stating he had a report to grind out.
  58. It was at this celebrity's wedding once that I went to for the Daily Grind.
  59. However, you must grind it to make flour, so invest in a small hand grinder.
  60. All that remained was for the massive sliding door to grind open and allow.
  61. It’s a grind to write a detailed trading review after the close every day.
  62. I heard its plating grind against the limestone roughness of that coral base.
  63. Without corn almost: every modern process in factories would grind to a halt.
  64. He decided that he would use the boy who cried wolf technique to grind.
  65. Grind the ginger, peppercorns, turmeric powder, onions and green chillies to.
  66. She pushed so hard against the glass partition that she heard the motor grind.
  67. He started to grind in his foot, using the treads of his shoe to press her open.
  68. I fill a large cup with the Grind Me dark roast blend and set it on the counter.
  69. If the hogs won’t eat you, I’ll grind you up and spread you in the field.
  70. Final y they had spent years using every diplomatic trick in the book to grind.
  71. I knew what you were doing out here and couldn’t take the grind there anymore.
  72. If businesses could be valued perfectly, trading would grind to very slow speed.
  73. The woman’s husky, seductive voice made Kathy’s teeth grind with irritation.
  74. Grind some ginger and add a teaspoon of the powder into one cup of boiling water.
  75. If she were to lose the child, I will make it my mission to grind you into dust.
  76. First the sharp turn, then drifting backwards to crumble, grind and shudder to a stop.
  77. As a young bloke sick to death of the daily grind I decided there had to be a better way.
  78. As Harkwell started to grind his teeth in misery, Halfshaft approached him and placed a.
  79. Without steady supplies from the Outer System, Earth’s industries would grind to a halt.
  80. Her teeth start to grind as she angrily says, Alright then Grandma, I'll call back later.
  81. You can also grind the raw potato and put the grinds into a thin cloth to make a compress.
  82. Society would grind to a halt! Production numbers would fall, and production was the economy.
  83. Prices grind higher for about 10 minutes, and then, wham, prices get knocked down from 1176.
  84. Attorney-General rose to spin the rope, grind the axe, and hammer the nails into the scaffold.
  85. With a frown face, Alicia again put her tongue in the deputy’s pussy and began to lick and grind.
  86. And then he was gone, and Jess watched the clock hands grind very, very slowly on towards midnight.
  87. I heard its teeth grind on sheet iron, and the dugong disappeared, taking our harpoon along with it.
  88. The Minion Droid nodded, which caused the gears of its neck to grind and whine in an alarming manner.
  89. It was not intended to promote arbitrary designs by prejudicial jurists with political axes to grind.
  90. Whimpering, I pushed my hips into his leg, and he lifted his knee so that I could grind against him.
  91. Place the spinach and remaining ingredients for filling in the food processor and grind until smooth.
  92. His threshold of pain is almost reached, the joints grind and tendons pop gruesomely with every step.
  93. What we had heard had already given our Egyptian masters another excuse to grind us down even harder.
  94. Could you sit with me for a few minutes? he asks, gesturing to the empty tables filling Grind Me.
  95. Hmm…well, I suppose we better enjoy this while we can, eh? It’s back to the grind in the morning.
  96. To take advantage of it, grind about 3 to 5 birth control pills, and mix it into your bottle of shampoo.
  97. Back at the Daily Grind, Jensen called me into his smoky office to tell me how sorry he was for my loss.
  98. Seeds: Grind seeds with coffee grinder, place into panty hose, tie into ball and allow to soak for 24 hrs.
  99. She lived up in Westchester, away from the grind, with the trees and the squirrels and the Columbo reruns.
  100. She thought of Cassie and the Daily Grind and felt a wave of brutal homesickness for Wishful wash over her.
  1. He was grinding his teeth.
  2. I wake, grinding my teeth.
  3. They made a grinding sound.
  4. He was even grinding his teeth.
  5. I can see the wheels grinding.
  6. It's like a hissing and grinding.
  7. Grinding sawdust between the gears.
  8. Her jaw hurt from grinding her teeth.
  9. That is why grinding should only be.
  10. Her jaw ached from grinding her teeth.
  11. Grinding out new content is worth it.
  12. The grinding noise seemed to get closer.
  13. The roar from the grinding machines was.
  14. Appi heard the machines grinding to a stop.
  15. His life had just come to a grinding halt.
  16. I can see the wheels grinding away in his.
  17. The grinding whir of tyres rang out as the.
  18. It’s back to the grinding stone, tomorrow.
  19. Presently there was a grating, grinding sound.
  20. A most hideous scraping, grinding, grumbling.
  21. In a final grinding jolt, all movement ceased.
  22. Near it were some pottery and a grinding stone.
  23. It’s back to the grinding stone on Monday.
  24. A grinding noise reverberated through the floor.
  25. Nerissa heard him grinding something on a stone.
  26. Andrew’s ankle made a horrible grinding noise.
  27. The old mill's grinding stone had been restored.
  28. Alric was stunned when he heard the grinding pop.
  29. Then the grinding metallic sound of sliding doors.
  30. There was a grinding sound and he stopped abruptly.
  31. The grinding, gusting and sirens stopped, and both.
  32. There was a grinding noise, and then a harsh clatter.
  33. She seemed to be unaware that she was grinding her.
  34. Every reason I became a cop was grinding in my chest.
  35. Such an engineer’s mind grinding away methodically.
  36. His voice was placid, though his teeth were grinding.
  37. Thaniel could hear the clockwork in his mind grinding.
  38. Mattie was grinding something with a mortar and pestle.
  39. The market is grinding up slowly toward the 137 level.
  40. The sound of metal hinges emitted a grinding cacophony.
  41. He saw the grinding poverty of the farmers and laborers.
  42. You’re supposed to remove the hulls before grinding.
  43. There is where the weeping and grinding of teeth will be.
  44. This would increase our grinding work in Fettling Section.
  45. I had the same grinding job the same seventeen miles away.
  46. Goddammit, he whispered, grinding his teeth together.
  47. The sound of grinding gears sparked off a memory for Betty.
  48. The cable became taut and with a grinding sound the chair.
  49. Pressing my back to the elevator wall and grinding into me.
  50. Stanley grunted, handing the map back and grinding his teeth.
  51. Moments later, Elowen heard the grinding of the anchor chain.
  52. The continued absence of Shoop Winkle was grinding The Boss.
  53. Amy can hear the neighborhood gossip mill grinding in her head.
  54. As it was, his jaw was clenched and he was grinding his teeth.
  55. Reading should be fun and interesting and not a grinding chore.
  56. Then came the crunching, grinding sound of stone against stone.
  57. Once the pattern of snoring and grinding teeth settled down in.
  58. There was a grinding noise and the center block slid toward her.
  59. Let’s test this deception, he thought, grinding his teeth here.
  60. It is not about grinding your own wheat or collecting rainwater.
  61. There was the faintest of grinding noises, deep under the earth.
  62. And grinding his teeth again, Pyotr Petrovitch called himself a.
  63. The squeal of small engines followed by a grinding spin of metal.
  64. They walked around and chattered above the sound of the grinding.
  65. The roar of the V-6 engine covered the grumbles and teeth grinding.
  66. There was a grinding sound and a series of clicks and then silence.
  67. She groaned, her teeth grinding as she tried to pull the foal free.
  68. The wheels made a grinding sound as they ground over the loose sand.
  69. A dull thump echoed through the barge as it came to a grinding halt.
  70. The Devil watching all this from a nearby treetop, grinding his teeth.
  71. Even the Minion Droids in the back seat stopped their grinding noises.
  72. I still denying it and rightly so! It was not me who did the grinding.
  73. One hot-dog coming up, he said, grinding his hips into her butt.
  74. She made do with grinding her teeth and turning her back on him again.
  75. The accompanying noise was akin to the grinding of teeth, only louder.
  76. Blades of kitchen knives are sharpened either with a grinding wheel, a.
  77. With the choir grinding out the near hypnotic strains of the call-to-.
  78. It seemed as long as he stood still, he could avoid the grinding teeth.
  79. With a terrible wailing cry and a grinding rush it flung itself forward.
  80. She reacted in a fraction of a second to the rope grinding past her leg.
  81. Killian had fallen asleep next to the fire, grinding his teeth in his sleep.
  82. The reduced tension in the jaws reduces the habit of clenching and grinding.
  83. Edward watched as it drove away, grinding his teeth and clenching his fists.
  84. Do you think he'll hear us? said Lynch, grinding himself to excitement.
  85. A few seconds later, she heard the noise of something grinding against stone.
  86. His words could barely be heard through his grinding teeth and clenched jaw.
  87. She landed on her back and shoulders grinding the back of her head into the.
  88. But he had then started grinding his arse into the poor girl’s scalp, and.
  89. From his grinding teeth, she could see that he was planning a harsh punishment.
  90. Grinding out fresh content on a regular basis is something which you will have.
  91. Grinding to a halt twenty strides from his position, they did not strike, but.
  92. TOOMB lettered on it screeches to a halt and dies a grinding death at the gate.
  93. A few minutes later the cart came to a slow grinding stop as the horses groaned.
  94. Grinding her teeth, Anne prepared to confront Rad but there was no need for that.
  95. The sound of grinding metal and smell of melting plastic was quite overpowering.
  96. This involves becoming aware of the habit of clenching and grinding of the teeth.
  97. Papa Roach makes a dry, grinding sound deep in its throat that’s creepy as hell.
  98. He yelled as he saw the heavy treads of the rear tires grinding towards his body.
  99. The interior bell and tube might then be fastened together, by grinding or luting.
  100. With much grinding of teeth and as a result of many bruises, my child wastes away.
  1. I fell on the ground.
  2. He spat on the ground.
  3. I fell to the ground.
  4. We fell to the ground.
  5. I hit the ground hard.
  6. He fell to the ground.
  7. Mama lay on the ground.
  8. But the ground of all.
  9. Rl2) is at ground level.
  10. Elior lay on the ground.
  11. Fall to the ground with.
  12. She falls to the ground.
  13. They razed to the ground.
  14. Elior was on the ground.
  15. And spins to the ground.
  16. She never hit the ground.
  17. He is lying on the ground.
  18. Black as the cold ground.
  19. From the ground to above.
  20. On the ground the shape.
  21. Theo looked to the ground.
  22. I sat on the ground floor.
  23. Free of moral high ground.
  24. Your head hits the ground.
  25. He hit the ground with a.
  26. He crumpled to the ground.
  27. Merilee lay on the ground.
  28. Baku was on the ground too.
  29. Keith stared at the ground.
  30. How about on the ground?
  31. And keep above the ground?
  32. He col apsed to the ground.
  33. My head beating the ground.
  34. He was still on the ground.
  35. The ground began to tremble.
  36. He lay on the cold ground.
  37. Stretched out on the ground.
  38. I stood rooted to the ground.
  39. His blood soaked the ground.
  40. On the burning Ebony ground.
  41. The ground was starting to.
  42. I slammed him to the ground.
  43. The ground was coming closer.
  44. The ground beneath me changes.
  45. Follow me back to the ground.
  46. My parents fell to the ground.
  47. And kiss the heavenly ground.
  48. I can barely feel the ground.
  49. Josh was still on the ground.
  50. I decided to stand my ground.
  51. He sank to the ground wearily.
  52. Cracks appeared in the ground.
  53. The enemy had the high ground.
  54. I was lowered into the ground.
  55. You have to sit on the ground.
  56. The ground was burning him up.
  57. The ground became slick with.
  58. The house burned to the ground.
  59. I hit the ground with a groan.
  60. Add pizza sauce to ground beef.
  61. Now you’re on complex ground.
  62. Spread out on the ground next.
  63. Cain was a tiller of the ground.
  64. The gun clatters to the ground.
  65. Marv and I looked to the ground.
  66. The wheat was ground into flour.
  67. It is a viable hatching ground.
  68. The intruder fell to the ground.
  69. The following ground rules apply.
  70. On the ground Buey Dan hesitated.
  71. Xavier looked down at the ground.
  72. He was on the ground, covering.
  73. They wrestled him to the ground.
  74. The bullet shell hit the ground.
  75. Dandelions grow in the ground.
  76. He hesitated and then ground out.
  77. I stood my ground, injured, no.
  78. He too was frozen on the ground.
  79. He laid on the ground helplessly.
  80. He paused, and sat on the ground.
  81. Her head bowed toward the ground.
  82. One man stamped the ground with.
  83. He had never been off the ground.
  84. The ground began to shake and I.
  85. I wondered when I hit the ground.
  86. Above ground as long as he liked.
  87. His body was flung to the ground.
  88. On the ground! shouted Hiro.
  89. His body slapped the ground hard.
  90. Snow is on the ground in Chicago.
  91. Dust blew up from the ground in.
  92. A guy fell out and hit the ground.
  93. The armor lay on the ground empty.
  94. For whoever sleeps on the ground.
  95. His feet struck the ground, but.
  96. I pulled up and slid to the ground.
  97. Every dollar that hits the ground.
  98. He threw the bread on the ground.
  99. His hair leans towards the ground.
  100. And he said, Cast it on the ground.
  1. Use leaves, flowers, grinds.
  2. Marques grinds away at his job.
  3. The clock grinds to a near stop.
  4. The market grinds up against headwinds.
  5. He grinds the headphones into his ear.
  6. It grinds men apart slowly to feed off their terror.
  7. He buries his face in his hands, grinds fingers into his eyes.
  8. Cherrie looks away and grinds the end of her cigarette to mush.
  9. The aluminum screeches out in protest as it grinds over the stones.
  10. The fan grinds through years of sticky dust and detritus, whining in complaint.
  11. But when it is ready, it takes place, and grinds to pieces everything before it.
  12. You can also grind the raw potato and put the grinds into a thin cloth to make a compress.
  13. Each of the hundred thousand tiny grains of sand in her fists grinds against its neighbor.
  14. With oh so exquisiteness his grinds into me taking his time not rushing what we have together.
  15. He takes me in my dreams and tortures me, grinds my flesh to sand, rends my love and hope from me, and spits and pisses on me.
  16. As the trend grinds higher, the early, aggressive shorts will be forced to cover, and their buying pressure will, in turn, push the market higher.
  17. Though the mills of the God grind slowly, yet they grind exceedingly small: though with patience He stands waiting, with exactness He grinds them all.
  18. It is very easy to buy a market as it grinds down into a support level, but it would have been much harder to buy the AUDJPY near that extreme support level.
  19. Similarly, God’s Mercy and justice refuse to leave a person in such a mess when they deviate from the straight path, for God’s mill grinds slowly but surely.
  20. Prices may either move higher in a series of tight, stair-step trading ranges, or they will press against the upper channel and slide along that band as the market grinds higher.
  21. She signed her reply, which was polite, but I imagine the British Government are now wishing they'd heeded my warnings as the country grinds to a halt and poisons itself with exhaust fumes.
  22. Even if an extended trend move is a one in a thousand event, if it happens the one time you are being stubborn and adding to a trade as it grinds against you, that one time can put you out of business.
  23. Sunlight flashes from the hood ornaments and chrome fittings as the little procession grinds to a stop on the ringed gravel drive in front of the soaring lichen-streaked walls of the Château de Saint-Malo.
  24. The priest prays over the person, then takes candles in both of his hands and traces the person’s body from heart to feet; then he grinds the candles into the person’s hands and throws them into the fire.
  25. I’ve been so engrossed in the newspapers that I haven’t been paying my usual attention to the journey; it seems as though I’ve only just sat down when the train grinds to its customary halt opposite the red signal.
  26. Worse, because Party A have reached their limit position, the negotiation process being a process of concession and corresponding condition grinds to halt for the simple reason that Party A have nothing more to give, and cannot trade any more.
  27. The mill which had worked them down, was the mill that grinds young people old; the children had ancient faces and grave voices; and upon them, and upon the grown faces, and ploughed into every furrow of age and coming up afresh, was the sigh, Hunger.
  28. The highest grade of pillaging is to take the bones of the deceased and throw it into a monster industrial blender with hardened steel balls which crushes and grinds it to a powder! This my friend is pillaging of the highest degree of a body that does not even belong to you.
  29. This technique will improve your investment performance should the market encounter choppy, sideways action that grinds higher, such as during much of 2004-2007 or during windows of opportunity such as the brief uptrends of September to November 2006 and September to October 2007.
  30. A lunacy has come on him and he meets with evils; And when it comes on him it beats him about; and he foams and grinds his tes and wastes away; and many times it has thrown him into the water and into the fire to destroy him and it hardly leaves him after bruising him; And I brought him near to your disciples and they could P.

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