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Ground numa frase em (in ingles)

  1. I fell on the ground.
  2. He spat on the ground.
  3. I fell to the ground.
  4. We fell to the ground.
  5. I hit the ground hard.

  6. He fell to the ground.
  7. Mama lay on the ground.
  8. But the ground of all.
  9. Rl2) is at ground level.
  10. Elior lay on the ground.
  11. Fall to the ground with.
  12. She falls to the ground.
  13. They razed to the ground.
  14. Elior was on the ground.
  15. And spins to the ground.

  16. She never hit the ground.
  17. He is lying on the ground.
  18. Black as the cold ground.
  19. From the ground to above.
  20. On the ground the shape.
  21. Theo looked to the ground.
  22. I sat on the ground floor.
  23. Free of moral high ground.
  24. Your head hits the ground.
  25. He hit the ground with a.

  26. He crumpled to the ground.
  27. Merilee lay on the ground.
  28. Baku was on the ground too.
  29. Keith stared at the ground.
  30. How about on the ground?
  31. And keep above the ground?
  32. He col apsed to the ground.
  33. My head beating the ground.
  34. He was still on the ground.
  35. The ground began to tremble.
  36. He lay on the cold ground.
  37. Stretched out on the ground.
  38. I stood rooted to the ground.
  39. His blood soaked the ground.
  40. On the burning Ebony ground.
  41. The ground was starting to.
  42. I slammed him to the ground.
  43. The ground was coming closer.
  44. The ground beneath me changes.
  45. Follow me back to the ground.
  46. My parents fell to the ground.
  47. And kiss the heavenly ground.
  48. I can barely feel the ground.
  49. Josh was still on the ground.
  50. I decided to stand my ground.
  51. He sank to the ground wearily.
  52. Cracks appeared in the ground.
  53. The enemy had the high ground.
  54. I was lowered into the ground.
  55. You have to sit on the ground.
  56. The ground was burning him up.
  57. The ground became slick with.
  58. The house burned to the ground.
  59. I hit the ground with a groan.
  60. Add pizza sauce to ground beef.
  61. Now you’re on complex ground.
  62. Spread out on the ground next.
  63. Cain was a tiller of the ground.
  64. The gun clatters to the ground.
  65. Marv and I looked to the ground.
  66. The wheat was ground into flour.
  67. It is a viable hatching ground.
  68. The intruder fell to the ground.
  69. The following ground rules apply.
  70. On the ground Buey Dan hesitated.
  71. Xavier looked down at the ground.
  72. He was on the ground, covering.
  73. They wrestled him to the ground.
  74. The bullet shell hit the ground.
  75. Dandelions grow in the ground.
  76. He hesitated and then ground out.
  77. I stood my ground, injured, no.
  78. He too was frozen on the ground.
  79. He laid on the ground helplessly.
  80. He paused, and sat on the ground.
  81. Her head bowed toward the ground.
  82. One man stamped the ground with.
  83. He had never been off the ground.
  84. The ground began to shake and I.
  85. I wondered when I hit the ground.
  86. Above ground as long as he liked.
  87. His body was flung to the ground.
  88. On the ground! shouted Hiro.
  89. His body slapped the ground hard.
  90. Snow is on the ground in Chicago.
  91. Dust blew up from the ground in.
  92. A guy fell out and hit the ground.
  93. The armor lay on the ground empty.
  94. For whoever sleeps on the ground.
  95. His feet struck the ground, but.
  96. I pulled up and slid to the ground.
  97. Every dollar that hits the ground.
  98. He threw the bread on the ground.
  99. His hair leans towards the ground.
  100. And he said, Cast it on the ground.
  1. A Guide on Grounding and Protection.
  3. Releasing Charged Emotions Through Grounding.
  4. Practice the grounding meditation four times a.
  6. Chi of Chinese Alchemical Taoism, The Grounding of.
  7. I associate the base chakra with grounding, family.
  8. At first, I was a grounding force that kept him out.
  9. Crystals can be very helpful in the grounding process.
  10. The Argosy plane I had to figure out a way of grounding it.
  11. Chi Of Chinese Alchemical Taoism, The Grounding Of Negative.
  12. This is a wonderful tool for grounding yourself and relaxing.
  13. But now – with a strong shoulder, that passed the grounding.
  14. So, after sessions of just grounding the Negative Karmic Mass.
  15. As he was meditating on grounding the Collets one day - as he.
  16. Only by grounding that pain, can the person become integrated.
  17. He probably never knew how grounding that simple statement was.
  18. First by grounding all the pain caused energy filling and powering.
  19. He did conclude however, that his grounding in the bank had stood to him.
  20. He uncoils the grounding wires, raises the aerials, and switches them on.
  21. It controls the heart and circulation system and is grounding and brings a.
  22. These locations increased the probability of grounding and vessel collisions.
  23. It’s so grounding and welcome after the last forty-eight hours of… madness.
  24. For that is where wisdom finds its grounding – in how and with whom one shares.
  25. But by the stars Simon would find another grounding or die a second time in the attempt.
  26. Groaning with the knowledge of loss, Simon felt Johan’s handgrip tighten, grounding him.
  27. As he completed the circle, the solar orb had just broken loose from its grounding on the.
  28. You now have a firm grounding in finding the market trend and understanding how it may change.
  29. Besides that, getting in touch with a loved one is very grounding and uplifting at the same time.
  30. Emma’s grounding lasted only for the weekend but the ban from the forest was in place indefinitely.
  31. Then, heavy rain started to fall, cutting visibility and grounding further transport flights to Lae.
  32. The Coast Guard and several federal, state and local agencies responded to the Mesquite grounding, Capt.
  33. As he completed the circle, the solar orb had just broken loose from its grounding on the eastern horizon.
  34. To his amazement, the water level was slowly dropping, and the subs were grounding on a coarse shingle bottom.
  35. It’s the Fourth Power of the Rainbow, symbolizing the healthy grounding elements of luxuriant growth and conception.
  36. That foul September day, the day the sky was silenced by the grounding of all air traffic, reminded them of Pearl Harbor.
  37. What kind of punishment would they receive for this kind of vandalism? They had all stepped way beyond a simple grounding.
  38. He is not only one of the most well-educated men I have ever met but also a gentle and caring soul with a grounding faith.
  39. The Soul Infused Personality This personality only starts to appear when there has been a period of grounding of negative energies.
  40. In this new age, we have become headier than ever, losing touch with the wisdom of our hearts and the grounding of our stomachs.
  41. When you return to a full standing position again, close your eyes and breathe your feet into the floor, grounding yourself once again.
  42. We do need a grounding in the basics – an intuitive feel for what the different horoscope factors symbolize – and this implies study.
  43. With respect to information, it is not clear that effort, at least in the sense above, plays a great role in grounding the newly informative.
  44. Defenders of the officers and crew of the Mesquite believe that limited resources and long hours contributed to the grounding and sinking of the vessel.
  45. John Lynch was relieved of command of the USCGC Mesquite after the grounding, refused to resign his commission, and faced a military court in August 1990.
  46. My mother assured me that I wasn't as she was grounding up more Atavin to put in my orange soda, the only thing I chose to ingest at this point for some reason.
  47. Ethics are organic systems grounding our social agendas and institutions within the environs – the forests and groves, fruit and seed – of our created will and intentional acts.
  48. They live within hailing distance of the safe waters of rest, but they refuse to enter because the noble craft of the good Buddha met the misfortune of grounding just outside the harbor.
  49. When all were up and starting off, we were forced to head almost directly into the wind so as to gain offing, not willing to risk grounding on any bars the river outflows might have created.
  50. He was quoted by two sources as telling them the recruit would probably forget about a grounding wire and that when Carson made the same mistake and tried moving it, be sure to stand clear.
  51. Our natural grounding, our original concrete understanding of right and wrong, is our cultural value anchor which arises from the societal institutions that are present during the formation of our self-willed beliefs.
  52. Because fiber-optic cable uses light instead of electricity, nearly all of the problems inherent in copper cable, such as electromagnetic interference, crosstalk, and the need for grounding, are completely eliminated.
  53. The sailors and Fusiliers on the oars pulled like mad and we came up grounding on the sand farther back those that were left jumped into the sea and we started wading ashore as the bullets continued to churn the sea in frenzy.
  54. We will just have to hope that the tide is right and hasn’t stranded everything! It will probably be best if you concentrate all your strength on the barges, one at a time, to be sure that you can overcome any grounding problems.
  55. Moshe, incredulous at seeing that they, having been the last in line, had now somehow become first, called out, Naaman, signal the others to stop! Yigal, look for a place to tie up without grounding! We need to see what we have left.
  56. The cable may also suffer from increased attenuation and other problems because the effectiveness of the shielding is highly dependent on a multitude of factors, including the composition and thickness of the shielding, the type and location of the EMI in the area, and the nature of the grounding structure.
  57. We got to Part IV, Design and Execution, with a firm grounding in finding the market trend and stocks to trade with it, and completed the preparation by adding an understanding of how options tools can be used to enhance the stock trade setups by adding leverage, reducing capital employed, and managing risk.
  58. I am occupied with starting a general outline, with the impartation of ideas, with the grounding of a few basic concepts in the consciousness of the reader, and with an attempt to clothe this most abstruse and difficult subject in such a form that some new rhythm of thought may be set in motion, and some new realisations be grasped and held.
  59. But as the visitor is constantly changed, the less experienced students are puzzled by the different methods advocated, and flounder hopelessly for want of a definite system to work on; although for a student already in possession of a good grounding there is much to be said for the system, as contact with the different masters widens their outlook.
  60. Chinese Alchemical Taoism, The Grounding Of Negative Energies,.
  1. To my dismay he grounded me.
  2. A hand on his arm grounded him.
  3. That was it? We were grounded?
  4. A delusion is grounded in fear.
  5. Poor Charlie was still grounded.
  6. Dad, am I still grounded?
  7. On those intervals are grounded.
  8. We appear grounded in Transylvania.
  9. Francis had a sense of being grounded.
  10. I got grounded and they accused me of.
  11. That they had to be grounded in reality.
  12. It grounded me and helped me to come back.
  13. Uar was revitalized and grounded after the.
  14. And you are grounded, that is plain to see.
  15. Kathy was basically "grounded" to our room.
  16. We weren’t quite psychically grounded yet.
  17. And Joe! I’d be grounded till I was forty.
  18. On August 6, Al Ulbrickson grounded the boys.
  19. I bet I grounded out through my hands and feet.
  20. I grounded out once and struck out twice, both.
  21. Consider yourself grounded until further notice.
  22. I really would’ve been grounded by Father, then.
  23. She used his strength to stay grounded and awake.
  24. I’ll probably be grounded for the rest of my life.
  25. It’s imaginative, yet grounded in the real world.
  26. The helicopters were grounded, refueled and rearmed.
  27. I also feel much more grounded in my own philosophy.
  28. CCD is grounded in the mechanics of capital structure.
  29. You know, I’m rather well grounded in basic theory.
  30. Reality is grounded in an absence, a lack of observed.
  31. His heart pounded and his eyes felt grounded in his head.
  32. That meant that his planes would be grounded for a few.
  33. You are grounded until a proper hearing can be arranged.
  34. It was grounded in the belief in the man whom she loved.
  35. These chains are keeping some of God’s eagles grounded.
  36. Sufi sm is grounded upon activity of the teacher that is.
  37. How sweetly they shone, and how firmly they were grounded.
  38. With a thud that threw us all forward the steamer grounded.
  39. They were being filled with the word of God and grounded in.
  40. Stepping over the bodies of the grounded men, the two raced.
  41. He had been thrown almost back onto the barge as it grounded.
  42. Somehow, remembering his instructions made her feel grounded.
  43. All flights have been grounded until further notification.
  44. Moses grounded the golden calf into dust and mixed with water.
  45. He finally felt like he was firmly grounded in the real world.
  46. He rarely looks into matters of angels who have been Grounded.
  47. Things not grounded move in waves ahead of Aaron, the same way.
  48. On the shore there were a few of the ships grounded for repairs.
  49. Grounded and established in God, in no way can they become proud.
  50. The Mastery of Relationships, I grounded, Transmuted and sent on.
  51. Get out of my face? she grounded out through clenched teeth.
  52. Annyeke’s voice tumbled in to his consciousness and grounded him.
  53. Heavy rains then turned the roads to mud and grounded the Luftwaffe.
  54. If your education was better grounded in the classics, you would.
  55. The time I spent with Sam was worth it as long as I was not grounded.
  56. If an angel is Grounded he will be reduced forever to a life on Earth.
  57. When they hear about last night I’m probably going to be grounded for.
  58. Insurance companies, like banks and thrifts, are grounded on portfolios.
  59. The pressure on his psyche receded and Eric was back to feeling grounded.
  60. The whole Air Force is grounded and most of our missiles are inoperative.
  61. She knew she’d be grounded for months if the stupid puppy had run away.
  62. In this way we are al grounded and humbled, whether sinners or righteous.
  63. It is important that you, as the manager of TOMIC, be grounded in reality.
  64. That means you believe my experiences are grounded in some kind of reality.
  65. Maybe man is defined by something or things that are not grounded in nature.
  66. To be persuasive, these must be grounded in facts that are public knowledge.
  67. He stood, his old gun grounded, his hand grasping the barrel near the muzzle.
  68. That discipline keeps us grounded, and helps us keep mistakes in perspective.
  69. Just before the bow grounded as the barge began its turn, Azareel loosed his.
  70. Since the meanings of truth and reality are grounded in absence, propositions.
  71. What if I cut class and got caught? They’d call my mom and I’d be grounded.
  72. Manaea, spear in hand with the butt grounded, followed behind and to his right.
  73. Any and all myths are grounded in this ephemeral sense of 'This is all there is.
  74. Missiology should be grounded and rooted in Biblical theology rather than being.
  75. In this section, I show you how to stay grounded while investing in this market.
  76. A few similar ships grounded themselves on the Italian coast with no living crew.
  77. Garth was alarmed lest they should never be well grounded in grammar and geography.
  78. When an angel has given all of their third coating away, it is called being Grounded.
  79. It had been days since Sophia was grounded and Jericho could not contact her anymore.
  80. This is a critical practice for being grounded and centered, for the purposes of our.
  81. The concept of illusionary perceptions is thus grounded within the realm of empirical.
  82. The reason is the experience is grounded in the work of God not in the person himself.
  83. All eighteen Augusta helicopters are grounded because there is just no money for fuel.
  84. My sister overheard us and told my mother, says Francine, She grounded me for.
  85. It is not grounded like wisdom and compassion and can therefore be uprooted and removed.
  86. I am very upset to hear about the mechanical problems that have grounded Air Force One.
  87. Moses grounded the golden calf, mixed it with water and forced the Israelites to drink it.
  88. I told you that you’re grounded young man! I can’t believe you’re doing this….
  89. When our purpose becomes understanding each other, then our meaning is grounded upon sharing.
  90. Descending in an elevator suggests that you are being grounded or coming back down to reality.
  91. The drovers, amidst a swirl of dust and sand, desperately grappled with the grounded soldiers.
  92. You get that in a bridge, when the piers are inadequately grounded and start to splay apart.
  93. You never dare about women and kids, and grounded them with soles of boots of running soldiers.
  94. This is what is meant by being grounded in reality and acting as a rational agent in that world.
  95. This sheath, when properly grounded, converts ambient noise into a current, just like an antenna.
  96. In every case, there are still facts, but although what we know is grounded in the facts, how the.
  97. His guard, standing behind him with grounded arms, watched him from below with a sort of religion.
  98. It is grounded on the passing of the act of the 1st of March, 1809, and it is grounded on that alone.
  99. Yes, I drove to the airport and blow me down, when I got to the airport, the plane had been grounded.
  100. But this inference is chiefly grounded on analogy, and it is immaterial whether or not it be accepted.
  1. He landed in the grounds.
  2. He was in the grounds.
  3. Grounds stuck to his lips.
  4. On the grounds that Mr.
  5. Not just on moral grounds.
  6. He saw no one in the grounds.
  7. He entered the priory grounds.
  8. This is grounds for a mistrial.
  9. The Killing Grounds of Lebanon.
  10. The van headed for the grounds.
  11. The grounds behind were a mess.
  12. Land, and on the same grounds!.
  13. It was situated in grounds of an.
  14. We zoomed out of the grounds of St.
  15. But on what grounds? she said.
  16. She proposed a walk in the grounds.
  17. And seek the sober grounds of truth.
  18. Grounds of the Mologne House Hotel.
  19. He had good grounds for an outburst.
  20. On what grounds do they believe this.
  21. Ogle, on the grounds that he has been.
  22. I will have a look around the grounds.
  23. The appeal had no grounds whatever.
  24. I see, I guess that would be grounds.
  25. Abuses me to damn me: I'll have grounds.
  26. Catholic, he had no grounds for a divorce.
  27. It doesn't give any grounds for optimism.
  28. He named a restaurant on the fair grounds.
  29. Harvard president on grounds of, 59–60.
  30. The rest lay on the village grounds, dead.
  31. At the breeding grounds, they will again.
  32. Pa tossed his coffee grounds out of his cup.
  33. Reluctantly James left the hatching grounds.
  34. But do not buy it on the grounds that you.
  35. It is necessary to find grounds for appeal.
  36. Dunk headed back toward the tilting grounds.
  37. Even walking on the grounds he was not safe.
  38. There he studied the grounds for an instant.
  39. The Castle grounds were very green and fresh.
  40. We can cut across the grounds to my dorm.
  41. As I entered the Stores grounds I spied Roy.
  42. Illusion grounds itself in the transition of.
  43. On what grounds do they believe this? To the.
  44. When at the burial grounds, she described the.
  45. Once the party reached the outer grounds, the.
  46. The grounds have many nature trails to explore.
  47. Outside the SOCO team were scouring the grounds.
  48. When far more certain are the grounds of fear?
  49. I object to the approach on a number of grounds.
  50. The grounds were immaculately landscaped, with.
  51. That wasn’t the grounds that Stenarch cited.
  52. He could have brought the girl into the grounds.
  53. Possible payment on grounds of convenience, etc.
  54. He’d swerved right, towards university grounds.
  55. Law Objectionable but Criticized on Wrong Grounds.
  56. Lucy and her mother both liked those grounds, as.
  57. They were then led to the feeding grounds by Rah.
  58. I’m only voicing my objections on the grounds.
  59. Man should oppose on solid grounds of opposition.
  60. And she continued on through the cemetery grounds.
  61. There would possibly be grounds for a prosecution.
  62. I scanned the area, deciding to leave the grounds.
  63. This is the house, this big one in its own grounds.
  64. Grounds of the old Walter Reed Army Medical Center.
  65. The engagement moved onto the grounds from the dock.
  66. All grounds for optimism were summarily eliminated.
  67. After what seemed like hours they left the grounds.
  68. I then was able to live on solid grounds of self-.
  69. The man and the female are in the hatching grounds.
  70. Kissing me on school grounds is out of the question.
  71. The large villa and grounds had an aura of elegance.
  72. The grounds of the church were chock ful of ornate.
  73. We still don’t have grounds to search the place.
  74. Jake, dragons are approaching the hatching grounds!.
  75. They passed through a gate into Merthin’ s grounds.
  76. It still surprises me that I broke my moral grounds.
  77. Corey and I entered the carnival grounds and headed.
  78. The battles we fight are not on training grounds.
  79. I couldn’t believe how incredible the grounds were.
  80. We’re nearly on the palace grounds, says Loki.
  81. I stayed put within the rest area grounds, not doing.
  82. Schwartz were then led out to the grounds by a nurse.
  83. Do you know the grounds of the charges? I asked.
  84. Somehow I knew my soul was attached to these grounds.
  85. I believe we have sufficient grounds, Ford said.
  86. In the infantry, a can of worms is grounds for mutiny.
  87. O Father-Mother Lord of the Charnel Grounds come here.
  88. What additional attractions might the grounds contain?
  89. As soon at he got to within the grounds, they’d know.
  90. He was allowed time walking the grounds with an escort.
  91. As the prince entered the palace grounds a great cheer.
  92. Scott entered the vast verdant grounds of the institute.
  93. There are, however, no grounds for assuming that more.
  94. Is this grounds for an insanity defense for the jury?
  95. The manor grounds hadn't been tended to in a long time.
  96. You there! Chambers called from across the grounds.
  97. They finally let her leave the hospital on the grounds.
  98. The charcoal suits buzzed the gate, entering the grounds.
  99. Apparently, a cult had taken the woods as their grounds.
  100. The manicured grounds where she had found peace from the.

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