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Gruesome numa frase em (in ingles)

It became a gruesome sight.
Gruesome jumped to his feet.
Gruesome stared into the fire.
These are the rules of gruesome.
You know the rules of gruesome?
It was gruesome, the way Howdy.
The sight was gruesome and awful.

Gruesome, horrible ends in those.
Gruesome stared at the little girl.
But Gruesome was already past them.
Gruesome admired the man’s heart.
The Honorless are not like Gruesome.
Early on, it was sloppy and gruesome.
It is an honor, glorious Gruesome.
Pjodarr, Gruesome held up a hand.
The girl finds it amusing and gruesome.
Two more of the animals rushed Gruesome.
This is a very bloody and gruesome sport.
Gruesome could see the pain in her eyes.
I try not to think of the gruesome parts.
Their stories were too gruesome to recall.
Gruesome enough to set off the gag reflex.
Gruesome had to marvel at the pace he kept.
The voice was cut off with a gruesome noise.
This is a reward? Gruesome was shocked.
Gruesome and Pjodarr stared at the young man.
He told a series of sad and gruesome stories.
It was a gruesome sight—well, not for Yeltsa.
He looked back toward Gruesome and his master.
Chief Gruesome, ‘tis good to see ye again.
Gruesome promptly stood and bowed to the dwarf.
Gruesome realized the old Honorless still lived.
I could have saved her from this gruesome fate.
Gruesome wondered what went on behind the mask.
Bowhunting in particular is a gruesome practice.
Gruesome kicked his knee into the old one's gut.
Because of the gruesome experiences of that war.
A gruesome horror flick from the 60's was showing.
Apparently there have been a couple of gruesome.
Gruesome turned his attention to the old man as well.

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