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Guesswork numa frase em (in ingles)

  1. Here, it was all guesswork.
  2. His testimony is pure guesswork.
  3. There is no guesswork in their procedures.
  4. Guesswork it reduced itself to eventually.
  5. Teller had fanned the flames with his guesswork.

  6. I think we’re in the realm to total guesswork here.
  7. Instead, they engage in guesswork about future stock prices.
  8. He knew too that like Jason Teller they were doing a lot of guesswork.
  9. This is only a speculation and guesswork of some adventurous scientists.
  10. As to whether he's pulling something big off, that's possible too, but it's guesswork.
  11. The ladies' guesswork flattered his vanity wonderfully; he was as pleased as he could be.
  12. Whether that was through good design guesswork or through sheer luck was still to be determined.
  13. If I come back there, I will, I stated this in my big teacher voice that left nothing to guesswork.
  14. He was sick of all the secrecy and the guesswork involved with trying to unearth Miss Simone’s great plan.
  15. Until we get more we could only guess and I don’t think guesswork would lead us anywhere at this critical point in time.

  16. The trouble is that the points are never in a straight line and where the tech draws his line is more guesswork than science.
  17. They didn't even have instruments for taking their bearings, they went by guesswork in the midst of currents they barely knew.
  18. Good fortune, aided by guesswork and a minor deception, had allowed them to retain the clockwork castle and the silver birdcage.
  19. Much of what is history prior to this year is actually just as-sumption and educated guesswork based on ancient human remains and.
  20. She took a sip then started telling Vicky everything she knew for a fact so far, and what her guesswork and deductions were pointing her towards.
  21. Perlmutter had provided variations on this depiction of my Jane Doe to account for the artistry and guesswork that had gone into creating the image.
  22. The third part of this assumption signifies that a broad causal connection exists between accumulating surplus and future earning power, so that common-stock selection is not a matter purely of chance or guesswork but should be governed by an analysis of past records in relation to current market prices.

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