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Guff numa frase em (in ingles)

  1. As Christians, we put up with a lot of guff; like the.
  2. This extra guidance was to slot in with all the usual guff about Jupiter coming.
  3. He also admired how Sonja never took no guff from anybody not even his sisters who once had to learn the hard way Sonja don't play.
  4. The rich were horrified to find out that the lower classes actually believed the guff that had been spouted during the Revolutionary war and they were acting on it and organizing themselves against them.
  5. If it wasn’t for you, Elkanah, I swear I should die of listening to nothing but frogs tuning up and swallows twittering and old fools swapping guff, he went on, sourly, and then he suddenly cocked his ear, for a new note sounded faintly from the marsh.

  6. Why is that? Why do you expect that this destructive irresponsibility to your own health can be easily ignored, and you can do anything you want, eat anything you want, live anyway you want… and only after the consequences of what you ate, and how you lived, and what you did catch up with you: this idiotic Myth called a healthcare system is supposed to somehow mechanically fix whatever you have been doing wrong all your life? Using only expensive drugs, chemicals and mechanical repairs? Is it because you are too lazy? Or is it because do not have enough time to deal with your own health? Or is it because you actually believed all the guff spouted about medicine, and the special powers of Doctors? Is it because you have taken the level of your own health for granted all your life?

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