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  1. Ron Hubbard hallmark that he vehemently.
  2. Unfortunately, the hallmark of masculine-minded.
  3. Creativity is another hallmark of a super affiliate.
  4. High return on equity is a hallmark of a growth stock.
  5. This is the hallmark of a saint who has attained the.

  6. Sincerity, not Intention, is the Hallmark of Forgiveness.
  7. Obsessive ways of doing things are a hallmark of a cult.
  8. In fact, being compassionate has become the hallmark of.
  9. Non-separation, or not-two-ness, is the hallmark of non-duality.
  10. The hallmark of her work has been respect for the individual.
  11. Ralph Waldo Emerson informs us that it is the hallmark of a small mind.
  12. This approach has remained a hallmark of Miller’s style through the years.
  13. Hallmark, Susan lasted less than two months before leaving with the buy-out.
  14. Compassion, an antidote to intolerance, is the hallmark of Level 5 awareness.
  15. Inspecting the base first, Steve found the hallmark that told him the box was.

  16. A hallmark of space-time is its great expanse and diversity, hence a macrocosmos.
  17. The hallmark of quarterly analysis is to anticipate a large jump in EVA before it.
  18. She says that charity or compassion is the hallmark of the egoless (unitive) state.
  19. Suddenly, our Hallmark moment was interrupted by a rude gurgle echoing from the left.
  20. The hallmark symptom of psoriasis is well-defined, red patches of skin covered by a.
  21. She knew that anomia, a pathological tip of the tongue, was another hallmark symptom.
  22. Susan had been with Hunter's Mill for 24 years before Hallmark bought the company in.
  23. Susan was having a great week until this moment with her mother, with Hallmark calling.
  24. This is a hallmark of the ancient symbolized wisdom of this region, which flowed from a.
  25. Aren't you glad that God doesn't bless us only on Hallmark holidays? That His love for us.

  26. After this, Hallmark was looking to consolidate corporate positions and Susan was offered.
  27. Consistency is the hallmark of great investors and is what separates them from everyone else.
  28. Gingerbread was used as a structural element in some styles, hair thin was the hallmark of others.
  29. Throughout history, the over-intensive use of tools has been the hallmark of every privileged class.
  30. Another meaning of a seal is that of a mark of distinction or hallmark, as in the term Solomon’s.
  31. Leave aside kama, can there be a hallmark of comparison, of attributes of the creation, unique to the individuals.
  32. Often the task in Eastern art is to stay within a genre rather than having to inventa new one, the hallmark of the.
  33. The Kennedy parents encouraged close bonds among the children, which became a hallmark of the family dynamic in the years to come.
  34. Knowing when to use oscillators and when to rely on trend-following indicators is a hallmark of a mature analyst (see Chapter 39).
  35. The hallmark symptom of a yeast infection is itching of the external and internal genitalia, which is often associated with a white.
  36. What is the hallmark of all Ancient Gods? Exploding into rage and laying waste to the land by catastrophic acts of uncontrolled anger.
  37. Inside I expected a hallmark saying something like, Feel better soon, but it was more than that; he had hand-written a poem himself.
  38. And the world recognizes the bearers of these names as those who have the hallmark of admission into the reserved social corners of America.
  39. I think it’s safe to say that the ease and familiarity that early humans experienced in slipping between the two states was a hallmark of our early minds.
  40. These arcane little clues of his had become something of a hallmark, but to actually be there when one of them was discovered? A unique thrill, to say the least.
  41. Bonnie also well-knew the four core personality types that Stalkers dealt with, so she quickly arrived at insincerity as the hallmark of Josh’s side of their relationship.
  42. Avoiding emotional attachment to trading decisions is a key skill of competent trading, and being able to immediately and unemotionally exit a losing trade is a hallmark of a master trader.
  43. Park not only contributed greatly to the strength and vitality of America through his business endeavors, he followed the altruistic spirit that is the hallmark of so many of our entrepreneurial leaders.
  44. The way he bristled at the mention of the name ‘Roscius Avienus’, and then slackened with an almost forced conge-niality was a hallmark of deception that he had long since grown accustomed to identifying.
  45. In the distance, they could see the tall, red brick Lamberti Clock Tower, the hallmark of the city, standing guard since 1172 over the snaking and curving River Adige and the red-roofed buildings of the city.
  46. At the risk of sounding like a Hallmark card, I think love is like a ray of sunlight, traveling for all eternity through space, deeper and deeper into infinity; like that ray of light, it never ceases to exist.
  47. If the evolution of the animal kingdom was marked by the relative strength and speed so as to survive, the hallmark of human evolution was the furtherance of strength through cerebral power to enable domination.
  48. The hallmark of the Universe’s fourth intercession into mankind’s development would be a world of mechanisms rather than mediums, purposefully designed to limit man’s ability for destruction as his nations spread across the earth.
  49. After Tara had left, Roopa found herself contemplating, ‘What a stylish carriage she has, backed by that confident manner! Won’t she make the hallmark of grace itself? Oh, there’s something casual about her remarkable beauty as well.
  50. The failed Japanese bond offering is very bad, but also due to the fact that the Japanese have failed to let bad debt fail and allow their system to clean itself out via the ‘creative destruction’ process that is the hallmark of our system.
  51. The first stair shivered as they ascended it, the second stair took them directly to her front door, it opened slowly like a Christmas card advert and Byron the consumer held his breath as if in anticipation of all good hallmark kitten soft moments.
  52. We are face to face with a weird and gloomy case—a case of a contemporary character, if I may say so—a case possessing, in the fullest sense of the word, the hallmark of time, and circumstances pointing to a person and life of different surroundings.
  53. And while they're at it perhaps even shrink the size of the storage area down from the four football fields it appears to occupy so when the old corpses drag themselves back there for each and every customer that has had the misfortune of walking through the Hallmark doors and decided to purchase something they could be gone for less than an hour.
  54. While I appreciate the fact that the folks at Hallmark Cards went to the trouble of exhuming the two ladies working at the checkout, and will no doubt return them to their graves after the holiday rush is over, there to wait until next season's shopping frenzy again summons them from the cold confines of their caskets, I do wish they could move the storeroom, where they apparently keep the boxes in which every little ceramic figurine comes in, a little closer to the front counter.

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  1. Banks can finance against hallmarked gold jewellery which ensures the quality of.
  1. Hallmarks of the world we live in.
  2. The hallmarks of an extremely pragmatic killer.
  3. Indeed, they should be considered hallmarks of.
  4. Impractical Designs are the hallmarks of Wishful Thinking!.
  5. Atman has three steady hallmarks: being, consciousness and bliss.
  6. This has all the hallmarks of a professional hit team on a mission.
  7. Very clearly, the dream had all of the hallmarks of a sacred, archetypal drama.
  8. It had the hallmarks of birth and death and rebirth and all the attributes of.
  9. Furthermore, the Quran and the Five Pillars of Islam have all the hallmarks of.
  10. It has the hallmarks of a love affair but will develop into something more serious.
  11. Those are hallmarks of their blatant disrespect for you, the young doctor stated.
  12. Zombies can’t breed with other humans that is one of the hallmarks of what makes a species.
  13. Obama displays the following behaviors, which are among the hallmarks of pathological narcissism:.
  14. I believed she’d been forced off the road---the incident had all the hallmarks of Odd Job’s handiwork.
  15. Although America’s record was far from perfect, selective forgetting was one of the hallmarks of blind utopianism.
  16. Men, movies and magazines all paid tribute to the more recognized hallmarks of a woman, whether clad, half-clad or unclad.
  17. Granted, the hallmarks of democracy are there: candidate lists, parties, election propaganda, a plurality of media, and voting.
  18. As a consequence, increased care, thoroughness, and discipline represent hallmarks of successful investors in less liquid markets.
  19. Something told her, that the evil that was about to be unleashed soon would be have all the hallmarks of a terrible Greek tragedy.
  20. It has all the hallmarks of one: the phony companies on each end, the Commodore and the Japanese embassy, and the export of munitions.
  21. There is no placing a price tag on such exemplary qualities that, in my estimation, are the hallmarks of a truly ―successful‖ individual.
  22. However, it then played the joker, this hid the fact that our 'tourist resort' had all the hallmarks of a rat infested borstal of a correction house.
  23. In sunlight, it bore all the hallmarks of a tired rental property in need of a dash of investment and a dollop of TLC, a far cry from the country mansion she had fled back in England.
  24. Unfortunately in the aisles of somewhere that had all the hallmarks of a supermarket save for the lack of anything to actually buy, we walked up and down despondently revising our hasty surmise.
  25. Compassion and forgiveness of others, which are the hallmarks of selflessness and charity, move you closer to happiness because these virtues take your focus off your personal needs and desires.
  26. It is no wonder that Hitler's Lebensraum colonial movement - Nazism - possessed all the hallmarks of an institutional religion: priesthood, rites, rituals, temples, worship, catechism, mythology.
  27. But a copycat was unlikely because so far the full extent of the injuries to the other murdered women had not been made public, and this latest body had all the hallmarks of the same deranged murderer.
  28. There is nothing remarkable about any of these skills taken individually, but their deep assimilation into a whole that seems to be greater than the sum of the parts is one of the hallmarks of mastery.
  29. Unlike a ludicrously surreal dream with its incoherence unquestioned, this bore all the hallmarks of normalcy, except it was an idealised version: troubles in easily resolvable forms, rather then any improved coping ability on his part.
  30. Crystal goblets in the richly ornamented mahogany cabinet, thick Persian carpets, burgundy red leather dining room chairs with brass tacks, silver candlesticks with hallmarks stamped underneath, oil paintings under diminutive wall lamps, paper-thin Meissen porcelain cups with real coffee and cream.

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