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  1. He had a firm solid handshake.
  2. Vivek fumbled with the handshake.
  3. Carter was weary of the handshake.
  4. Better yet, give a wet handshake.
  5. It was done deal, sealed with a handshake.

  6. Greg extended his visitor a warm handshake.
  7. Paul's hand was icy cold and his handshake.
  8. Good eye contact, firm handshake, confident.
  9. The confidant handshake reminds him of his wife.
  10. The handshake exchanged by the two was firm and sharp.
  11. He extended his hand and again received no handshake.
  12. Theresa placed her other hand on top of the handshake.
  13. His careful smile and dry handshake gave nothing away.
  14. He shook Smith by the hand; he had a very firm handshake.
  15. He had wide shoulders, big arms, and a strong handshake.

  16. The morning ended with a handshake and several apologies.
  17. Anyway, the handshake was first used in Yemen, according.
  18. Thankfully the man’s handshake was neither firm nor limp.
  19. Tears flowing freely she gave him a hurried handshake as he.
  20. Joey abruptly ended the handshake when he realized something.
  21. She presented herself to Ingrid with a smile and a handshake.
  22. Nancy then left the store after a last handshake with Samuel.
  23. The academician greeted her with a firm handshake and a smile.
  24. Brandon let go of the handshake and looked at him with a sly.
  25. He was shocked when the girl stuck out her hand for a handshake.

  26. He accepted his formality of a handshake extending his hand in.
  27. Again he gripped Tom’s hand, gave him a solid handshake, and.
  28. Reacher said, How would you characterize that handshake?
  29. He always stopped and offered up a smile and a handshake or a hug.
  30. And now he was standing before me forwarding his hand for handshake.
  31. Watson had an incredibly strong handshake for somebody that looked 70.
  32. We greeted each other with a firm handshake, kisses on the cheeks and.
  33. Good! See you then, ok? He said; extending his hands for handshake.
  34. They then parted with a handshake, with Larsen going to brief his pilots.
  35. Eventually Roy stopped, stood up and introduced himself with a handshake.
  36. They initiated a complicated handshake that took half a minute to complete.
  37. He took her hand; there was great comfort for her in his masculine handshake.
  38. He fully expected it to be crushed, but the handshake was gentle; limp even.
  39. George Thorpe, his hand out to receive the hearty handshake which his uncle.
  40. The Patriarch insisted, the hand still extended for a handshake, and said:.
  41. It was then his turn to extend his right hand to share a handshake with Tina.
  42. They exchanged a firm handshake as she admitted to being half of an hour early.
  43. He was dressed in a good gray suit, wore pricey shoes, and had a strong handshake.
  44. For the fisherman, there was something liberating about performing the handshake.
  45. He offered his hand to the man and braced himself for a bone crusher of a handshake.
  46. Refusing his handshake, Ingrid spoke in a hard tone while staring into Felt’s eyes.
  47. Kennedy were friendly but not as emotional, limited to an handshake and a few words.
  48. Could I try the strawberry cotton dip? said Peter as he extended a handshake to Mr.
  49. He handed Nick a certificate which he received absentmindedly with a handshake that.
  50. He knew about my mental state, and that my assignment was part of a golden handshake.
  51. It seems to Emerson that it lasts maybe a second longer than a handshake normally does.
  52. Captain Steel greeted them with a warm smile and firm handshake, as they mounted the deck.
  53. I'd rather have a hearty English handshake than all the sentimental salutations in France.
  54. Mister Durning, Mister Snaithe, he said warmly, giving each in turn a firm handshake.
  55. LP put out his hand and gave the man a secret Mason handshake, then they went on their way.
  56. The girls were presented with a rhinestone necklace each; Anthony and I received a handshake.
  57. She’d just had a handshake deal with Johnny the entire time they’d been working together.
  58. He is a hand full, she replied while struggling to offer a handshake and keeping hold of Bob.
  59. But then, he shouldn’t have failed to grasp the force of my love in the grip of our handshake.
  60. She didn’t at first favor me with a smile, but her handshake was firm and her manner welcoming.
  61. A common fallacy is that we should squeeze the hand during this monumental time of the handshake.
  62. They locked arms in the Roman forearm handshake, like Charlton Heston and Stephen Boyd in Ben-Hur.
  63. She clasped his firm handshake and felt his respect and his sincerity when he said, Thanks, Yuki.
  64. Paul’s attorney gets up from the table and greets the State Attorney with a strong handshake, then a.
  65. He held out a hand for a handshake, but it wavered with Joey’s uncertainty with how to greet the alien.
  66. So you can’t be shy about extending your hand to greet those you meet with a firm and self-assured handshake.
  67. Peter did not realize it at the time but the handshake episode turned the bank manager into Peter's biggest fan.
  68. He greeted the pilot and radar officer that came down with a vigorous handshake once they set foot on the tarmac.
  69. The two boys were happy that they had pulled off this heist, and began to give each other their secret handshake.
  70. Sometimes she thought she could tell almost how good a boy would be in bed - just by the strength of his handshake.
  71. Hey, Nyoman! This is really nice, guy! he said as he went toward the man and put out his hand for a handshake.
  72. Her pro-offered handshake to one of the facility‘s administrators was politely rebuffed for ―religious‖ reasons.
  73. MC Frank-N-Stein appeared at Danny’s side and attempted an intricate handshake, but Danny just wasn’t in the mood.
  74. There is a handshake deal to settle Tate, but I can’t find anything in writing, Jeff said as he flipped a page.
  75. Miles Felton introduced himself with a firm handshake and promised he’d get to the bottom of what was bothering Gato.
  76. Ingrid got up and saluted Ben-Gurion, who nodded his head but did not offer his hand for a handshake, then left the office.
  77. He expected a hug or a handshake, or even a bow, but she only looked at him with a peculiar expression, and shook her head.
  78. Only I must ask you to postpone the question of new year's gifts, and temporarily accept a hearty handshake in their place.
  79. Andrew waited until Sensei answered another question and asked, Is it true that you’ve done it through a handshake?
  80. For the moment, at least, Clare Kendall was an absorbing study, as she greeted us with a frank, jerky straight-arm handshake.
  81. He took it with a great deal of circumspection, expecting his hand to be crushed, but the handshake was surprisingly gentle.
  82. But the 2nd handshake is the promise kept, with both hands open, not simply offering, but giving the help they have in hand.
  83. When he pumped my hand I recalled that Roosevelt didn’t consider a handshake successful unless it resulted in physical pain.
  84. He was a stocky built muscular building worker with a strong handshake and had the loudest gravel voice that Matthew ever heard.
  85. Andy Stoneman and his dad exchanged non-committal shrugs and an awkward handshake, while his mom patted them both on the elbow.
  86. Farrow, my brotha, Nog said as he and Farrow exchanged a pretty in depth secret handshake followed by a jumping chest bump.
  87. She hugged everbody in the church, an� then the whole church gathered �round to hug Ray an� give him a friendly handshake.
  88. Once the TCP three-way handshake is complete, the server transmits a greeting to the client, usually in the form of an +OK reply.
  89. When the interviewer comes to the room to meet you, do not offer your hand for a handshake unless the interviewer offers his hand.
  90. But he was able to recover in time, and he said goodbye to Florentino Ariza with a handshake that was more resigned than grateful.
  91. He extended his hand out to the deputy warden for a handshake, which the warden reluctantly took with somewhat of a baby’s grip.
  92. So, you realize that we are providing this loan against your company’s assets? Price confirmed before accepting the handshake.
  93. Alec sneered as he returned the handshake, clamping down on his supple flesh until his grip was beyond firm and nowhere near friendly.
  94. His days as a petroleum landman in East Texas taught him the value of a shoe leather and handshake approach to information gathering.
  95. He applied for his own little grant, he burned his bridges with you, he gave MARY memory, and I offered him no more than a handshake.
  96. Parting with a handshake, Ingrid then walked out of Radford’s office, prompting Hien in jumping out of her sofa to run into her arms.
  97. MC Frank-N-Stein smiled as Danny approached and raised his hand for a complicated handshake, but it became clear he couldn’t manage it.
  98. Here is my hand, the 2nd handshake of promise kept, hold it and let us make a union, let us step our transcendence in this movement to care.
  99. Travis dropped two small packages wrapped in Syran wrap into the cup and gave the man a handshake taking the money from the man's possession.
  100. Aazuria raised her eyebrows at being called a sea-wench but she returned the woman’s handshake and nodded head in acceptance of her apology.

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