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Handsome numa frase em (in ingles)

He was a handsome boy.
I hope I was handsome.
I tie a very handsome.
You all look so handsome.
Steve was a handsome jock.
The handsome and the kind.
Miller is a handsome man.

He made a handsome picture.
Very ill and very handsome.
He was a handsome teenager.
Also, he was very handsome.
Handsome is as handsome does.
Being witty and handsome, Dr.
He was very handsome, with.
We'd make a handsome profit.
He was handsome, funny, loyal.
I call ’em pretty handsome.
He was forty, handsome, and.
Her mother was handsome and.
They were both very handsome.
Handsome is and handsome does.
The boy was handsome, full of.
Huh, oh yes, quite handsome.
He looked as handsome as she.
You look handsome in those.
He looks handsome, noble even.
No handsome man waiting for me.
So he isn’t exactly handsome.
Uncle Ted is not a handsome man.
He still had handsome features.
Despite the offer of handsome.
The father was tall and handsome.
He was also a very handsome guy.
My, what a handsome boy you are.
His face was rugged and handsome.
And his face was rather handsome.
Handsome, and cold, and arrogant.
Kevin is also very, very handsome.
He was still incredibly handsome.
He was handsome, polite, from a.

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handsome big bighearted bounteous bountiful giving liberal openhanded

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