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Hassock numa frase em (in ingles)

1. I was on the hassock, with my long legs spread out in her general direction.
2. She stumbled backward against a hassock and barely caught herself from falling.
3. John sat down on a tassel-fringed hassock and told me he was glad that I had called.
4. She saw him kneel on the hassock, push his hair out of his eyes, look at her cunt, then at her tits, heard him sigh, swear softly, and then felt his lips kissing her belly.
5. I quickened our step; I wanted to get there before the question between us opened up much further; I reflected hungrily that, for more than an hour, he would have to be silent; and I thought with envy of the comparative dusk of the pew and of the almost spiritual help of the hassock on which I might bend my knees.

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