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Hearty numa frase em (in ingles)

  1. He had a hearty laugh.
  2. Come on hearty, buck up.
  3. We had a hearty laughed.
  4. They had a hearty laugh.
  5. It was a hearty variety.

  6. In a word, a hearty one.
  7. Al were fed a hearty meal.
  8. Joan let out a hearty laugh.
  9. He had such a hearty chuckle.
  10. Missy laughed a hearty laugh.
  11. Aaron produces a hearty laugh.
  12. Thanks for the hearty welcome.
  13. His breakfast was a hearty one.
  14. We had a hearty laughed together.
  15. John laughed his deep hearty laugh.

  16. I hope your appetites are hearty.
  17. I will say a hearty Amen to that.
  18. Thomas burst out with a hearty chuckle.
  19. Why, laughter, cries and hearty chatter.
  20. This was my Thank You: a hearty Fuck You.
  21. Barry gave a hearty laugh to my nonsense.
  22. He enjoyed a hearty belly laugh over that.
  23. Thomas’s laugh was hearty and heartfelt.
  24. March, with both hands out and a hearty.
  25. We had a hearty dinner of everything you.

  26. Meaty, hearty news that journalists eat up.
  27. The baby was crying now, real hearty wails.
  28. I had a hearty laugh at Louie Newman, one.
  29. The man smiled, then laughed a hearty laugh.
  30. A hearty murmur of assent ran round the table.
  31. To their credit they gave her a hearty welcome.
  32. The artificial hearty fake laugh of the killer.
  33. They had a hearty laughed holding their stomachs.
  34. Apropos of that quagmire, you're a hearty animal.
  35. Mayank had a hearty laugh as he knew it too well.
  36. The group gave their hearty consent simply because.
  37. They all enjoyed a hearty breakfast, even if there.
  38. After his hearty welcome and commendation,118 an-.
  39. They read his speech and gave it a hearty approval.
  40. Shahu cracked a joke, and we all had a hearty laugh.
  41. It was delicious, hearty and undoubtedly nourishing.
  42. It has a hearty texture with a yeasty, nutty flavor.
  43. He laughs, a hearty chuckle that makes me chuckle too.
  44. Diane didn’t worry, that was for less hearty women.
  45. And an old woman singing in a frail but hearty voice.
  46. Following a hearty pull, I hit the floor with a thump.
  47. When the peculiar and hearty laughter of Hawkeye was.
  48. His big belly wiggled as he leaned back into a hearty.
  49. The Elf Prince shattered her fears with a hearty laugh.
  50. Punctually at 7:30, both sat down and enjoyed a hearty.
  51. The school day was over! Finally! After having a hearty.
  52. Grow into potatoes and hearty feasts for all the workers.
  53. Gabrielle had lovingly prepared another hearty French meal.
  54. Joey patted Redbolt’s stomach and fell how hearty it was.
  55. The gentleman laughed his hearty laugh again, then gave me.
  56. But the danger was too great, and after some hearty kisses.
  57. Donovan and Brandela feasted on thick, hot, hearty stew and.
  58. A huge clap and hearty cheers rang out within the room as a.
  59. Nyla wasn’t sure about the arrangement and after a hearty.
  60. The Burgomeister downed a hearty swig from his mug and smiled.
  61. The others soon followed and joined in with their own hearty.
  62. At his table he received us happily and was extremely hearty.
  63. He threw back his head in a hearty laugh and grabbed her hand.
  64. What about a wig? suggested Gaskin, booming with hearty.
  65. Duncan and Alexei were introduced and received a hearty welcome.
  66. Back in medieval days, women had to be hearty and hard working.
  67. After their hearty lunch, Nyla fell back asleep and the others.
  68. Look here what I got, Fish said with a hearty smile as he.
  69. After their hearty breakfast at the hotel that also served as an.
  70. Such fun, such tremulous joy, such tumbling and hearty screaming.
  71. We see in it also a hearty appreciation of more specialized work.
  72. His mother was busying herself preparing a hearty cooked breakfast.
  73. And after eating a hearty lunch worthy of growing boys, Bobby and.
  74. Akua chuckled, a nice hearty one, the kind that makes you want more.
  75. She had a hearty breakfast which she ate without looking at people.
  76. Thick plumes of smoke wafted high, evidence of a hearty fire inside.
  77. A new hearty plant that could resist the intense UV rays, had been.
  78. With hearty returns, my present to your past I here resolve to chain.
  79. After having a hearty breakfast of everything you could imagine we.
  80. She looked forward to a bowl of Thea’s hearty pottage for apteron.
  81. This vegetarian chili recipe is so hearty; no one will miss the meat.
  82. He bestowed his hearty approbation however on their species of house.
  83. You can puree cucumbers and other vegetables into a hearty cold soup.
  84. They agreed to make camp, and after a few hours of sleep and a hearty.
  85. Poor Victor was a dead man in four days--a strong, hearty young fellow.
  86. His cheeks hot, he took a hearty slug of wine to recover his composure.
  87. The group paid the bill and thanked him for cooking such a hearty meal.
  88. Follow us now to the City of our Lord where we will make a hearty feast.
  89. Spelman's hearty approval and Belle's encouragement, they did just that.
  90. Th e active mindful and hearty prayer is like this: take a seat that.
  91. No, his horse; of which we each of us ate a slice with a hearty appetite.
  92. It has had my hearty concurrence, and my zealous, though feeble, support.
  93. I know Caro, I know what a party hearty wench she is; and she's familiar.
  94. Black tea with a blend of special spices _ strong, hearty & full flavoured.
  95. Upon hearing that Danny gave a hearty laugh, You’re always funny, Joe.
  96. Cassius eagerly accepted the hand proffered him and gave it a hearty two-.
  97. Dane Tevid had a large and hearty breakfast waiting for Tarak and his party.
  98. Brother and gave him hearty congratulations as the Blazing Star disappeared.
  99. Euric masked his anxiety with a hearty laugh in reply, Absolutely, Decanus.
  100. George Thorpe, his hand out to receive the hearty handshake which his uncle.

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hearty lusty satisfying solid square substantial

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