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Heavy numa frase em (in ingles)

  1. It is heavy to carry.
  2. He was heavy but he.
  3. The air was so heavy.
  4. It seemed a bit heavy.
  5. The load is too heavy.

  6. He heaved a heavy sigh.
  7. They pay a heavy price.
  8. He was aware of heavy.
  9. She paid a heavy price.
  10. The air was heavy and.
  11. In comes the heavy mob.
  12. It was heavy and chunky.
  13. Only one but very heavy.
  14. A heavy set woman came.
  15. He lets out a heavy sigh.

  16. But now that the heavy.
  17. The heavy cloud of pipe.
  18. It was too heavy to move.
  19. It was too heavy to stay.
  20. He blinked in the heavy.
  21. The stress must be heavy.
  22. There is heavy and light.
  23. It was too heavy for him.
  24. Pinch the tops for heavy.
  25. She released a heavy sigh.

  26. Stars hang heavy in the.
  27. He seemed heavy of heart.
  28. They also found a heavy.
  29. My clothing is too heavy.
  30. He could hear the heavy.
  31. A heavy one seemed to be.
  32. So with a heavy eyed grin.
  33. It was heavy with traffic.
  34. Too heavy for the old nag.
  35. Oh, a dark, heavy set man.
  36. The air was hot and heavy.
  37. That's a heavy idea, Mr.
  38. The bar was hard and heavy.
  39. I hate these heavy traffics.
  40. So the affinity for heavy.
  41. We've to pay its heavy cost.
  42. It sat heavy on my stomach.
  43. To weigh heavy on the other.
  44. The very silence was heavy.
  45. Egyptians, but gold is heavy.
  46. His heavy eyes rarely smiled.
  47. I’m in heavy like for you.
  48. My mom released a heavy sigh.
  49. This chest is heavy, though.
  50. Ainura felt the heavy load.
  51. Just the heavy scarlet mist.
  52. Mistrust hung heavy in the.
  53. The air was still and heavy.
  54. My heart was heavy and worn.
  55. The hum of the heavy steel.
  56. Do what the heavy hitters do.
  57. And shook his heavy head—.
  58. To her surprise, the heavy.
  59. My make-up is way too heavy.
  60. The heavy nurse was wearing.
  61. The sobs were loud and heavy.
  62. But this was no heavy object.
  63. He quickly opened the heavy.
  64. The air felt heavy, a musky.
  65. He did so with a heavy heart.
  66. The air became so heavy and.
  67. I’m usually a heavy sleeper.
  68. Of very heavy galvanized pipe.
  69. Place dal in a heavy saucepan.
  70. It was a heavy week last week.
  71. Inside the cylinder of heavy.
  72. I returned with a heavy heart.
  73. McGarren nodded his heavy head.
  74. The air is heavy with tension.
  75. I heard their heavy pounding.
  76. The atmosphere was very heavy.
  77. Traffic was heavy for mid week.
  78. He threw open the heavy drapes.
  79. It’s a heavy knitted sweater.
  80. How heavy is that thing?
  81. All is quiet but heavy panting.
  82. It was a heavy metal concert.
  83. It was just about heavy enough.
  84. Sounds a bit heavy, he said.
  85. The heavy rain had hidden his.
  86. A heavy wooden table had been.
  87. It was a heavy burden to carry.
  88. Something was heavy in my hands.
  89. Indecision weighed heavy on him.
  90. Their lives played heavy on them.
  91. The helmet was heavy on my head.
  92. His feet didn’t seem as heavy.
  93. Better than Jons heavy brigade.
  94. Yeah, but the press was heavy.
  95. He pulled a heavy hand through.
  96. Yosef pointed at the heavy rock.
  97. This was heavy stuff, he judged.
  98. It’s heavy, said the boy.
  99. My soul had never felt so heavy.
  100. Heavy boots on the boards of St.

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