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Heavy numa frase em (in ingles)

He was heavy but he.
It seemed a bit heavy.
The air was so heavy.
It is heavy to carry.
He heaved a heavy sigh.
The load is too heavy.
In comes the heavy mob.

The air was heavy and.
They pay a heavy price.
She paid a heavy price.
He was aware of heavy.
It was heavy and chunky.
He lets out a heavy sigh.
Only one but very heavy.
A heavy set woman came.
But now that the heavy.
He seemed heavy of heart.
He could hear the heavy.
He blinked in the heavy.
There is heavy and light.
Stars hang heavy in the.
They also found a heavy.
The stress must be heavy.
It was too heavy to move.
It was too heavy to stay.
Pinch the tops for heavy.
My clothing is too heavy.
The heavy cloud of pipe.
She released a heavy sigh.
It was too heavy for him.
It was heavy with traffic.
A heavy one seemed to be.
That's a heavy idea, Mr.
So with a heavy eyed grin.
Oh, a dark, heavy set man.
The air was hot and heavy.
Too heavy for the old nag.
I hate these heavy traffics.
So the affinity for heavy.
We've to pay its heavy cost.

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