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1. Researchers detected a fiery giant double helix in.
2. The spiral set of stairs wound in an unending helix.
3. I have sensed recent movement in the Helix of the Planes.
4. The Helix of the Planar Mandala is as the ancient tomes suggest.
5. In order of preference, the Helix is the easiest on the tooling, followed by.
6. Restadicus and I have discussed the ramifications of the Helix of Planes many times.
7. There are records of a variety of Planes, manifesting respective energies in the Latticework of the Planar Helix.

8. One shell, the Helix pomatia, after having been thus treated, and again hybernating, was put into sea-water for twenty days and perfectly recovered.
9. When they are dead, and inspected under a microscope; they have molecular bonds at regular intervals holding the two matching helix spirals together.
10. An attempt to return to the previous state of order to the Helix of the Planes will incite a serious power struggle with the Harad Ghul and the devious specters who assist them.
11. It is remarkable, seeing how well the Helix pomatia resisted with me the salt-water, that not one of fifty-four specimens belonging to four other species of Helix tried by Aucapitaine recovered.
12. As this Helix has a thick calcareous operculum I removed it, and when it had formed a new membranous one, I again immersed it for fourteen days in sea-water, and again it recovered and crawled away.
13. The alpha helix structure of proteins is yet another, higher level of Dynamic Balance; these are so complex that the ensuing structures and bonds created can only be fully appreciated and understood by using three-dimensional models.
14. Just as long as it could mix with the minerals and everlasting enzymes that lived inside the magical Well in such abundance it forms an extra helix of genetic code that is sustained by these life-giving anomalies as they take on the form of a carbon atom.
15. And unbeknownst to the early inhabitants of the British Isles, there developed a kind of human who carried a giant helix of genes, twice the number of a normal human, and capable at any time of giving birth to the Taltos or a malformed elfin child struggling to be one.

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