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Hint numa frase em (in ingles)

  1. I got the hint; I.
  2. Yes, that was a hint.
  3. She could take a hint.
  4. Each name has a hint.
  5. He caught the hint of.

  6. Not a hint of a clue.
  7. I'll give you a hint.
  8. Not even a hint of smoke.
  9. He'd taken the hint and.
  10. Any hint of a subject?'.
  11. Still no hint of a smile.
  12. Maybe they had some hint.
  13. She did not miss the hint.
  14. Little hint Keta, I said.
  15. He gives no hint that he.

  16. I obeyed the hint; but Mrs.
  17. Paul was waiting for a hint.
  18. There was no hint of hurry.
  19. There was a hint of ginger.
  20. There was a hint of extra.
  21. He gave no hint about who.
  22. Here’s a hint: December 7.
  23. This time Don took the hint.
  24. At the hint he understood her.
  25. There was no hint of trouble.

  26. Was that a hint of jealousy?
  27. Marguerite took the hint and.
  28. I would hint that I’m upset.
  29. Trace of beauty, hint of slime.
  30. Hint: Use the knowledge that.
  31. A hint of dawn glinted on the.
  32. Can you give me a hint?
  33. A sigh and the hint of a quiver.
  34. It’s clearer for hint to see.
  35. Touch of manner, hint of mood;.
  36. Richter gave the hint of a smile.
  37. There’s a hint at the solution.
  38. That was enough of a hint for me.
  39. Ethan smiled with a hint of fang.
  40. So I took the hint, and came too.
  41. There is even a hint of a self.
  42. No hint that anything is working.
  43. The hint must have been positive.
  44. Hint: the word should be nuclear.
  45. No hint of a pack in the vicinity.
  46. There was maybe a hint of a smile.
  47. We see a hint of the vampires we.
  48. But I must be content with a hint.
  49. Some guys just can’t take a hint.
  50. She saw no hint of humor or guile.
  51. In these times a hint often acts.
  52. His face offered no hint of malice.
  53. Thick bastards can’t take a hint.
  54. A hint of a smile on Isaac’s face.
  55. He’s never had a hint of scandal.
  56. I even sensed a little hint of joy.
  57. Then, you quickly hint at a solution.
  58. Wow, that’s what I call a hint.
  59. With just a hint of death and ashes.
  60. M: A hint is all that one can expect.
  61. A hint of a smile tugged at his lips.
  62. TK speaks without a hint of emotion.
  63. But he had already given her a hint.
  64. They got the hint and moved on ahead.
  65. The red glows were some sort of hint.
  66. I smell and taste a hint of burnt air.
  67. Ethan grinned at the hint of mischief.
  68. This hint was enough to bind my hands.
  69. This hint was enough to bind our hands.
  70. Andrew had given me no hint about this.
  71. Maybe you could give me a hint, sir.
  72. I pretended not to have taken the hint.
  73. No heavings hint that winds have been.
  74. The country gave a hint of colour to.
  75. There was the hint of pine in the air.
  76. Long Island Tea with a hint of lemon.
  77. Lorene was showing a hint of discomfort.
  78. There was not even the hint of a hint!.
  79. They should get the hint at this point.
  80. He wore a hard mask, no hint of emotion.
  81. Here’s a second hint: your sister.
  82. There was no hint of a breeze anywhere.
  83. Rory got the hint and headed to the bar.
  84. I can still smell a hint of her perfume.
  85. Showing a hint of cleavage in the front.
  86. Maybe she would catch the hint that he.
  87. Surely there should be a hint of guilt.
  88. There wasn’t a hint of artifice about.
  89. I suppose that’s a hint, she said.
  90. I didn’t mean to drop any sort of hint.
  91. A hint of something meaty tinged the air.
  92. Reader, this hint is only too much needed.
  93. Do I detect a hint of British there?
  94. There was a hint of sadness in her voice.
  95. I suppose you have no hint to give me?
  96. He understood the hint and took up his hat.
  97. Noah took the hint and dropped the subject.
  98. I’ll give you a hint, he continued.
  99. So he waited for the hint that never came.
  100. Yes… you’d think you’d take the hint.
  1. He knew what she was hinting at.
  2. Sonja knew what he was hinting at.
  3. Jimmy knows what she is hinting at.
  4. Vinny finally got what she was hinting at.
  5. So, I changed its mood by hinting breakfast.
  6. But you are hinting that I might know?
  7. Maybe, that’s the compromise Tara was hinting at.
  8. Vague at first, but the insights grew, hinting at.
  9. He was all but hinting she should give up her courses.
  10. This is also an important statement hinting that this.
  11. Alternatively, the dream may be hinting at some sexual matter.
  12. Miss Lovensky gracefully extended her arms hinting Alex to push the.
  13. Sephiroth…? repeated Cloud, hushing his voice to one hinting.
  14. Hinting at a task that would be good, but never asking the coachee to.
  15. I'm sure that's what the police keep hinting, they just can't prove it.
  16. By that time we were going steady and he started hinting about marriage.
  17. Suppliers fed up too, one or two hinting they'll stop credit terms any day.
  18. Vague images of his recent past were distant, only hinting at what took place.
  19. But this is who I am Lezura, Joey said in a low voice, hinting of despair.
  20. Sultan embraced him, the envious vizir meanwhile hinting that it was the work of.
  21. Repetitive in the trader’s life, Knowlan’s eyes sagged, hinting at an early bed.
  22. I am not hinting about you; pardon me! I am very unfortunate today in my expressions.
  23. President Alexander glanced at his watch, hinting that the meeting was coming to a close.
  24. So, the God?s prescription is…, he asked her, hinting her to complete the sentence.
  25. Mayank smiled at Ashish?s comments and pressed the hands of Guddi hinting her not to react.
  26. He had been hinting on the new ways he would surprise her sexually and all she did was laugh.
  27. He said someone was coming to see him at four, hinting that he would like me to leave by four.
  28. There was a green hue to the bottom of the clouds, hinting at the possibility of rain and hail.
  29. Let me, he whispered seductively, his breath hinting of butterscotch once again, please you.
  30. Did you read any of the files? He asked, his tone not hinting at what the right answer would be.
  31. He began hinting at his feelings, in fact, and one day, as he was going, he squeezed my hand terribly hard.
  32. It’s lovely to meet you, my dear, she said, her voice hinting at an accent that I could not quite place.
  33. He's starting to consider taking those etiquette lessons that the king was hinting at the last time they spoke.
  34. And she just stares at you like you’re an idiot for even hinting that she might be involved in something shady.
  35. He was handsome, in a certain way like a young Mishima, hinting at decorum, silent infidelities, and moral devotion.
  36. He held her without coaxing her to stop and without hinting that he’d do anything but hold her for as long as she cried.
  37. One has therefore to learn to read between the lines and see what the phrases indicate and what the report is hinting at.
  38. The writer is hinting at the water! In the past, the distribution of water was done by only a handful of major facilities.
  39. After that thought, he noticed the sound of a lone television set hinting to the sacred privacy he had rudely interrupted.
  40. Also, they had offered her a supply line of grass whenever she wanted it, hinting that they had a few operations going on.
  41. The judge wore a simple black coat over a very substantial frame, hinting that the way to his heart was through his stomach.
  42. The ruins of the old smelters still stood and were now silhouetted slightly by a gradual brightening sky hinting of sunrise.
  43. It was half past six, and dusk had given way to darkness, the autumn air hinting at even cooler temperatures as the evening wore on.
  44. It was possible to interpret this volume action as hinting that there was greater enthusiasm and strength among buyers than sellers.
  45. In the center of the wall, at head-height, was an inlaid statue of a fat frog with tightly sealed lips hinting up in a satiated smirk.
  46. Note also that the retracement ended with a long-legged doji session, a clear reversal sign hinting that the uptrend was about to resume.
  47. I composed a splendid, charming letter to him, imploring him to apologize to me, and hinting rather plainly at a duel in case of refusal.
  48. All the way Petya had been preparing himself to behave with Denisov as befitted a grownup man and an officer- without hinting at their previous acquaintance.
  49. Everyone seemed to be speaking prophetically, hinting at some misfortune or sorrow to come; they had all looked at him as though they knew something which he did not know.
  50. Pardon me, sir; let me have him, said the gentleman, with something of austerity, as if hinting that the presence of a clergyman was more superfluous than necessary.
  51. The light was such an intensity of blue flame that it lit up the cavern all around us, as if hinting at the presence of some rare jewel hidden within the heart of the ship.
  52. Usually the interrogator starts with a few formal pleasantries and introduction, hinting that they know everything and want it confirmed by the interviewee, for the record.
  53. Jeff’s the name,’ he offered his hand to me while with the other hand he nervously twirled the Buddha-shaped mandala that hung round his neck, hinting at his nervousness.
  54. What if she was too stubborn, too angry, too bitter; too prideful to tell him? To let him know? God knows she was hinting around about marriage, but he had never thought to inquire why.
  55. This same employer had until now always treated me fairly, but when I received a phone call from a Mr Liebman hinting at another, better paying job, I went to find out what was behind it.
  56. At this moment I am regarding the subject from the universal standpoint, and am not hinting at our unfriendly relations with Germany, which are but a trifling incident in the world's history.
  57. Still not quite sure what she was hinting at, and acutely aware of the previous night’s activities, John mutely followed as Venarya led him to a part of the house that he had not yet visited.
  58. Don Antonio offered to arrange the matter at the capital, whither he was compelled to go on some other business, hinting that many a difficult affair was settled there with the help of favour and bribes.
  59. Although you might be tempted to think that I just painted a portrait of a 'good guy' and a 'bad guy', I state, unreservedly, that I am not suggesting, or even hinting at which sort of Initiate you should become.
  60. So you've been doing your homework, haven't you? About your father in law, he probably suspected something, but I succeeded in diverting his suspicions by hinting the possibility of marrying you to his second son.
  61. Memories of holiday cards he’d seen it on led to memories of Regan, who on the phone yesterday had been hinting pretty unsubtly that she had a date … and then to the kids, whom he was taking to tonight’s Mets game.
  62. The depiction of settlers moving up the beach with the vague outline of a ship in the background and a view of the great mountains in the distance didn’t seem to be hinting at anything greater that need be bothered with.
  63. But no doubt at that first interview he succeeded in hinting quite clearly that I had a document, and letting her know that it was a secret, and that only he, Lambert, was in possession of it, and that I was intending to revenge myself on Mme.
  64. From the first Avdotia was very fond of calling herself our stepmother and hinting that, since children and servants usually adopt an unjust and hostile attitude towards a woman thus situated, her own position was likely to prove a difficult one.
  65. Teaching intelligently, guessing my inexperience, leading me on as if I was the initiator and she the seduced, reluctant but giving in, hinting the next step, telling me no and acquiescing until I, the little bumpkin, finally understood that she was no virgin.
  66. In Berlin, the German Foreign Minister, Count Zimmerman, sent a telegram to the German ambassador to Mexico hinting that if Mexico supported Germany in a war with the US, the Germans would give them all the land they’d lost to America in Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas.
  67. The doctor's manner of cold detachment from the rest of the Europeans led Sotillo on, till, from conjecture to conjecture, he arrived at hinting that in his opinion this was a putup job on the part of Charles Gould, in order to get hold of that immense treasure all to himself.
  68. It must be noted that Kolya understood and divined what was in Dardanelov's heart and, of course, despised him profoundly for his feelings; he had in the past been so tactless as to show this contempt before his mother, hinting vaguely that he knew what Dardanelov was after.
  69. On the contrary, she had her own version of her son's sudden departure; she told them with tears how he had come to say good-bye to her, hinting that she alone knew many mysterious and important facts, and that Rodya had many very powerful enemies, so that it was necessary for him to be in hiding.
  70. On the contrary, she had her own version of her son's sudden departure; she told them with tears how he had come to say good‐bye to her, hinting that she alone knew many mysterious and important facts, and that Rodya had many very powerful enemies, so that it was necessary for him to be in hiding.
  71. She finds enough voice to get a piano teacher, mostly out of the relative’s insistence (her grandmother, the previous owner of the piano) and he is a nice university student who comes once a week and remains steadfastly polite about the state of the piano, never hinting to her mother that it should be tuned, to her knowledge.
  72. But, sir, it has been said that the people of the East would not bear the continuance of the embargo any longer—that they would force their way in trade; hinting, I presume, that they would openly rebel against your laws if they were not allowed to pursue their usual course in commerce, by which they subscribe to those nefarious Orders in Council, which is tribute of the most degrading kind.
  73. My aunt and uncle began chatting about the crazy obsession the surfers share for beach life and I knew it wouldn't be long before he'd start hinting that it was about time I learned to swim, even though we had long ago agreed that I would only go with them to a beach as long as I didn't have to go in the sea, which I never did because I hated the water, the salt and the cold, and also I hated being so thin.
  74. Brooke had continually, in his talk with Sir James Chettam, been presupposing or hinting that the intention of cutting off the entail was still maintained; and the day on which his pen gave the daring invitation, he went to Freshitt expressly to intimate that he had a stronger sense than ever of the reasons for taking that energetic step as a precaution against any mixture of low blood in the heir of the Brookes.
  75. Brooke's patience to the utmost, displeased his grandfather by practicing half the afternoon, frightened the maidservants half out of their wits by mischievously hinting that one of his dogs was going mad, and, after high words with the stableman about some fancied neglect of his horse, he had flung himself into his hammock to fume over the stupidity of the world in general, till the peace of the lovely day quieted him in spite of himself.
  76. But once, the mood was on him too deep for common regardings; and as with heavy, lumber-like pace he was measuring the ship from taffrail to mainmast, Stubb, the old second mate, came up from below, with a certain unassured, deprecating humorousness, hinted that if Captain Ahab was pleased to walk the planks, then, no one could say nay; but there might be some way of muffling the noise; hinting something indistinctly and hesitatingly about a globe of tow, and the insertion into it, of the ivory heel.
  77. As he mounted the deck, Ahab abruptly accosted him, without at all heeding what he had in his hand; but in his broken lingo, the German soon evinced his complete ignorance of the White Whale; immediately turning the conversation to his lamp-feeder and oil can, with some remarks touching his having to turn into his hammock at night in profound darkness—his last drop of Bremen oil being gone, and not a single flying-fish yet captured to supply the deficiency; concluding by hinting that his ship was indeed what in the Fishery is technically called a CLEAN one (that is, an empty one), well deserving the name of Jungfrau or the Virgin.
  78. This is all hinting to a pre-Inca,.
  1. She hinted at it too.
  2. The doubt hinted by Mr.
  3. This was only hinted at.
  4. He has hinted at suicide.
  5. Each time she hinted at.
  6. You've hinted at a sequel.
  7. He hinted obliquely at a.
  8. She hinted at her wild sex.
  9. Talbot hinted that it was dire.
  10. I’ve hinted at it often enough.
  11. It hinted, too, though not to Mr.
  12. Anubis hinted I was on the right.
  13. I have already hinted to you the.
  14. I already hinted at that with the.
  15. You think I'm an amateur? I hinted.
  16. Now a wicked sprite hinted to Charly.
  17. The old man's hinted thought was true.
  18. A few guests hinted that the rooms were.
  19. They hinted at Southern Spain, sir, the.
  20. Surely such mental problems hinted at a.
  21. A megauniverse is hinted at by Einsteinś.
  22. I merely hinted to her: Now, be careful!.
  23. The effect was beautiful yet hinted a threat.
  24. Danny had hinted in the lyrics about oral sex.
  25. One contrast with the mind, as we have hinted.
  26. Ares hinted that he’d been having dreams, too.
  27. Hinted timidly the head, there was no one around.
  28. His mind-scent hinted of freshly shaven wood chips.
  29. Maybe you should try it sometime, Lisa hinted.
  30. I can have someone do that for you, he hinted.
  31. The girls hinted at lewd conduct, but legally they.
  32. His voice was hoarse and hinted of a southern accent.
  33. She hinted at a smile, but her trust for Doug was lost.
  34. This strongly hinted that a downtrend would come next.
  35. Hackbutt hadn't hinted it, that I was a Servile Crawler.
  36. A cloudy family picture hinted at three missing brothers.
  37. I simply hinted that an 'extraordinary' man has the right.
  38. A slight twitching of his left cheek, hinted at his unease.
  39. Here a partitive sense is hinted: Ishall know (some) music.
  40. Jimmy hinted at a job for the man and we left a very excited.
  41. She asked for all the details and when he hinted about a good.
  42. He was greeted by the happy gurgling noise which hinted that.
  43. David wanted to avoid the topic that Albert had just hinted to.
  44. Warm still, the air hinted at a chill before the night was over.
  45. Has anyone hinted at any of that? Recently or in the past?
  46. What those purposes were he hinted pretty plainly from the first.
  47. Strelizia along the drive hinted color, the cranes-head flowers.
  48. Anon’s blood hinted at its existence, but he wanted it in truth.
  49. A Church can never entirely disappear; I never hinted at that!.
  50. There was nothing that even hinted the two killings were connected.
  51. Her olive skin and chocolate-brown eyes hinted at European heritage.
  52. Never before had the betrayers hinted of violence in the collective.
  53. Their near-fight in the snow not long before now had hinted as much.
  54. Our IBM accountant hinted that this was not an easy process for him.
  55. Massive volcanic hulks rising from the earth hinted at a violent past.
  56. It was the twelve-point harness that first hinted to the intensity of.
  57. And he never once hinted about children as Charles and Frank had done.
  58. People hinted at some domestic difficulties—in a whisper, of course.
  59. The sound of prayer and tongues vibrating from the study hinted me on.
  60. I then just hinted to him not to mention in the house his having seen.
  61. Well, Andore and Illiat’s story as it was hinted at in Jar of Hearts.
  62. The skies hinted at the approaching evening, as the Sun started to set.
  63. A totally irrelevant question, but it hinted at his growing belief is us.
  64. Lebedeff had asked questions, Colia had hinted, and Vera had shed tears.
  65. It is hinted by nearest, commonest, readiest, it is ever provoked by them.
  66. Jesus often hinted, and openly spoke about the only true riches available.
  67. In my previous book I sort of hinted towards how I would like to be buried.
  68. And as Felicia hinted now and then, the heaviness wasn’t just imaginary.
  69. She had hinted around several times, but decided direct would work better.
  70. Take whatever other project has been hinted at, and war inevitably results.
  71. I went up the creek first, where, as I hinted, I brought my rafts on shore.
  72. If Edwina hinted at forbidden knowledge, Bradley would not have resisted.
  73. A cool and gusty breeze smelling of wet dust hinted at the downpour to come.
  74. He was a scrawny man of considerable height with a moustache that hinted at.
  75. The faded and peeling floral wallpaper hinted of happier days in the dwelling.
  76. It didn’t show any of the detail that hinted at what we had been briefed on.
  77. Elliott hinted it might even be too late to mete out internal punishment, but.
  78. And as he moved in, a light out the corner of his eye hinted of their approach.
  79. He had also hinted at being a baron, but this had produced no effect on Cosette.
  80. Sendak did seem surprised by this admission, which was hinted at by the suddenly.
  81. The coolness and slight movement felt on our faces hinted of larger spaces ahead.
  82. Barbara gave me half of her grass before I left and hinted strongly that she would.
  83. Balin had apparently hinted that it concerned kissing, but he had revealed no more.
  84. When Jesse left us alone, Irina brutally hinted that she and Jesse were once lovers.
  85. Jesus often hinted, and openly spoke about the only true riches available to all on.
  86. It hinted that the girl had been killed by someone in control, coolly, deliberately.
  87. I never heard any thing of the kind hinted at before, I assure you, said Elinor.
  88. Not once had she so much as hinted at anything stronger than kind feelings toward a G.
  89. She nodded, but there was a slight tilt to the side of her mouth that hinted at mirth.
  90. Aya grunted, pulling her knees up to her chin, feeling uneasy about what Sam hinted at.
  91. Humphrey hinted that he and Janet were government agents and had proof of his innocence.
  92. A megauniverse is hinted at by Einsteinś equations as well as cosmologyś Steady-State.
  93. Nothing in her training even hinted that a second water board session might be necessary.
  94. Tom hinted at things he had to attend to; things that must be done; and time was fleeting.
  95. Lastly, as hinted in the introduction to this essay, technology can definitely be applied.
  96. Jags hinted how she could do with a drink and she wasn’t referring to tea or soft drink.
  97. Taylor did say this morning, that one day Miss Walker hinted to her, that she believed Mr.
  98. Samantha thought that his statement hinted of prevarication but she could not be quite sure.
  99. Although she never even hinted at it, she would have sold her soul to the devil to marry him.
  100. His Perfect Roman was not dead yet: so he only hinted at the Emperor Augustus becoming a God.
  1. As Graham hints on p.
  2. And destiny gives you hints.
  3. A few hints of itsplace and.
  4. Hints And Secrets For Gamers.
  5. Farebrother had heard hints of.
  6. A few basic hints on intonation.
  7. There had been a couple of hints.
  8. All hints of cockiness were gone.
  9. Through faint hints of words, the.
  10. Positive terms are mere hints and.
  11. They trust each other, he hints.
  12. Those were more hints weren’t they?
  13. Follow these hints and you will succeed.
  14. I could maybe see little hints of Will.
  15. Dropping hints here and there about.
  16. Frugal Clothing and Transportation Hints.
  17. Ten hints for keeping the class in English.
  18. He had dark brown eyes with hints of green.
  19. Those hints were bad nonetheless, even more.
  20. I was giving Carlotta a series of strong hints.
  21. These selecting, these in hints demanded of me.
  22. At first, some hints to readers who never read H.
  23. The Bible also gives us hints, though never with.
  24. There are hints throughout Exodus that he was a.
  25. In these hints he felt that he was supplying Mrs.
  26. If there had been any hints, they were lost on him.
  27. One of these files contains root name server hints.
  28. Chapter 28: Useful Hints for Different Set of Eyes.
  29. Reflections, laws, helpful hints, and afterthoughts.
  30. It hints at the evil behind what humans call heaven.
  31. Are there any other hints we’ve overlooked?
  32. Well, there, you see? Hints! No direct pronouncements.
  33. I may drop a few hints that I could use a bit of help.
  34. Or maybe she was imagining hints that weren’t there.
  35. The hints were everywhere; in the barricade along the.
  36. Have you gotten any hints that Alan is doing this?
  37. It hints of something else that should be laid to rest.
  38. So I left a few hints that Moses should be going for a.
  39. Urge him not to sign any legislation that hints at the.
  40. His dad continued, unabated by Matt’s subtle hints of.
  41. But they STILL tried to drop hints, when a game sucked….
  42. It hardly hints at the higher reality any more than 133.
  43. The sky continued to stoop ever lower, obscuring hints of.
  44. Women like looking for hints about what you are really like.
  45. Cam felt the first hints of true unease slither through him.
  46. No distractions, no possible hints, no chance associations.
  47. I just hope no one drops any hints that we are different.
  48. Hints: use right$ function with the string set of 12345.
  49. This vocabulary hints at the redirection mechanism, which is.
  50. The caudal fin is often a shade of green with hints of yellow.
  51. The formulas given here along with the hints are to help you.
  52. Epanchin, and angered her by bitter hints as to his son Gania.
  53. From Manfred’s hints, I suspect he will need our help again.
  54. I could always drop some hints around him? she suggested.
  55. She looked out for anyone else following her, but saw no hints.
  56. The strong performance of energy hints at the last explanation.
  57. He confined himself to hints, but his hints were not understood.
  58. He did not elaborate on his dark hints and for that Elowen felt.
  59. The prince questioned him in detail as to his hints about Rogojin.
  60. His perfectly round face hints Orient Express and beautiful spies.
  61. Uncommonly rich in flavor, with hints of clove and orange blossom.
  62. There were a few hints, scattered amongst the nautical bric-a-brac.
  63. Julian was irritating her with all his hints but no decisive words.
  64. The graph also hints at a mechanism behind this nonlinear relation.
  65. Hear the loud echoes of my songs there--read the hints come at last.
  66. We’ve had some hints that someone doesn’t want us learning more.
  67. Some hints are disclosed in a parable spoken by Jesus in Matthew 22.
  68. I walked on in the dust pondering as to what their hints could mean.
  69. Single-stock option pricing provides further hints of lottery seeking.
  70. Deal with it Nathaniel as I know that you would be dropping hints.
  71. VERY FEW hints exist respecting the plan of the remainder of the work.
  72. Since Li Hongzhi hints that Male-Female Dual Cultivation will purify.
  73. The countess had been prepared by Anna Mikhaylovna’s hints at dinner.
  74. It comprises two distinct movements, the first of which hints at how.
  75. It was the first time I could detect hints of panic in Itsuki's voice.
  76. The countess had been prepared by Anna Mikháylovna’s hints at dinner.
  77. Barron’s features, but hints of their mother were undeniably present.
  78. One of the first hints or tips we provide is advocating fiscal awareness.
  79. Here are some hints about what food to choose for your wedding reception.
  80. Hints of grey showed on the tips of its wings and at the base of its tail.
  81. Are you noticing those hints? From now on, think about the signs you’re.
  82. A few readers perhaps, in looking over these hints, will wonder how it could.
  83. The Emperor didn’t take hints, even if delivered on the beak of a war-hammer.
  84. These helpful hints should all be investigated thoroughly before implementation.
  85. I still have friends calling me after years to get some hints about their future.
  86. I like it because Ewen is always sending me little tips, hints and techniques on.
  87. But Alan showed no reaction: he had drunk a lot of wine, and had no ear for hints.
  88. Both of her options looked very similar and offered no hints as to their identity.
  89. There was no indication of suicide, no note or hints dropped to those close to her.
  90. This VP began dropping subtle hints about the ineptness and sought out ways to turn.
  91. You know, the universe is constantly giving you hints and trying to pull you in one.
  92. The latter only gives hints through its discoveries that seem to support the former.
  93. At these times, Malik‘s countenance gave hints of the most cold, empty expression.
  94. I said before that the Universe provides many hints and clues in plain sight for us to.
  95. As these averages come together and move apart, they send hints about future direction.
  96. Even the literal story line of the Exodus provides clear hints that AmenMoses strongly.
  97. Does that really matter if Kharmych’s dropping all those hints? Salthar retorted.
  98. At fifty-five years of age the first hints of gray were appearing in his hair and beard.
  99. What do you want? LD listened closely for the hints as to his dad’s state of mind.
  100. Lots of thoughts, surmises, hints of caution, and so on, crowded his head to distraction.

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