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Hit numa frase em (in ingles)

It was a big hit.
And then it hit me.
I hit in the cage.
It was a lung hit.
At last it hit him.
I had to hit each.
I wanted to hit him.

Then – it hit me.
There, I hit a wall.
She hit it and the.
I hit away from him.
And then it hit him.
My jaw hit the floor.
India had hit a six.
He wanted to hit her.
She hit upon me,' I.
A stale smell hit me.
This was a slick hit.
Hit him with his car.
As it hit, the head.
Every shot was a hit.
And Roy hit the phone.
He was hit by a truck.
A wave of energy hit.
For the year, he hit.
I should have hit him.
It will hit hard and.
I hit the ground hard.
I would have hit it.
Of course I hit her.
Then you are hit and.
Even after he hit me.
It really hit me hard.
The drink hit the spot.
She hit the lock button.
Then he hit a roadblock.
We were not hit at all.
I hit her way too hard.
I hit the glass harder.
He was hitting on me.
I began hitting him on.
Hitting me none too gently.
I shot, hitting its abdomen.
Ben felt like hitting himself.
Stinky finger of hitting on.
Hitting the ball in the sand.
Think of a bat hitting a ball.
Wow, he’s really hitting it.
He is simply hitting the key.
Hitting the kid had, for some.
Guys, I’m hitting the sack.
Hitting the floor with a thump.
That is why he is hitting his.
But now I am hitting the streets.
Sports teaches hatred by hitting.
No more hitting or name-calling.
Lucas, hitting him over the head.
Ty kept hitting Frances with his.
It is hitting below the intellect.
Hitting is hurting: Hitting hurts.
Rojan swung hard, hitting the dais.
After all, hitting someone in the.
The nervy bastard was hitting on me.
Several of them were hitting Harry.
While you're hitting on her, this.
That was when he started hitting me.
That’s low, hitting a coffee place.
My jaw nearly hitting the floor in.
Also hitting the floor was The Book.
I went there to stop hitting on her.
He pauses before hitting the lobby.
He was dead before hitting the floor.
Eat before hitting the grocery store.
Plan on hitting it close to the hole.
I’m hitting the rack for a while.
When that"s done, I"m hitting the sack.
Hitting the road, and not looking back.
As I ran, my legs kept hitting the bag.
I just kept hitting him and hitting him.
When that air hits L.
My head hits the tile.
Then he hits the gas.
She hits me on the arm.
While it hits my chair.
A silence hits the room.
Her foot hits the brakes.
We've taken a few hits.
Hits home so bad, that it.
Your head hits the ground.
And the dudes selling hits.
It spins and hits the wall.
He took a couple hits also.
And the realization hits me.
Another pause hits the room.
Sunlight hits the dark cave.
Soon as he hits the street:.
But then, it suddenly hits me.
My husband hits me, Renata.
He hits Brisbane in the neck.
Unless that asteroid hits us.
Something hits me from behind.
She took other hits with prods.
Then it hits me: Lick the Pink.
It hits the floor, convulsing.
I try to duck, but he hits me.
A slight silence hits the room.
When the last one hits the hay.
Realization hits hard and fast.
When the moon hits your eye.
When the bloody answer hits me.
The first bullet hits the wall.
MySpace weirdos than Video Hits.
The expected hits didn’t come.
Something about her words hits me.
I gasp and my hand hits my mouth.
Only certain people handled hits.
Before the Global Recession Hits.
It hits me then—he wants to die.
When that hits zero? Blast off.

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