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Hold numa frase em (in ingles)

  1. She had to hold on.
  2. But hold on a second.
  3. He took hold of her.
  5. His hand I will hold.

  6. On all I hold sacred.
  7. Always on hold for me.
  8. Wait a minute, hold up.
  9. You seem to hold the.
  10. Would God hold us to:.
  11. I could barely hold it.
  12. Hold on for a moment.
  13. If I hold your hand.
  14. Walt and I grabbed hold.
  15. Why do you hold on to.

  16. Hold to the one vision.
  17. I could not hold both.
  18. If it costs you: hold.
  19. I’ll hold you in my.
  20. You must not hold back.
  21. He took hold of the box.
  22. Hold on to what is good.
  23. He took hold of me again.
  24. Hold! She tapped the key.
  25. I cannot hold down a job.

  26. Having got hold of the.
  27. I tried to hold her hand.
  28. A secret fear took hold.
  29. Hold out on the venting.
  30. He tried to get a hold.
  31. I can hold my thoughts.
  32. Which God gave me to hold.
  33. And I still hold to this.
  34. If only I could hold you.
  35. Chip, hold on a minute.
  36. Van Chimp to hold for a.
  37. You can at least hold me.
  38. So hold the hand of the.
  39. Just hold the noise down.
  40. I grabbed hold of a Tim.
  41. I hold a middle line view.
  42. Whoa! Hold on a moment.
  43. Tom, keep hold of the 45.
  44. But hold on a minute, Chip.
  45. Hold my child for a while.
  46. I’ll hold you to that.
  47. I hold my breath intently.
  48. Elsa, I cant hold it back.
  49. To lose what we hold dear.
  50. Give me the word you hold.
  51. He tightened his hold on.
  52. Maybe I can’t hold a gun.
  53. A man they can hold on to.
  54. Yet to the rope I hold on.
  55. She took hold of his hand.
  56. We can't hold their hands.
  57. You must hold your vision.
  58. Jonny, hold on a second.
  59. He then took hold of the.
  60. Uh, hold on, let me ask.
  61. How can it hold the real?
  62. You hold within your brain.
  63. In your eyes hold you here.
  64. I hold the dress to my nose.
  65. The defense will hold them.
  66. I tried to grab hold of it.
  67. Others hold that it is an.
  68. You hold the greater truth.
  69. And you hold a royal flush.
  70. I’ll hold you to the sky.
  71. Now, all of you hold hands.
  72. Petr grabbed hold and shook.
  73. Both of them hold my hands.
  74. Hold the power of creation.
  75. He drifted to the main hold.
  76. To hold a grudge for nigh.
  77. Can you hold mine too?
  78. I decided to hold off a bit.
  79. She is within, Taking hold.
  80. As the hold of the empire.
  81. None of his arguments hold.
  82. To hold my hand and be there.
  83. That you do not hold malice.
  84. You hold onto that, Cale.
  85. He took hold of his future.
  86. Sharon took hold of his hand.
  87. Then hold out y'left hand.
  88. What the sisters hold on to.
  89. But we cannot hold a false.
  90. Hold on to that over which.
  91. Hold me closely to His side.
  92. Serpent loosened up his hold.
  93. Another kiss? Hold my hand?
  94. Here, just hold on a sec okay.
  95. The two men took hold under.
  96. It had to hold for 5 minutes.
  97. He will hold tightly to us.
  98. I grasp her hand and hold it.
  99. Suraj grabbed hold of his arm.
  100. The ship’s hold was being.
  1. Why is he holding a.
  2. I was holding her key.
  3. I am holding on to you.
  4. I just was holding it.
  5. The one holding the cane.
  6. But I was still holding.
  7. Holding up their end of.
  8. He was still holding her.
  9. Mark was holding court *.
  10. She was holding a candle.
  11. Holding on to the flicker.
  12. He was holding Norm, who.
  13. He said stil holding it in.
  14. Mann to the holding cells.
  15. And, after holding a wet.
  16. They are holding him there.
  17. He was holding his hand out.
  18. He was holding a revolver.
  19. I was holding it in my hand.
  20. How are you holding up?
  21. Do you like holding a job?
  22. Holding Jensen in his left.
  23. Stop holding fear and love.
  24. I am not holding you here.
  25. Holding his arm out, Cloud.
  26. Holding a noose tied to the.
  27. He came up holding the strap.
  28. He’s still holding my hand.
  29. Maggie was holding her breath.
  30. He was holding something on.
  31. How are you holding out?
  32. Holding on to promises false.
  33. He was still holding her hand.
  34. They were still holding hands.
  35. Holding something in her hand.
  36. Revelations in a Holding Cell.
  37. My Mum was holding some cards.
  38. He was holding a copy of the.
  39. She was holding a baby whose.
  40. Shah Bano was holding my hands.
  41. Saul is holding him hostage.
  42. Neon holding a bag of groceries.
  43. Not with Rave holding her hand.
  44. Carl holding out weren’t good.
  45. She was so plump that holding.
  46. Dayne was the one holding the.
  47. She was holding something back.
  48. How are you guys holding up?
  49. Our electron shield was holding.
  50. God was not holding out on them.
  51. All capacitor links are holding.
  52. We were alone in a holding cell.
  53. She stood up, holding the guitar.
  54. Mimi was holding a sleeping baby.
  55. She was holding her twins they.
  56. I knew I had to stop holding it.
  57. Uriah is holding a silver flask.
  58. He rose slowly, holding his arm.
  59. He was no longer holding an owl.
  60. Holding time and sanity hostage.
  61. He was holding a flashlight in.
  62. So far, our luck was holding up.
  63. Holding hands on the first date.
  64. In the spacious closet, holding.
  65. Keep holding this squat as long.
  66. The familiar warmth holding her.
  67. You found where they are holding.
  68. Isabelle was holding her GPS unit.
  69. I was just holding it for you.
  70. TK is used to holding his breath.
  71. Nyla was holding her and gently.
  72. Andrei was holding a whiskey jar.
  73. Inside were shelves holding boxes.
  74. She chuckled holding up her hands.
  75. Tatilus came out holding a satchel.
  76. But he carries on holding my hands.
  77. Trask came down holding his wallet.
  78. Suddenly he was holding his breath.
  79. You can stop holding the ribs.
  80. Holding my hand tightly and only.
  81. I stopped, still holding the dress.
  82. Then whilst holding the waste in.
  83. I guess he was used to holding it.
  84. He was sitting, holding Elle’s.
  85. You guys are holding up the fun.
  86. Garcia pulled the Klingon holding.
  87. He deplored the holding of grudges.
  88. But I’m holding their secret now.
  89. Bruce led the way, holding her hand.
  90. The man on top was holding a knife.
  91. Holding it up, he said, Cut it off.
  92. To my left was another holding cell.
  93. Here's the deal; God is holding out.
  94. Holding on to it helped me to float.
  95. I grabbed his arm, holding him to me.
  96. The man was holding a brown, paper.
  97. When I saw them holding hands that.
  98. Mickey was holding the video camera.
  99. In reality, holding on to negative.
  100. How are the flowers holding up?
  1. He held up the key.
  2. D held up his hand.
  3. He sat and held her.
  4. And now I held in.
  5. When he had held her.
  6. As I held her I said.
  7. She held it out to.
  8. Tom held his chin up.
  9. He held up his hands.
  10. The gun held 50 cal.
  11. She held out her hand.
  12. He held his hand out.
  13. She held a glass of.
  14. He held out his hand.
  15. He held his hand up.
  16. He held the gaze so.
  17. Is held by the stars.
  18. So I held no grudge.
  19. He held it out to me.
  20. Doc held out his cup.
  21. Josh held on to Rasha.
  22. But he held the brush.
  23. But no one held Elior.
  24. It held on 19-21 July.
  25. It held on 18-21 July.
  26. It held on 16-17 July.
  27. She held out her hands.
  28. Her head is held high.
  29. He held up his palms.
  30. The Lord held my hands.
  31. She held the bag and.
  32. Son held the baby girl.
  33. He held up the teapot.
  34. It held on 23-27 July.
  35. As Son held Lyla, he.
  36. He held out the letter.
  37. He stood up and held.
  38. The one you held dear.
  39. It held on 22-23 July.
  40. A plasma UFO is held.
  41. He held the infant as.
  42. He held up a fine hen.
  43. She held her head high.
  44. Geffen held up his hand.
  45. The ship held 12 rows.
  46. Reese held up the child.
  47. Ashi held back a little.
  48. Gower held up his glass.
  49. He held on to it very.
  50. Reese held out his hand.
  51. In his hand he held a.
  52. I knelt and held Bubba.
  53. He held me on that edge.
  54. Still, he held her eyes.
  55. The man who held Ali's.
  56. She held it out, mutely.
  57. The case he held was a.
  58. Felton held out his hand.
  59. The wind held its breath.
  60. But Jesus held His peace.
  61. At this time he held a.
  62. And Aaron held his peace.
  63. With the hand held tools.
  64. These held away from you.
  65. I held my hand out into.
  66. The man held out his hand.
  67. This strange man held me.
  68. He held her close to him.
  69. Nicolas held out his hand.
  70. I held my breath at first.
  71. Maggie held him in place.
  72. Reese held his gaze on Kay.
  73. The auctions are held at.
  74. Doc held the bottle aloft.
  75. But he held them in check.
  76. He held out a familiar box.
  77. He held me and I held him.
  78. I held it in front of my.
  79. He held out the uniforms.
  80. About my head, and held it.
  81. It held something in its.
  82. I held it out to the crowd.
  83. I held my hand out to him.
  84. The crowd held its breath.
  85. The clown held my old skin.
  86. Be held, loved, love back.
  87. She held on for dear life.
  88. Who held the end was Death.
  89. Pamela held back her tears.
  90. He held his nose close to.
  91. Sebastian held up his hands.
  92. In her hand, she held a fan.
  93. We held a short conference.
  94. NOTHING has been held back.
  95. The other sergeant held a.
  96. It was what held them over.
  97. I held him for a long time.
  98. He patted her and held her.
  99. I took her hand and held it.
  100. But, she held the moonstone.
  1. He holds up his mug.
  2. Dana holds a BA in.
  3. Jock holds out a hand.
  4. Baptist who holds a B.
  5. She holds out a hand.
  6. He holds it out to me.
  7. He holds her in place.
  8. Aaron holds out a hand.
  9. He holds up the papers.
  10. She holds out her hand.
  11. He holds his hand out.
  12. Jack holds up his hand.
  13. Jed holds out his hand.
  14. Ricci holds up his hand.
  15. He holds me even closer.
  16. Hamo holds his hand out.
  17. It holds two items: a.
  18. One thing holds him back.
  19. The same holds true if.
  20. Aaron holds out his hand.
  21. When an object holds a.
  22. If it holds, I'll follow.
  23. He holds my hands in his.
  24. Hertzog holds up his hand.
  25. Devon holds the ID steady.
  26. This time, no holds were.
  27. Who, then, holds the key?
  28. TK holds Enzo in his arms.
  29. You see, he holds it up.
  30. This holds true for babies.
  31. The cargo holds are mess.
  32. That’s what holds you up.
  33. It holds no place for fear.
  34. A blank canvas holds within.
  35. Each holds on for the other.
  36. Emily is what holds me back.
  37. Reese holds me even closer.
  38. The officer holds out a hand.
  39. The same holds good with art.
  40. He holds on to the wreckage.
  41. What the future holds for me.
  42. It holds hid the secret of.
  43. Give up what he holds dear?
  44. He had such powerful holds.
  45. Fate: what the future holds.
  46. A book holds a house of gold.
  47. It holds a golden metal rod.
  48. The man holds out an envelope.
  49. But the world holds him back.
  50. That holds to guilt and fear.
  51. She holds her hand out to me.
  52. She holds out her hand to him.
  53. His power that holds on to us.
  54. It is fear that holds them.
  55. He holds my hand and my cheek.
  56. He holds out the papers to me.
  57. She holds out a piece of paper.
  58. Everyone holds that they are.
  59. His army still holds the city.
  60. That holds them like birdlime.
  61. He holds up the divorce papers.
  62. Only God holds the real truth.
  63. He takes a deep toke, holds it.
  64. He briefly holds the gaze of.
  65. She nods and holds me tighter.
  66. Marcus holds him there longer.
  67. Oded holds up a piece of paper.
  68. Great Britain holds the scales.
  69. The principie behind it holds.
  70. This coastline holds a lot of.
  71. The other holds his gun on you.
  72. It holds on average seventeen.
  73. And that still holds true today.
  74. In her hand she holds a hammer.
  75. He holds out a glass of liquid.
  76. Let’s see if this holds true.
  77. It holds his e stim a te a nd.
  78. She holds her mug out front as.
  79. Debbie holds the memory of her.
  80. With a scowl he holds out a hand.
  81. She holds up her hands in terror.
  82. The information you find holds.
  83. He holds her until she is calmer.
  84. The opposite holds true as well.
  85. Well, nothing holds me here now.
  86. There is nothing, nothing holds.
  87. And yet every moment holds the.
  88. It holds (like most) six bullets.
  89. The same rule holds in moral law.
  90. Willie still holds the Roadrunner.
  91. He holds his hands up, smiling.
  92. This encampment holds eighty men.
  93. He holds the crystal out for al.
  94. He holds my hips to help guide me.
  95. Ralph holds the scribe in his arms.
  96. This holds true in this case also.
  97. He holds it toward me so I can see.
  98. This is why heaven holds eternity.
  99. Right hand then holds over top of.
  100. The immortal Soul that holds all.

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