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Hostel numa frase em (in ingles)

1. We went to the hostel gate.
2. They returned to the hostel.
3. I could not stay in my hostel.
4. It was the owner of the hostel.
5. In the hostel my parents waited.
6. The hostel was a very poor one.
7. And this hostel is a kind of jail.

8. I must leave this hostel very soon.
9. Army Men’s Hostel, which he agreed to.
10. However, Raj had to return to his hostel.
11. Raj was waiting for me at the hostel gate.
12. Years ago he owned a hostel in Dalandaniss.
13. We came out from the hostel and hired an auto.
14. And it was my own decision to stay in hostel.
15. The lorikeets decided that our hostel was a.
16. It was the year we opened our hostel and we.
17. I was away from the hostel for a few days and.
18. Homosexuality is hardly a novelty in our hostel.
19. After a while, we went to the hall in our hostel.
20. T he hostel notice board had a special place for.
21. When I set up the hostel, I forgot about the crocs.
22. The only boy in the entire hostel whose fees and.
23. Our hostel was at a distance of five kms from there.
24. Hey Dhruv, how you doing in that hostel, said.
25. On the evening of the fourth day, the hostel warden.
26. From here, the hostel was almost 3 to 4 kilometres.
27. Jean entered the hostel and waited patiently for the.
28. A week passed and the young man booked into the hostel.
29. The other returned to my hostel in a state of distress.
30. In the hostel, his persona was the suave guy with the.
31. I entered the hostel and was pleased to see my friend.
32. I have already paid hostel fees for a year in advanced.
33. It had been converted into a hostel but remained bleak.
34. I had to leave the case with the owner at this hostel.
35. I have done a great blunder while staying in this hostel.
36. However, there were more than 500 students in the hostel.
37. So he got a single room on the second floor of the hostel.
38. What he does in the compound of girls’ hostel everyday.
39. One day a lady called Shehla Anjum turned up at our hostel.
40. Rajen the caretaker of our hostel was standing at the gate.
41. By then, she lived in a hostel three houses away from ours.
42. Shortly before we sold our hostel there was a strange inci-.
43. It wasn’t a regular room at the hostel, that much was clear.
44. He was staying in the bachelors’ hostel of police department.
45. They were living in a pilgrim hostel near Westminster Cathedral.
46. When they returned to the hostel room, they cried like children.
47. Really, I have made a great mistake while staying in this hostel.
48. Just then, I saw the two bikers stopped and parked at the hostel gate.
49. Her brother, I later told, owns our hostel and she was his caretaker.
50. He was lying in a hammock on the back porch of the bachelor’s hostel.
51. There are shelves bearing the whole history of the hostel in paperwork.
52. My parents were put in a hostel in the university among all the students.
53. I did not know when and how I reached my hostel or who brought me there.
54. I had no money, no passport, no clothes and no idea where the hostel was.
55. They were even guarded as they crossed the hostel lawn to the dining hall.
56. I told him about getting kicked out of the hostel and meeting Rosa and Emma.
57. Soon we reached her hostel and I helped her take her stuff back to her room.
58. They came and stood in front of Pronita and other senior girls of the hostel.
59. When my parents finally got back to the hostel it was with a very heavy heart.
60. I picked another orange and wandered across the square in front of the hostel.
61. There’s a Salvation Army hostel in the city where I’ll take her tomorrow.
62. I’ve told many times to maa, that I didn’t need these stuffs in the hostel.
63. Two other girls were already occupied the hostel room, which was allotted to me.
64. They were moved to Kashmir House in Islamabad, a hostel for members of parliament.
65. El Mundo is a busy, cheap hostel that combines cosy and shabby in a wondrous way.
66. When the two girls of my hostel room saw all my stuffs, they raised their eyebrows.
67. I was too ecstatic to be angry as I walked with Stacy to the hostel, holding my box.
68. There we stayed in a youth hostel that sported a large flock of small green parrots.
69. However, I wanted to stay in the hostel, because I didn’t want to face Raj once again.
70. It’s at a club near the hostel, if that’s where you’re staying, she told me.
71. We silently and sullenly joined in the last line of other junior students of our hostel.
72. It didn’t make any sense, the Inner Circle was farther from the hostel than his hotel.
73. Since you are traveling on your own it is advised you stay at a hostel that is smaller.
74. Apart from this practical consideration I also enjoy being in the empty hostel at night.
75. Every house in Mozhaysk had soldiers quartered in it, and at the hostel where Pierre was.
76. As I was waiting for Jiju in the balcony, I saw Raj on his bike parked at the hostel gate.
77. Where should I stay, I wonder? I guess the others are staying at a hostel? she asked.
78. I meditate on this thought for a bit and then suggest he could check into a hostel down the street.
79. We finally arrived in Warsaw late at night and luckily, we found a makeshift army hostel to stay in.
80. Why did I decide to stay in the hostel rather than stay in Jyoti didi and Jiju’s house? I realized.
81. The Duchess of Sutherland’s Victorian ‘medieval castle’ had been converted into a youth hostel.
82. My mind was going through an emotional turmoil when I was dropping Tarana off to her hostel next day.
83. The services at the hostel were not provided for free, this was the organization income generating activity.
84. They had booked into the more up-market part of the hostel and had their own en suite and air conditioning.
85. Elder Hostel is a program enjoyed by some quarter of a million people each year in many countries of the world.
86. That night when he went back to the army hostel, he took the passport from his pocket and gave it to my mother.
87. With our hostel guests I always act as if I have been living in Rio for years and know my way around perfectly.
88. Once you arrive at the hostel play along and make the rounds by introducing yourself as the new kid on the block.
89. They had also rented an apartment for my parents in the centre of Birmingham so they could move out of the hostel.
90. His gullible explanation to me was that he was returning from the library but was too weak to return to his hostel.
91. Of course my job is to open the gate for the groups of travellers who make it back to the hostel from time to time.
92. There were chaos and commotion in our girls’ hostel; all the trainees were aghast with scare; felt sorry for Parul.
93. Stella, one of our hostel neighbours, narrated her miraculous escape from an accident on her way back from the vacation.
94. By that time it had a youth centre and a hostel for students who were from other cities in Tanzania but studying in Mbeya.
95. We have come so we can say final goodbye to each other since we have all lived in peace as classmates and hostel neighbours.
96. One of my daughters served as a responsible adult, RA, in a hostel; and she had responsibility for the whole of the second floor.
97. In his pocket was the address of a half-way hostel at which he could spend the night and the business card of his new Social Worker.
98. They started following me everywhere in the college, inside the classroom, in the library, in the canteen and followed me to my hostel.
99. This is my workspace, the administrative heart of backpacker hostel El Mundo, tucked away in the narrow area below the main staircase.
100. They were the two directions I could go: either back to my bed under the eaves in the hostel in Ashland alone, or into his bed with him.

Infelizmente ainda não possuímos quaisquer frases de exemplo para esta palavra.

Infelizmente ainda não possuímos quaisquer frases de exemplo para esta palavra.

1. Hostels come in a variety of shapes and sizes.
2. So… they invented something called: Hostels.
3. We should ask at all the pilgrim hostels and.
4. There’s lots of hostels, he replied flatly.
5. Hostels were created to get rid of the dead bodies.
6. I know about your multiple hostels all over New Mexico.
7. All were staying in the town hostels and studying there.
8. The bigger hostels are more appropriate for two persons traveling together.
9. Hospitals evolved out of hostels as places where poor homeless dying people went to die.
10. Several lighthouses have been transformed into inns and hostels which accommodate tourists.
11. We’d talked about travelling together, but he was dismissive of hitch-hiking and camping and youth hostels.
12. At the end of our send forth party, we held hands on our way back to the hostels and involuntarily cried uncontrollably.
13. He arranged another flat in the same apartment complex for college students to stay—those ones who found it difficult to stay in the hostels.
14. Further there are a number of youth hostels that offer well-organized social atmospheres and plan events such as barbeques and other fun activities.
15. Colling slept well that night in a comfortable bed, a significant improvement over the Polonia and the inns and hostels he had stayed in since leaving Krakow.
16. He pictured Baseball Cap and Floppy Hat continuing on to Cape Tribulation and searching in vain amongst the campsites and backpacker hostels that dotted the huge area.
17. Not only is a campervan a convenient combination of housing and transportation, but it also allows you experience a side of Australia that hotels and hostels cannot offer.
18. The passport from her teenage years, the one filled with stamps from an eight week If-Its-Tuesday-This-Must-Be Belgium American Youth Hostels summer vacation, was long expired.
19. I always felt out of place in Youth Hostels and avoided them when possible – all that bonhomie, sharing of tales, swapping of information and addresses, promises to meet again.
20. Hoover thought poor relief should be left to private charities but they couldn’t cope with the huge numbers who turned to them when the State soup kitchens and hostels closed.
21. Do you want to stay in 5 star hotels or are you both comfortable in hostels? I remember our first trip to Thailand we took some friends advice and stayed at a guest house they recommended.
22. The origin of all Western Hospitals come from the filth hostels of Holland: where poor starving dying uncared for Lowlanders… abandoned by all the wealthy middleclass Dutchmen: went to die.
23. I’d passed through a succession of homes and hostels, which made me a bit of a loner, so while everyone else was busy celebrating the birth of Christianity, I usually shut myself away in my room, reading a book.
24. They spent weekends in the country and stopped at little hostels where Tony would set up his easel and paint landscapes, and when they got hungry Dominique would spread out a picnic lunch she had prepared and they would eat in a meadow.
25. Not to speak of hostels, leperyards, sweating chambers, plaguegraves, their greatest doctors, the O'Shiels, the O'Hickeys, the O'Lees, have sedulously set down the divers methods by which the sick and the relapsed found again health whether the malady had been the trembling withering or loose boyconnell flux.
26. Father Païssy desired later on to read the Gospel all day and night over his dead friend, but for the present he, as well as the Father Superintendent of the Hermitage, was very busy and occupied, for something extraordinary, an unheard-of, even unseemly excitement and impatient expectation began to be apparent in the monks, and the visitors from the monastery hostels, and the crowds of people flocking from the town.

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