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1. He was lodging at the wool merchants' hostelry.
2. The hostelry had been filling up while they had been.
3. This hostelry was frequented by workers and labourers.
4. The fine hostelry was closed to him; he was seeking some.
5. All at once one of the pedlers who lodged in the hostelry.
6. The prospect of a convivial hostelry with decent beer and warm.
7. I’d booked a room at the local hostelry and organised a buffet.

8. Robin sauntered into the hostelry and gave Guy an archers' salute.
9. They met at a hostelry, and they had a chat and started off together.
10. The sign of his hostelry was in allusion to one of his feats of arms.
11. Nothing is more common than a cart or a truck at the door of a hostelry.
12. Our travellers reached the rustic hostelry and alighted from their palfreys.
13. Is there a hostelry near by? asked the other, lifting his old hat politely.
14. He came to a hostelry and left the gold with the keeper, and went back for the rest.
15. It was a famous teashop and souvenir shop and was the last hostelry along the route.
16. Robin ducked the beams as he was carried into the hostelry to the cheers of the archers.
17. Three large rooms were assigned to them in the monastery hostelry, one of which was occupied by Prince Andrew.
18. The Thenardier hostelry was like a spider's web, in which Cosette had been caught, and where she lay trembling.
19. When he had gone about forty versts, he again stopped to feed the horses and to rest in the vestibule of a hostelry.
20. They would be used for storage, not only for items related to hostelry, but for additional military materiel as well.
21. Usually when dad and I had ridden in, we’d stabled our horses at Hidden Ponds Hostelry but the owners knew both of us well.
22. Now these holds; here, here, here and here, are of such awkward shape that they will be of little use for hostelry in any case.
23. The line of open-air booths starting at the church, extended, as the reader will remember, as far as the hostelry of the Thenardiers.
24. A few paces apart, crouching down upon the threshold of the hostelry, the mother, not a very prepossessing woman, by the way, though.
25. Now at Illerville-sur-Mer the trio were stopping at the Hôtel Splendide, a sumptuous hostelry, whose season prices were far above Somerset’s moderate means.
26. And Athanasius found three God-fearing old men, and one of them he placed in charge of the asylum, the second—of the hospital, and the third—of the hostelry.
27. We walked down to the tram stop and caught the next tram into town alighting at the stop across from the Intack Inn we ambled across the road and into the hostelry.
28. On Christmas eve itself, a number of men, carters, and peddlers, were seated at table, drinking and smoking around four or five candles in the public room of Thenardier's hostelry.
29. Suddenly a tróyka with bells drove up to the hostelry, and from the cart leaped an officer with two soldiers, and he went up to Aksénov, and asked him who he was and where he came from.
30. He had seen it change from a predominantly male only hostelry in the late seventies into what it was today; a tourist hot spot where good food was served all day to men, women and children.
31. As the Thenardier hostelry was in that part of the village which is near the church, it was to the spring in the forest in the direction of Chelles that Cosette was obliged to go for her water.
32. It is doubly wise to proceed in that manner, as it keeps most of your business in the same industry, that of luxury hostelry, which will reduce your management costs and complexities considerably.
33. And he thought of himself, such as he had been then,—gay and young; he recalled how he had been sitting on the porch of the hostelry, where he was arrested, and had been playing the guitar, and how light his heart had been then.
34. Any hesitation he might have felt at abandoning the bachelor freedom of the public hostelry was quite overcome when she pointed out to him, from the windows of the room she offered, a view of the Selwyn cottage, just across a plot of trimly kept grass.
35. The warehouses which had bordered the train tracks for a quarter Uncle Henry had lived and of that elegant hostelry there remained only a shell, a part of of a mile and held tons of military supplies had not been rebuilt and their rectangular foundations looked dreary under the dark sky.
36. Some mountebanks from Paris had obtained permission of the mayor to erect their booths in the principal street of the village, and a band of itinerant merchants, under protection of the same tolerance, had constructed their stalls on the Church Square, and even extended them into Boulanger Alley, where, as the reader will perhaps remember, the Thenardiers' hostelry was situated.
37. It was as he journeyed from town to town collecting the king's taxes, that he noted down those bits of inn and wayside life and character that abound in the pages of "Don Quixote:" the Benedictine monks with spectacles and sunshades, mounted on their tall mules; the strollers in costume bound for the next village; the barber with his basin on his head, on his way to bleed a patient; the recruit with his breeches in his bundle, tramping along the road singing; the reapers gathered in the venta gateway listening to "Felixmarte of Hircania" read out to them; and those little Hogarthian touches that he so well knew how to bring in, the ox-tail hanging up with the landlord's comb stuck in it, the wine-skins at the bed-head, and those notable examples of hostelry art, Helen going off in high spirits on Paris's arm, and Dido on the tower dropping tears as big as walnuts.

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