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However numa frase em (in ingles)

  1. However it was a second.
  2. However, even in the U.
  3. However, I stand by it.
  4. Bear it, however, he did.
  5. It is, however, a most.

  6. However, this man I loved.
  7. However, it is in these.
  8. However, not al of them.
  9. However, that was not all.
  10. However, I had my reasons.
  11. However, if they were to.
  12. However, there is no time.
  13. He hated to do so however.
  14. The front bar however does.
  15. However, this is all deceit.

  16. However, this road is all.
  17. One however, would not bend.
  18. However, they never did so.
  19. However, you are the judge.
  20. She came back soon, however.
  21. However, there is a close.
  22. In our case, however, the.
  23. However, we also have the.
  24. However, they had no choice.
  25. However, I still needed to.

  26. Herein lays the rub, however.
  27. The Terai belt however, is.
  28. However, they were able to.
  29. However, she did break camp.
  30. However, not all stars can.
  31. However, he could not say it.
  32. Now, however, the son of a.
  33. However, he said he was not.
  34. You have no choice, however.
  35. On the ships, however, you.
  36. However, I think there are.
  37. However, he had nothing to.
  38. However the task laid before.
  39. Carl was not hungover however.
  40. However, I don't think that.
  41. This time, however, she did.
  42. It did sound urgent, however.
  43. In a few years, however, he.
  44. He did answer a call however.
  45. However, if one retains the.
  46. However, David since he was.
  47. She believes us now, however.
  48. However, I was shattered to.
  49. Most, however, come to relax.
  50. He is, however, a practical.
  51. However, he did read my lips.
  52. However, I find it plausible.
  53. There was no sulking, however.
  54. We decided to leave, however.
  55. However, they did not attack.
  56. However, he never states at.
  57. However, that is yet to come.
  58. However, Sean is a Deschanel.
  59. However, while we have a big.
  60. However, I am not complaining.
  61. We were far from home, however.
  62. However the nerve fibers path.
  63. I however, was looking at him.
  64. This was thrown back, however.
  65. However, I did not hear David.
  66. However, he was aware of his.
  67. However, I have noticed that.
  68. However, it has little effect.
  69. However, during the New Left.
  70. God speaks however he wants to.
  71. However, the more the author.
  72. However, it has been decided.
  73. However little she may possess.
  74. There was, however, a fly in.
  75. However, there is a difference.
  76. However, he was not a typical.
  77. However, on this night Nurse T.
  78. However the truth is that God.
  79. However, there was no need to.
  80. He gave her the headset however.
  81. He could not rest yet, however.
  82. In battle, however, there was.
  83. This, however, had not been so.
  84. However, that has not happened.
  85. However, that was in the future.
  86. Lets, however, be honest here.
  87. There is not, however, a more.
  88. However, it is known that Re-.
  89. In some regions, however, the.
  90. However, if you want your bow.
  91. However, when the class broke.
  92. It is not, however, everything.
  93. However, you will be required.
  94. However, after a few days, he.
  95. Inside, however, I felt I was.
  96. This is however not compulsory.
  97. The noise drew stares, however.
  98. However, I was wondering -.
  99. However, Erin was not reassured.
  100. Forty years later, however, in.

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