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Huff numa frase em (in ingles)

1. He let out a huff.
2. She let out a huff.
3. She left in a huff.
4. Mike let out a huff.
5. He goes off in a huff.
6. He left the house in a huff.
7. Meade bit her lip in a huff.

8. Be rna rd we nt off in a huff.
9. Lisette let out a huff of air.
10. Huff was visible and half out.
11. Carter left in a huff to his car.
12. She sat with a disgruntled huff.
13. Huff retreated into the confines.
14. Mother left in huff of impatience.
15. Yes, says I, still in a Huff.
16. Huff curled into a ball at his back.
17. Huff growled at the rough treatment.
18. He didn’t go marching out in a huff.
19. With a huff of breath, I got up and left.
20. The squirrels left in something of a huff.
21. John Huff and Charlie were completely lost.
22. In a huff, the queen turned and walked away.
23. Jess swore and hung up the phone with a huff.
24. The Japanese Ambassador also left in a huff.
25. Aya began the walk back to the manor in a huff.
26. With a huff and a grunt, he picked up his pack.
27. Petr felt Huff jump out of his hood and scamper.
28. Kassim knelt closer to Huff and held out his hand.
29. Huff mimicked Matt’s actions and stuck out his.
30. She rolled her eyes and expelled a breath on a huff.
31. Huff stuck out his small hand to Matt, ‘Matt for.
32. Huff growled at the mass of black insectoid bodies.
33. He went into a huff at first, but could not resist.
34. I rub it off with a quick huff, but it keeps dripping.
35. There went John Huff, not touching the ground at all.
36. Huff placed his small hand in Kassim’s, ‘Huff for.
37. John Huff had been speaking quietly for several minutes.
38. With a huff he climbed from the tomb an inch at a time.
39. Anna walked out the room in a huff as John followed her.
40. I hear my father huff and puff over the sound of rushing water.
41. I slammed the door with a huff and jumped into the hot shower.
42. With an angry huff she opened the driver’s side door and got in.
43. Professor Ed Nog pushed the barn doors open and came out in a huff.
44. The unhappy inventor left in a huff promising to call me once he.
45. Shule activated the force field on the cell and departed in a huff.
46. I dismissed that nonsense with a loud huff, Of course I know myself.
47. Sir, this is a Japanese restaurant! Mysterieau retorted in a huff.
48. Another dismissive huff from the Argonian, his voice laced with loathing.
49. In 1954 Darrell Huff authored a book entitled How to Lie with Statistics.
50. So here was John Huff with grass stains on his knees and the seat of his.
51. The set exploded with activity as the director departed the set in a huff.
52. Without warning, Sparrow came in a huff out of the brush and mounted his.
53. I managed a feeble huff and out came the long trach tube I’d had before.
54. With a huff of mock indignation, she slapped it onto the table and vanished.
55. No, mam, Jamie, I saw him was leaving in a huff when I came down the hall.
56. John! John Huff, you! Hate you, John! John, we're pals! Don't hate you, no.
57. He didn't look convinced, but he nodded anyway and sat on the couch in a huff.
58. Here was John Huff with the quiet tennis shoes, his feet sheathed in silence.
59. We will be back then, the oldest Valle Elder said with a huff, and the.
60. The Argonian in turn vainly tried to mask his interest with a dismissive huff.
61. She turned to look at Olav and placed her hands on her gigantic hips with a huff.
62. Was it? He let out a huff and looked at me with a ‘are you serious?’ look.
63. Wait, Fred! Come back! I yelled as he started to step off the porch in a huff.
64. They just huff and puff, and nothing happens - demons don't take any notice of them.
65. Red light, she said, and walked away from him in a huff, never even looked back.
66. With that, the Breton man ceased his application of the spell with a huff and a grunt.
67. And here you are, not even smittened by it one little bit, Walt mutters in a huff.
68. Yes, in fact, Lord Ashburn said with a huff, we jolly well are curious about this.
69. Zoey pushed her father‘s arm away in a huff, swinging her long brown hair towards her brother.
70. I folded my arms with a huff and groaned inwardly after taking a huge whiff of Brandon’s scent.
71. She tossed her blonde ponytail over her shoulder and left in a huff after giving Johnny a poisonous look.
72. It is a cold day today, Silya said, entering the room with a huff, her full cheeks rosy from the cold.
73. I hear the horses huff a little; that shadow that is Berndt rises and goes to them, murmuring soothing sounds.
74. Amori let out a huff, as she had to admit to herself that there was an unmistakable logic to Cody’s statement.
75. Adem glared at him with what appeared to be extreme anger, before he turned and marched out of the tent in a huff.
76. Tanya scrunched her nose then let out an irritated huff before saying, What makes you think she was with me?
77. Arthur stamped around in a huff, and then decided that a whale’sgraveyard is not on the whole a good place to stamp around in.
78. Okay, Ivan isn’t positive that’s what the barista said, but that other American never got his coffee and stormed off in a huff.
79. The huge gelding gave Jess an annoyed huff as he pulled his head up and led him back into the barn and out of the warming sunlight.
80. When, I remained unmoved after all that, he called me a frigid flirt and angered by my stony silence, he left in a huff, never to return.
81. But you flounced off that evening at Paddington in such a huff because I began talking about Skeffington, that you may flounce off again.
82. She thought it was perhaps a good thing that Darren was staying over at his mum’s house tonight, even though he was in a huff with her.
83. When we got to pray for all the leaders I said, let's see if we can huff and puff and blow them down [Laughter] and so we got the all in a crowd.
84. And finally before your partner has finished speaking finish her sentence for her, that’s if she hasn’t walked off in a huff already of course.
85. They left in a huff, moving in with her mom, boyfriend, and her five younger siblings to a 2 BR shack on Fort Shantock Drive near the Thames River.
86. Although 8 and I sometimes disagreed to the point that he would withdraw in a huff, he was always quick to forgive and we never lost respect for one another.
87. I might have known that troublesome priest John was involved! Thaddeus said testily, closing the book of papers he had been looking through with a huff.
88. The Khrushchevs went off in a huff and two years later Khrushchev oversaw the building of the Berlin Wall to stop anyone else heading west in search of a fridge.
89. In fact, Vivian left in such a huff when my mother refused to tell her where Adrianne was that she demanded my dad go back that same night, his face darkened, and kill her.
90. I’m a bit disturbed by the Huff Post featuring a blog that is covering one of the most bizarre stories in the history of ufology ending with the line: The truth is out there.
91. Meagan heaved furiously and then spun around quickly on her heel, slapping him in the face with the stinging contact of her flashing hair, and then left the compartment in a huff.
92. Sally slammed her cup down, spilling the leftover tea on the kitchen table, and left in a huff, not forgetting to stuff the last biscuit on the plate into her mouth on the way out.
93. With an indignant huff he stalked closer to take a look, the chamber was one of two that he could see along the corridor, the other rooms doorway outlined by flickering shadows past the first.
94. He turned back around to continue his solitary drinking and the woman rushed off in a huff to sweep - in between assailing the other male patrons with honeyed words and batted eye-lashes, of course.
95. Decide whether you are committed to this relationship or whether you first want to bed a few more of the willing young sluts out there! With those words she jumped up and stomped out in a huff and a puff, a whiff of her sweet perfume teasing his nostrils.
96. But when Rowena stopped feeling herself in a huff, because I had crushed her fingers, she moved with an air of superiority against me; she moved close to my side, her breasts against my chest, and as far as I was concerned, she was telling everyone here, including myself, that she was now all mine.
97. What would my islanders say when they heard their governor was going, strolling about on the winds? And another thing, as it is three thousand and odd leagues from this to Kandy, if the horse tires, or the giant takes huff, we'll be half a dozen years getting back, and there won't be isle or island in the world that will know me: and so, as it is a common saying 'in delay there's danger,' and 'when they offer thee a heifer run with a halter,'.
98. Ballenatos, Jaboneros, or the bearers of all the other names and titles that are always in the mouth of the boys and common people! It would be a nice business indeed if all these illustrious cities were to take huff and revenge themselves and go about perpetually making trombones of their swords in every petty quarrel! No, no; God forbid! There are four things for which sensible men and well-ordered States ought to take up arms, draw their swords, and risk their persons, lives, and properties.

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