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Hug numa frase em (in ingles)

1. He gave her a hug.
2. Jill gave me a hug.
3. Now give ME a hug.
4. She gave him a hug.
5. I want to hug her.
6. She came to hug me.
7. She gets a hug, a.

8. I wanted to hug her.
9. He wanted to hug her.
10. So, I gave him a hug.
11. I give her a big hug.
12. This is the first hug.
13. She gave me a big hug.
14. Come give me a hug.
15. I leaned in to hug her.
16. May I hug you too?
17. He wanted a hug anyway.
18. I hug her, very tightly.
19. Here is the second hug:.
20. Kate gets the first hug.
21. He did not hug her back.
22. Never saw a hug or kiss.
23. He embraced me in a hug.
24. Give me a hug, Stud-boy.
25. We'd hug in the downpour.
26. She gave him a brief hug.
27. She will offer you a hug.
28. She gives Bex a huge hug.
29. To receive a hug back by.
30. He can hug the gay person.
31. I comforted him with a hug.
32. Willow wrapped me in a hug.
33. I almost wanted to hug him.
34. She pulls away from the hug.
35. Rose reached out to hug her.
36. He gave Annabeth another hug.
37. They run and hug themselves.
38. Don’t you have a hug for.
39. They kiss, and then they hug.
40. He grinned and gave me a hug.
41. He gave each one a big hug.
42. Carrie returned the hug and.
43. I wanted to hug her so badly.
44. She opened her arms for a hug.
45. I could tell she wanted a hug.
46. When he would hug her close.
47. All I asked for was a hug.
48. Massie engulfed her in a hug.
49. I hug myself to avoid his hand.
50. He came close to us for a hug.
51. Channing pulls me in for a hug.
52. I go to her and give her a hug.
53. Being welcomed home with a hug.
54. Daniel gave him a big bear hug.
55. They gave each other a warm hug.
56. I wish that hug lasted forever.
57. They hug each other and enjoy.
58. I bent down and gave Bill a hug.
59. We were in a powerful bear hug.
60. The woman wrapped her into a hug.
61. Jack hung up and gave Suzy a hug.
62. They didn’t hug back, but at.
63. He knew she needed a proper hug.
64. As we leave, she gives me a hug.
65. You can hug him, or whatever.
66. Feel the healing power of a hug.
67. He came forward to give me a hug.
68. And he gave me a second long hug.
69. Thrilled I stood up to hug him.
70. I gave him another hug and stood.
71. She could feel his warm hug and.
72. Riordan gave his old friend a hug.
73. I hug her back, but it’s quick.
74. I felt as if I wanted to hug her.
75. He walked over and gave her a hug.
76. Except handshakes and a hug here.
77. The primal hug was the place to be.
78. I smiled at Mom and gave her a hug.
79. He gives Dierdra a hug and a kiss.
80. They parted with a hug and a kiss.
81. Sophia did not hug her mother back.
82. Selma grabbed her up in a bear hug.
83. Hug your CFO, because they need it.
84. She engulfed me with a massive hug.
85. He stood and gave them both a hug.
86. She greeted Luke with a brief hug.
87. I would cuddle the world in a hug.
88. He gave me a quick hug and before.
89. I sat on a magical rug, with a hug.
90. I smiled and got up to hug her too.
91. How she yearned to hug her parents.
92. Open your arms and give a good hug.
93. It wasn't the most affectionate hug.
94. Come and give your old man a hug.
95. Sue gave Bev a bear hug as she sat.
96. I leaned in again and gave her a hug.
97. She started to cry and hug me, and.
98. The message inspires Ava to hug Cass.
99. Perhaps it's wrapped up in that hug.
100. He shrugged and pulled me into a hug.
2. Soon, I was hugging her.
3. He was hugging me on my back.
4. We then stopped hugging and i.
5. She was hugging her knees and.
6. She and Tina were really hugging.
7. Thank you, she said hugging me.
8. Pa sat near by, hugging his knees.
9. Sue was still hugging Zem and Zem.
10. His mom and aunt were hugging again.
11. Vincent! she cried, hugging him.
12. He kissed her back while hugging her.
13. Zia stood near me, hugging her stomach.
14. She was still hugging herself tightly.
15. Morning she walked over hugging me.
16. Tom! Felton cried, hugging the man.
17. Thanks again I said hugging Ally too.
18. We sit that way for awhile, just hugging.
19. Thank you! I said still hugging her.
20. I’m sorry, she said, hugging him.
21. I know, mother, I said, hugging her.
22. Good to see you! he said, hugging her.
23. They were hugging again and she was crying.
24. While he was hugging Fiona he winked at Saul.
25. This was long overdue, I said hugging her.
26. He puts his arms around her body hugging her.
27. But don’t let that stop you from hugging me.
28. I missed you, too, she said, hugging him.
29. I promise you that, he said hugging me again.
30. Down on the track, the coach was hugging Jannie.
31. Then the Carroll family was hugging and kissing.
32. Whoa, easy there, he said hugging her back.
33. My family had never really been the hugging type.
34. Yes, I’m OK, she said, hugging the woman.
35. Jillian responded stiffly, not the hugging type.
36. She punched Aiden in the arm before hugging Liam.
37. I smoothed my hands over my arms, hugging myself.
38. He came and lay behind me hugging me to his chest.
39. Less than two seconds later Diedie is hugging me.
40. Hugging me close, I could tell she still wore it.
41. She looked stunning in that figure hugging dress.
42. Thanks, I said, hugging the box and letters.
43. I'm so sorry Mass, Josh said hugging me tightly.
44. The pair stood, loth to part, hugging their books.
45. Yes, Papa? Mama! said Emeka, hugging Zoleka.
46. She was kissing and hugging Sonia like a madwoman.
47. Miriam responded by hugging her even more tightly.
48. Love you, Love, he said, hugging her tightly.
49. She would walk hugging me close or holding my hand.
50. Hey, how was the trip? Angie asked hugging us.
51. Jesse smiled and sat down next to her; hugging her.
52. Libby shivered and, hugging herself, rubbed at the.
53. As I returned his hug, I felt as if I was hugging.
54. Reese rolled to his feet, hugging her close to him.
55. They stand there like that, sort of hugging but not.
56. He then went up quickly to her, hugging her joyfully.
57. Hugging someone with your legs is almost impossible.
58. She was curled up and sound asleep hugging a pillow.
59. I sobbed again, hugging one of the pillows to my chest.
60. Hell, we were only hugging and learning to French-kiss.
61. Hugging is a gesture of affirmation, appreciation, and.
62. And Andrew loves her, she let out, hugging him gently.
63. I can't, Sam, she said, hugging her arms about her.
64. So just because she's hugging him doesn't mean anything.
65. After hugging the children she skipped back to Dimarico.
66. Maia! she cried, hugging the horse around the neck.
67. The two of them stood hugging and crying and everyone in.
68. He wrapped his arm around my shoulder, hugging me gently.
69. Silas flew back to the part of the road hugging the cliff.
70. Halfshaft was less keen on hugging, though, fearing that.
71. The indispensability of hugging and physical contact in a.
72. Mathilde was thrilled to see us and took turns hugging us.
73. Children in hugging households are equipped with emotional.
74. I lay there in the dark, hugging the tea spoon to my chest.
75. Hugging has been found to affect cultural predispositions.
76. Others moved along the ally towards him, hugging the walls.
77. Amaia had her arm wrapped around Alex, hugging him happily.
78. It was figure hugging while still on the conservative side.
79. Rave laughed and drew her into his arms, hugging her tightly.
80. Get out of here she teased, hugging them one last time.
81. While they remained hugging, the nurse quietly slipped away.
82. Mabel rose from her chair, hugging the children, and lifting.
83. Aazuria put her arms around the old woman, hugging her gently.
84. Then I surprised myself by hugging him back, just as tightly.
85. Nah, what are big brothers for huh? he said hugging me.
86. Miriam suddenly started to cry, prompting Nancy in hugging her.
87. He dropped his eyes and stared at his feet, hugging his chest.
88. I collected the crystal off the bench, hugging it to my chest.
89. I looked around at people crying and hugging their loved ones.
90. They lifted her up, hugging her spilled entrails in their lap.
91. Congratulations she said wiping her face, hugging me too.
92. He kept seeing her in that long white satiny gown, it hugging.
93. The Queen got up and went to her, bending down and hugging her.
94. Hugging her grandparents’ goodnight Amori entered her bedroom.
95. They wanted to prevent her from getting use to hugging Klingons.
96. He said after the hugging stopped, But I was at your funerals.
97. My children filed from the room, each one hugging and kissing me.
98. And an hour later she was hugging Yulia's feet and kissing them.
99. Hugging her, she had her diminutive head resting against my heart.
100. Look at the lobsters and sharks hugging each other unconsciously.
1. And then she hugged me.
2. He nodded and hugged me.
3. He hugged her and she.
4. I laughed and hugged him.
5. Pete hugged her as she.
6. We hugged one last time.
7. But I only hugged you.
8. He hugged Greg and Peter.
9. We hugged with each other.
10. He laughed and hugged her.
11. I hugged both the children.
12. Eve smiled and hugged Matt.
13. We had hugged each other.
14. He hugged the kitten to him.
15. I hugged her, and we were.
16. His mother had hugged him.
17. She laughed and hugged him.
18. Bev and they briefly hugged.
19. I hugged him tightly again.
20. I watched him as he hugged.
21. I nodded and then hugged him.
22. They hugged and he promised.
23. This time I hugged her back.
24. They hugged each other for.
25. Tadeo chuckled and hugged her.
26. She hugged him tightly to her.
27. They hugged for the last time.
28. She came closer and hugged me.
29. I grabbed him and hugged him.
30. Hugged me, a couple of times.
31. I reached out and hugged her.
32. I hugged my blade to my chest.
33. He sighed and hugged me again.
34. Marjorie went and hugged her.
35. She jumped up and hugged him.
36. They hugged each other tightly.
37. He hugged the wall and halted.
38. Laura hugged her back tightly.
39. They hugged each other warmly.
40. Without warning, he hugged me.
41. She nodded and hugged me again.
42. Three low cots hugged the edge.
43. I hugged her tight once more.
44. I hugged Sally, thanking her.
45. Haven hugged herself with the.
46. Pat Kennedy Lawford hugged her.
47. Adrian hugged me before he left.
48. Felipe hugged his nephew warmly.
49. Doc grabbed Josh and hugged him.
50. He hugged me, shaking all over.
51. He shouldn’t have hugged her.
52. She smiled and hugged his waist.
53. Sadie and I both hugged our dad.
54. Sue laughed also and we hugged.
55. He was very happy and hugged me.
56. I held his hand as he hugged me.
57. Coatl hugged her to him and said.
58. He quickly got in and hugged me.
59. As I petted Panny, they hugged.
60. He hugged the walls of the hall.
61. Ju rushed to him and hugged him.
62. She hugged me, and I hugged her.
63. And again he hugged his god-son.
64. He hugged his ward close to him.
65. He took his arms and hugged him.
66. Tony hugged her and calmed her.
67. He didn't kiss me, but we hugged.
68. I’d hugged and kissed and had.
69. They hugged before Gorham's eyes.
70. Because as Sue and I hugged, he.
71. We hugged each other and laughed.
72. Nathaniel said and hugged me back.
73. I hugged her and said thank you.
74. She could have hugged him though.
75. I hugged her tight as my rescuer.
76. Garcia nodded and then hugged Lal.
77. She hugged Ailia again and again.
78. I would have hugged back, but I.
79. She hugged the dress to her body.
80. Kyoshiro hugged me behind my back.
81. He hugged the thought to himself.
82. His mother hugged him and laughed.
83. Alfred hugged her for a long time.
84. Willie nodded and hugged his knees.
85. I hugged him as strong as I could.
86. He put his arms out and hugged me.
87. However, after he hugged his cop.
88. Jill hugged her mother with pride.
89. I hugged her and slept on her lap.
90. I got up and hugged her and told.
91. He gave her a kiss and hugged her.
92. I laughed harder then hugged him.
93. She reached out and hugged Jannie.
94. He hugged her and kissed her head.
95. I thought he would have hugged me.
96. He and Benjamin kissed and hugged.
97. Ish hugged him and Have the gifts.
98. The two girls hugged their heroes.
99. Then one by one they all hugged me.
100. I prostrated and hugged him gladly.
1. He hugs him as M.
2. It is hugs, kisses and birth.
3. When we’re alone, he hugs me.
4. I still want the hugs! (I think.
5. She often cries then hugs me’.
6. Carol hugs Bex tightly and sobs.
8. Erin hugs her dad around the 39.
9. I’ve gotten pretty good with hugs.
10. SAMANTHA hugs her and starts to sob.
11. I followed Dad around giving him hugs.
12. The girls gave Suzy quick little hugs.
13. They swept her up with hugs and kisses.
15. The boys send love and hugs, as does Owen.
16. Oprah greeted each of the others with hugs.
17. Ricci hugs Ahmed, pats his back soothingly.
18. Perrin immediately fell on him with hugs.
19. She leaps against Cass, and then hugs him.
20. One college-age girl comes up and hugs me.
21. He hugs you and then returns to his dancing.
22. I hug my mom and she hugs back squishing me.
23. And in a place with hugs and praises dwell.
24. I’ve been through a hurricane of hugs.
25. Balah! he says and hugs your father.
26. Of course, she vigorously returned their hugs.
27. Johan springs to his feet and hugs her to him.
28. Orcher sits back and hugs his arms to his chest.
29. Dad moves away from the phone and hugs me again.
30. Ava and Becky accept his promise with their hugs.
31. She hugs him, and we hear the sound of a doorbell.
32. Hey Charlotte, Dante says as he hugs Marilyn.
33. Hugs were given to all sides and all spoke at once.
34. They both certainly have more hugs and kissed coming.
35. Franco with quick hugs, but his eyes lingered on me.
36. They gave the group individual hugs to say thank you.
37. I received hugs and kisses; he had tears in his eyes.
38. She steps onto the carousel, walks over, and hugs him.
39. She hugs Becky, and then quickly swishes Rico’s hair.
40. Victoria hugs her arms to her chest and shakes her head.
41. At last, we made it Sarah! He hugs and kisses her.
42. He holds her close to his body, hugs her and kisses her.
43. She hugs him tightly as a torrent of tears poor from her.
44. Alex is affectionate – he probably hugs all the girls.
45. He hugs Cass, and then whispers, You cheated death boy.
46. He then hugs Charlotte and Diane D and says, Hey Diane.
47. Taxi and Tarantula had taken their share of hugs and were.
48. Then she hugs me with one arm, her hand gripping my shirt.
49. The boy sleeps first, and Simon hugs the small body to him.
50. Janelle loves hugs more than anyone ever put on this earth.
51. Ivana beamed at my reaction, then gave us hugs and departed.
52. Children who are exposed to hugs are often very expressive.
53. He was referring to the way she always said hugs didn't count.
54. Tears and hugs helped her to take this giant step as she left.
55. However, later they will make up, with hugs, presents or kind.
56. It hasn’t been all hugs and puppies for us, either, you know.
57. He struck me as the kind of person who gave a lot of bear hugs.
58. But, all of us show up with smiles, hugs, handshakes, and food.
59. Without another word she takes me by surprise and hugs me, hard.
60. Cass hugs the little darling, and then kisses the top of her head.
61. Kisses and hugs for Stirling, who rose to his feet to receive them.
62. There were hugs all around for Adanne and then introductions for me.
63. After hugs and Ainura’s mother’s tears, the family arranged su.
64. Then, in a final flurry of hugs, they said their goodbyes and left.
65. The satin sheets are silky and the robe she has on hugs her curves.
66. Happy she was here and leaning in for hugs, they both spoke at once.
67. She is so excited, she hugs me and wraps her hands tightly around me.
68. God speed, offered hugs, pats and affirmation of their prayers.
69. We parted our hugs and I said to Zem with sincere appreciation on my.
70. Then I said lovingly, Zem and Bev have more hugs and kisses coming.
71. She instantly looks in his eyes, smiles, and hugs him around his neck.
72. Ah, sorry about that, but I think I’d better give you my own hugs.
73. His tribe runs up and greets him with hugs and chin-rubs and lip music.
74. He hugs me once more, fiercely, before abandoning me to join the woman.
75. Americus said good-bye very affectionately with hugs and recommendations.
76. The room hummed with congratulations, introductions, handshakes and hugs.
77. Hugs and tenderness of the usual kind were clearly not the right approach.
78. She hugs and holds tightly onto Londa as Londa continues to cry and scream.
79. We bring smiles and hugs and stories of the latest happenings in our lives.
80. Yania was introduced to each of them, and each gave her huge hugs of welcome.
81. The only thing you wanted from us was love We wish we could give you more hugs.
82. Ren hugs you taking a seat, Jane and Kaite steal seats on the other side of Boo.
83. When she stepped over the threshold strong arms pulled her into tight bear hugs.
84. Ashton? I frown, watching as they embrace, laughing and exchanging complex hugs.
85. Ryato and Alaric ran straight to Enilia and took turns in giving her large hugs.
86. Simon closes his eyes and hugs it, trying to catch the faint scent of his mother.
87. Sensual intimacy through kindness, love, hugs, smiles, and gentle touches would wane.
88. A stampede of well-wishers crowded around, shaking hands, slapping backs, giving hugs.
89. Climbing down to the ground with Julia, she happily exchanged hugs with her comrades.
90. When she tensed, he bent close and whispered to her Remember Emma, hugs don't count.
91. Everyone applauded and the community members closest to her at the table gave her hugs.
92. With that, everyone went their separate ways but not before hugs and smiles all around.
93. Cass finishes crossing the gangplank as Miss Avery hugs the chuckling jolly Uncle Jared.
94. Highway 1 hugs the shoreline, and I was reminded once again how gorgeous California is.
95. He shudders, takes a cushion from his seat, hugs it close and lays his head on the table.
96. After her kisses and hugs we were out the door, heading for lines to go up the mountain.
97. The two parted, with hugs and kisses, each embracing the other with great emotion, while.
98. I felt tired of hugs and hungered for a kiss but Roy, ever chivalrous, didn’t even try.
99. She was stampeded at the door with hugs and kisses, and a couple of very frightened girls.
100. They had gone for long walks, given hugs, and even held hands without it having meant more.

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